Olive Oil Cookies

@JoriWinter, I think regular is fine, although we used a low-end Extra Virgin. It is a dominant flavor in the cookie, so don't go TOO regular.

Olive Oil Cookies

@OneWallKitchen - it was an error! Thanks.

A Whole New Serious Eats

New Look, No Picture?

dyrima, this is temporary while alaina and the team rebuild the blogs.

10 Must-Eats in New Orleans

disagree, parker23! Domilise's is fun.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I saw this before my mother. I know because I have her right here! Haha!

The Food Lab: The Best Guacamole (and the Science of Avocados)

When did Shun Lee Palace go downhill?

I thought it was pretty good! Remember the food has to get from the restaurant to the apartment, then get through the front desk, up the elevator, family has to be gathered, etc. it's as if you ordered at Shun Lee and then waited 25 minutes after the food was put on your table to eat.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

I have bought this for my Mother (@teachertalk!) a couple times over the past few years. Great beans.

Legend Brings Serious Sichuan to Chelsea

Cafe China is what I meant too (sorry for the confusion). The Ma Po Tofu is excellent, as is the Three Pepper Chicken (which I've had delivered for lunch more times than I care to admit in the past month).

Legend Brings Serious Sichuan to Chelsea

@Kenji, what do you think of China Cafe? I'm not sure I've seen it reviewed here. I'm not sure they are as loyal to the authentic szechuan style you describe, but it is delicious.

Where to Eat Vegan in New York

The vegetarian "General Tso's Kitchen" at Hunan Delight, at the intersection of 6th Avenue & Union St., is the single best vegetarian dish in NYC. 

Also mostly vegan, and excellent, is Vatan:

Govinda's food cart was also really, really good. No idea where he is now! (

While I am writing a nostalgic vegan comment I will mention Veggie Castle:

When a white castle went under the lease was taken over by some Caribbean vegans. There used to be an orange/carrot/bee pollen juice there called "atlas" that was astonishingly good.

I also love the standbys you'll find on most similar lists: Veggie Dim Sum House, Dosa Hut, Angelica's Kitchen, Gobo and Candle Cafe.

I'm always suprisingly underwhelmed by Hangawi. Bland city! There are many other vegan options (although not dedicated venues up and down Koreatown) - I love Mandoo Bar & Woojirip.

Patsy Grimaldi Coming Back to Original Grimaldi's Space, to Be Named Juliana's

I love it. Great post.

Di Fara: Rant and Response

I think DiFara is an especially efficient way for hipsters to create a false sense of nostalgia- it's like an amusement park for Brooklyn and Pizza at the same time. It is also great pizza, except when it's burnt. When it's burnt you just pretend it's not and eat it anyway.

I am really looking forward to going to New Haven this weekend, Zuppardi's is comparable quality with absolutely no wait.

Adam, you also should have let Lady Slice have this post to herself. Then you could have had people vote in the comments about which side they preferred.

Good Coffee Spots in Midtown West

There is an espresso shop on the south side of 57th - I think - between 8th & 9th avenue? It's just OK.

Soda: We Try All 127 Flavors from the Coke Freestyle Machine

@kfarrel3 - I suspect you did not see it because people were crowded around it!! But it's definitely worth the return trip. Do you work with smokers? Go now! They'll understand. Instead of a smoke drink, it's a soda break.

Soda: We Try All 127 Flavors from the Coke Freestyle Machine

We just had this at the Five Guys on 29th & 7th avenue. First of all, this machine is magic. Just like the new Amazon lockers at some Rite-Aids, it takes this very rote, familiar object and adds a little touch screen to it and makes it feel awesome. I am irrationally excited about this. Seriously irrationally excited.

First I had the Coke Zero Lemon. It was delicious! On the way out I topped off with a 2/3 Barq's Vanilla and 1/3 regular Barq's. Also delicious. I also recommended it to the person who we were sharing a table with. She didn't realize all the options the machine had and then went back for some vanilla root beer of her own.

We tried some grape Sprite Zero, and it was blue, and disgusting. I wonder if the "grape" syrup is shared across the different sodas? Or if there is a grape for Sprite Zero, a grape for Fanta, etc. PAGING THE FOOD LAB.

I asked an employee if she just drank soda for hours after the Five Guys closed. She said they actually just did it all day while the place was open.

Demystifying 00 Flour

I can't wait to see the answers to this question - I've wondered the same thing!

good coffee near 17th and 5th?

@simon, grumpy is worth the walk! You can also pick up a croissant if you need the energy. Joe's is serviceable corner coffee, but Cafe Grumpy is exceptional.

good coffee near 17th and 5th?

grumpy, on 21st st.


