The Rise of Awesome Milk Chocolate

+1 on the Green And Black. It is pretty nice.

The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Pumpkin Pizza

Sorry, I really do love pizza but some of these weird combos appear to me that people are just trying to be trendy rather than talking about pizza. That being said I have several times had a pizza w pork belly, goat cheese and green onions at Diavola in geyserville that was exceptional. Pumpkin, Squash, artichokes, chicken please that is flatbread w toppings not pizza

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roasted red peppers

An Open Letter to Serious Eaters

Has there been any discussion by staff to expand what happens here on the wknd. ? It has been pretty empty for a long time.

An Open Letter to Serious Eaters

If the move to putting Talk onto social media was all that critical the powers that be could have incorporated a button of sorts that would link folks to a menu of links to the various sites-just a thought.

If Ed Levine authored this article why is he not replying to any of the comments.

I understand that this is a business for those involved. I realize that for businesses to remain viable they need to offer something that other people do not, or in a form that makes it more appealing to the prospective buyer. Because I am an older person I do not perceive some of these changes as for the good of the users of the site. I still enjoy using my black bakelite rotary dial phone which has been in use since at least the mid 1960s. Try to do that w the phones made today. Yep I'm a dinosaur and will probably continue to be one.

Someone mentioned earlier in the comments that they hoped that SE would be adding some wknd staff as Talk was one of the few areas with any activity during that period-essentially the site shuts down on the wknds. An apt observation from my perspective.

The 1st clue that things were headed in the wrong direction was the initiation of Serious Eats dating. Now we are seeing more adverts w a young female. Then the switch to social media. I expect thatfuture changes will not be any more inviting. You have set the precedent. Will I continue to visit SE, yes, just not with as much enthusiasm. I wish you could have maintained your purpose and drive wo selling compromise to what you were about

An Open Letter to Serious Eaters

Anyone with a suggestion for another forum type site that those who will miss Talk might be interested in ?

An Open Letter to Serious Eaters

It would have been a more accurate article if it had said that the social media move was effective today. Disappointed.

An Open Letter to Serious Eaters

Here is another vote against moving Talk and Photograzing to social media. Although I did not view them on a regular basis, I did enjoy them. I found Talk to be a useful tool when seeking an answer to a question. I respectfully request that those with authority reconsider this decision.

Giveaway: Win a Pair of California Wine Country Prints

Sable Ridge. One needs an appointment but there is no fee. Spending an hour or two w Chuck and Monica is a delight !

Is "Serious Eats Dating" a joke or parody or what?

This is just soooooooooooooo sad. Time to look for an alternate site.

The Best Valentine's Day Giveaway Ever: Lobel's 4" Prime Dry-Aged Heart Shaped Steaks for Two

Build a wood fir in the grill. Cook off heat and sear at the end.

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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

sweet Italian sausage

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

standing rib roast

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

sweet Italian sausage

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Roasted red peppers

Poll: Eggs on Burgers: Way or No Way?

Sorry folks but no way would I order a burger w an egg on it. To me it's just gross.

Suction Your Bowls in Place With the Staybowlizer

Bought a set of these about a year ago-same concept to a degree and love them.

The Daily Meal's '101 Best American Pizzas'

sorry about the duplication. When I first accessed the thread it showed only 10 comments-it's doing it again now. Why I do not know ? Could not find a way to delete the second post ?

The Daily Meal's '101 Best American Pizzas'

Was at Diavola in geyserville, Ca twice last week very good pies. Salsiccia-housemade sausage w red onion and pecorino and Cha Cha Cha-house smoked pork belly w roasted red peppers, goat cheese and green onions awesome !

The Daily Meal's '101 Best American Pizzas'

Diavola in Geyeserville, Ca. makes some pretty nice pies. Salsiccia-house sausage, red onions and pecorino, Cha Cha Cha-house smoked pork belly, roasted red pepper, goat cheese and green onions. Both delicious.

Corked, Cooked, Bretty, Bad: How to Spot 7 Common Wine Flaws

We had some 10yr old Petite Sirah last year that I thought might have been corked due to aromas akin to those described above. We discussed w the winemaker on a subsequent visit and he suggested opening 5-6 hrs or more before drinking and the funkiness would be gone. Did not have an issue again. He also comped us 3 free bottles.

Where to Buy Wine in Chicago

I think that Sam's had a better overall variety than the Binny's it is now. That being said although being pretty small the Hyde Park Binny's has an excellent aid to your buying experience in Greg. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. Our son used to live in the neighborhood and we often frequent that store. I would give it a very high rating for customer service.

Introducing the Serious Eats Magazine!

Big mistake here in putting it out on Apple products only. I do not like the way they do business. If you plan on tying Serious Eats to Apple count me out.

Foolproof Pan Pizza

Great recipe. We had it last night. Next time I will transfer the dough to my regular dough rising bucket. The bowl i use is very large and I am plasticwrap challenged. The pan I used has 2 little pouring spouts, that, the handle and the seasoning made it difficult to get the plastic wrap to stick as well. Used a pan lid instead. Now if I had a clear glass one that would be even better.

immersion blender

Been thinking of getting an immersion blender but am concerned about scratching our All Clad pans. Calphalon is the only one I have noticed with a removable blade guard. Does anyone know of another unit with a guard to prevent scratches ?


coq au vin

looking for some input on whether or not to brown the chicken for coq au vin with the skin on or off-cooking the bird with the skin on in the braising period leaves it limp and unappealing-also leaves the fat in the pot- thanks

Serious Eats website load time

I have noticed for the past several wks that your website takes forever to load on my computer. Other sites load as usual. Any idea as to why ? It sometimes keeps me from looking at what has been great content for a long time.

