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Brunch in Soho/South Village

We ended up keeping our reservation at Aquagrill, didn't really treat it as a brunch, more like a lunch which worked out fine. Shared some oysters, mussels and fish. Thanks for the suggestions.

What exactly is clam juice?

Use in Bloody Marys, not instead of Tomato Juice but in addition to.

Best Chocolate Souffle in NYC?

thanks cg. Not doing a taste test, at least that's not the intent. GF loves choc souffle so i'm just looking for some recommendations. Though if things go well it may very well turn into a taste test.

Best Chocolate Souffle in NYC?

Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah, i could see Jean-Georges having a great souffle.

Chopped the T.V. show

I think they should have a Chopped: Judges edition. Let the judges participate in a mini Chopped series. Lets see if the smugness and attitude are still there after that.

Good Steak in NYC

Thanks for all the suggestions. This isn't going to be an easy decision.

A Sandwich a Day: Prosciutto Cotto, Arugula, and Parmesan at Numero 28 Romana

It sounds good, but looks like Subway puts more meat on their sandwiches.

Eating in Pisa!! (plus Florence and Genova)

I agree with others that Pisa isn't worth three nights, but if you're commited, you may want to check out Lucca. Its not that far from Pisa and is a great little Tuscan hilltown with great food.

Food Network Hotties...Which One Guys!

@dmcavanaugh: I'm with you on Claire Robinson. She's my #1, but have to go with the pack on Sandra. I also like looking at Aida Mollenkamp.

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party: The Ed Levine Cheat Sheet

I'm with simon. Standing in long lines for small portions is not fun. And the crowd in the park doesn't make it better. BBQ was meant to be served in large portions in a relaxed setting. To each his own, but it doesn't do it for me.

Reality Check: McDonald's NYCrispy (Spain)

Timing is everything. I'm heading to Spain in early May and will give it a try, but can you recommend some good tapas bars or other restaurants. I will be visiting Salamanca, Madrid, Toledo and Segovia. Thanks.

Best Gazpacho in New York

I'm going to Spain in early May. Any restaurant/tapas recommendations in Madrid, Toledo or Salamanca?? thanks.

Your Starbucks/Cafe order

Starbucks???? Starbucks??? Hmmmm, never heard of it.


Definitely needs tahini. I sometimes add additional flavors as well, maybe roasted red peppers or olives, among others.


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