@florenceinsider, thank you for your perspective and validation.


Tonight at dinner I was confronted with a cocktail menu featuring a $17 "shakerato." Just imagine my revulsion (it was listed as simply vodka and espresso). This same restaurant, which shall remain nameless and was otherwise good, served one of the worst espressos I've ever had at the end of a fancy meal (and that's saying a lot, NYC coffee at fancy restaurants is horrible). I hate shakerato.

Goodbye, Dumpling

Kenji, Dumpling is in heaven bragging about his wonderful parents and job. Dog heaven is filled with crowded elevators and long naps! He'll be happy and hungry forever.


"Most Italians are coffee purists in the worst way."

Or, the best way!

The Best Fried Dumplings in Chinatown, NYC

I am enjoying these Tasty Dumplings right now. They are delicious - thanks for the tip!

Great Baguettes at Home?

I have a good, stinky, fast-rising starter, but I just can't bake a baguette with beautiful bubbles inside and flaky crust on the outside. Our oven is crummy, but serviceable (and gets to ~500 degrees). Anyone have a good recipe to try?


I'm confused, what is this? Is this a dessert or a coffee? If you're already at Eataly, why not just get gelato and/or espresso? "Shakerato fiends" please enlighten me. I am honestly open to this, but I am suspicious. Please help.

Video: Japanese Banana Commercials

When I think of banana commercials, the only thing that comes to my mind is the Chiquita Banana version. But in Japan, there are lots, lots more. Involving dancing kids wearing yellow suits. And a guy who sprouts bananas out of his head. And kids crying banana tears. Stuff like that. More

Montreal Bagels: St-Viateur vs. Fairmount

"The two bageleries are only a few blocks apart so picking one doesn't usually involve convenience—it's about loyalties." [Photographs: Erin Zimmer] Montrealers have a lot of pride in the their bagels. Plus in a French accent, the word just sounds better: bay-gal. Depending on who you ask, "the best" are either from Fairmount or St-Viateur, both of which sell them fresh 24 hours a day. Before touching on the rivalry, let's define the Montreal bagel. What's All the Fuss? Compared to the New York-style bagel—a bulbous bread monster—these are smaller, less chewy, and sweeter, thanks to some honey or malt syrup. The bagels are hand-rolled then bathe in sweetened boiling water, and finally baked in a big wood-fired oven. Because... More

New Feature: Comment Notification

Thanks to all our dust making earlier today, all the community features have been turned back on, plus we're pleased to announce a new feature: comment notification! Now, every time you leave a comment on a blog post, talk topic, or Photograzing submission, you'll receive an email notifying you of any new comments on that thread. You'll also be notified of any comments on Talk topics you create or published Photograzing submissions. Handy! Comment notification is a profile level feature, and by default you'll begin receiving comment notification emails immediately. If you regularly comment on high comment count threads like our weekly Cook the Book giveaways, you may want to disable this feature or create a new email filter in... More

Berlin 'Grillwalkers' Sell Sausages Cooked on Wearable Grills

[Photograph: Punxatawneyphil on Flickr] The New York Times has a quick piece on Berlin's grillwalkers, who sell sausages from portable grills that they wear—gas on the back; hot, hot bratfest on the front. The innovative apparatus sprang up in 1997, when inventor Bertram Rohloff devised it as a way of skirting city street-vendor permits in the city. Without permits, "neither the grill nor the sausages could touch the ground." As he worked on the invention, Mr. Rohloff considered everything from burning charcoal to hooking the grill up to a car battery — which he rejected because it would run down in just 10 minutes — before settling on propane. He designed it with an automatic cut-off mechanism for the... More

Pardon our Dust While We Upgrade

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Is It a 'Plain' Slice, a 'Regular' Slice, or Something Else Entirely?

I received this interesting query a couple weeks ago and thought I'd share it with you. It involves word nerdery, which is a small interest of mine. Also--sorry for the slowness here this week. I've been on vacation this week. I'm in Wildwood, New Jersey. Haven't eaten much pizza--just did Sam's Pizza a couple times. OK. Back to the show. --The Mgmt. From Sabella Pizza in Park Slope. Adam,Barry Popik ( referred me to you after I sent him this inquiry: > Any sense of what the more common [term] is in the NYC area to describe a slice of... More

WTF? Leave Co. Alone, People

Photograph from Blondie & Brownie I am outraged that all you pizza tourists are crowding my neighborhood spot. Go back home and eat the abominable pizza in your own neighborhoods. Look at that line! (It comes from a Motorino-Co. head-to-head post by Blondie & Brownie.) Granted, Co. is my work neighborhood, but still. You are going to make it impossible for me to enjoy a nice quitting-time pie. Now, shoo!... More

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