Pizza question

Many books on baking Bread advocate the addition of steam when baking bread. Has anyone tried this when making pizza such as pouring boiling water into a pan on the floor of the oven ? What differences might one expect ?

Would brining steak work as well as brining chicken?

Watching an America's Test Kitch episode today they spoke of the reaction of a buttermilk & salt breaking down the collagen and tenderizing. There was an allusion to this being similar to dry-aging steak. The question I have is how do you feel about using a similar process w a steak and then grilling it. Would you approach what you get from buying dry=aged steaks at the market ? If you have tried this what are your recommendations/brine recipe etc ?

Pizza help please

What causes the toppings to separate from the crust when eating a pizza and is there a way to prevent it ? I know I've read about this somewhere but cannot remember a thing.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts

cooking with a tagine

we got a beautiful le creuset tagine for christmas-can you share any simple recipes for chicken or pork- has anyone made preserved lemons-we're anxious to try the tagine- thanks

Red Sky Grilling pizza stone

Has anybody used this pizza stone- found it on steve raichlen's website- it fits a 22 inch weber and is uniquely shaped to fit the grill without covering the whole grill- i'd appreciate your comments- thanks

A question for all you pizza makers out there

I know that the purist method for making pizza sauce is to use either whole canned tomatoes or fresh. My question is do any of you have any experience in using the 6 in 1 product ? It is made from whole ground tomatoes w extra heavy puree. I would appreciate your comments.


winston's sausages

does anyone have a source in milwaukee or chicago for winston's irish bangers-preferably not mail order- the shipping is more than the sausages- they're awesome- thanks

hickory nut cookies

recipe calls for rolling the dough into a log- i have torn wax paper, sticky hands and flat rolls- can anybody help with an easier way besides the toweling paper roll idea- thanks

If you like to bake bread you should explore this site
This site I believe was started by Peter Rinehart while researching his latest book-Artisan Bread Every Day. It is truly a wonderful place to interact w others interesting in baking bread. There is a section where Peter often comments on questions people have asked. Many people new to bread baking can get great help here. Those more experienced can receive good assistance as well. A great community of helpful folks


Finally a source for dried black currants. I ordered some frozen today from the Currant Co. In reply to an email Gregg Quinn tells me they will have dried in about 1 wk. Just wanted to pass this on in case anybody else is looking for a replacement for what Trader Joe's no longer sells.

dried black currants

we're still looking for the dried black currants that trader joe's was selling- many leads have led us to zante raisins- they are NOT black currants- does anybody have any ideas or sources for the currants-it's maddening-trader joe wouldn't provide us with the name of their supplier- HELP- thanks

Pizza on the grill

We have been playing w this for awhile now and have had pretty good success, The trick is to get the gough on the grill. IT MUST BE OILED !!. This past wknd on the way home from Chi. we stopped at Tenutas in Kenosha. While doing other shopping I found a heavy - about 1/16" thick stainless perforated pan and grabbed it. This evening I took an old aluminum pizza pan and sprayed it w oil on the bottom and at the same time sprayed the new pans inside surface. I then rolled out the dough on the bottom of the aluminum pan. Yeah I know you are supposed to hand toss the dough but I have not gotten there yet. Maybe in time I then put the new pan over the dough and old pan and inverted them. Voila a nice crust/dough in the new pan. To my mind the key was the weight of the perforated pan and the perforations to let heat get directly at the crust.

Currently we are doing this on a gas grill and the results are very good. I rolled out the crust thinner than normal tonight. Bake for approx 3-5 minutes at medium high heat. Remove from the heat and flip over. Add your remaining ingreients and bake for 7-10 minutes more. Any raw meats should be at least partially cooked before this step. The result was a pizza w a nice thin crackerlike crust w the taste of the grill. It was a much easier method of handling the dough and worked fine even though there was not direct grill contact.

The next step is to try doing this on charcoal or wood. I will keep you posted. In the meantime if you have not already done so give pizza on the grill a try. It is much better than in the home oven !

growing arugala

Check this out. If you are tired of boring salad greens or paying high prices at the supermarket this really works. I planted part of a packet of seed in a container similar to the one shown. We are enjoying enough arugala for two on a daily basis. Next year I will start earlier and plant two containers. It really is wonderful.

dried currants

I am looking for a source ofr dried currants. We used to buy very nice plumb ones at Trader Joes but ti appears they have been discontinued. Most of what we see appear to be dried up raisiny tiny fruits. I saw some once that were probably Sun maid but the package did not show you what was inside. Any thought would be greatly appreciated. They add such a nice fruit component to a pilaf.

where to go wine tasting

We are looking for a possible new wine tasting area to visiit this year. Red wines are all we have an interest in at this point. Sorry if that seeems narrow minded, but it is what it is. We have been to Sonoma several times and love it. Napa-no thanks. Last year we did Amador which was a nice change. We love Oregon but are not big Pinot fans. Any ideas would be much appreciated.