CakeSpy: Cadbury Creme Egg in Hole Toast

We always called this dish Egyptian's Eye

How to Make Sprinkles Ice Cream (and Set Your Inner Child Free)

Sprinkles are disgusting. Hundreds and thousands are where it's at. And now I want to try a fairy bread flavor- almost the butter of a butter pecan but with the added bland sweetness of white bread.

Manner Matters: Birthday Bill Blues

@AndroidUser- I follow a reciprocity rule as well, but it's not about cost. It's about effort. If I've invited you over to one small dinner party, two cocktail parties, and one group drinks thing at a bar, and you haven't invited me to anything- not hey let's see a movie together, or let's do coffee , I take that as a sign that you don't value my friendship and react accordingly.

Manner Matters: Crack Open That Bottle

If you showed up at my place with a bottle of wine and asked to open it and pour it, I'd let you. And I'd pity you since obviously no one had ever taught you any manners. Father in law in polite. Thirsty is rude with a side of arrogant.

Baking with cheezies?!

@Tipsykit37- made a similar dish with Cheez-it's at @shoneyjoe's bachelor party and it was a big hit.

How do I cook good food for a VERY large crowd?

For a good book on large scale cooking, grab a copy of Martha Stewart: Entertaining from the library. It won't be your type of atmosphere or food at all, but there's some good practical planning info in there.

Baking with cheezies?!

Crush them, mix them with bacon grease , press them into a pie dish to make a crust, fill that crust with a bacon egg and cheddar quiche, and top with more cheezies before serving.

Baking with cheezies?!

Crush them, mix them with bacon grease , press them into a pie dish to make a crust, fill that crust with a bacon egg and cheddar quiche, and top with more cheezies before serving.

The Food Lab: Maximize Flavor by Ultra-Smashing Your Burger

This looks just like Blimpy Burger to me! Which is a wonderful thing.

American Classics: Untraditional Hot Cross Buns

That makes perfect sense to me :). The first time I had lasagna made with ricotta instead of bechamel I thought it had gone off.

How do I cook good food for a VERY large crowd?

I would start by volunteering to cook one dinner. If that goes well, scale up.

American Classics: Untraditional Hot Cross Buns

So, hot cross buns are in no way an American Classic, and this recipe makes challah buns with crosses? It's fine to just not like hot cross buns, but I doubt you'd be writing a recipe for challah that said. "Well, I never much cared for challah, too light and buttery, so here's a great challah recipe that starts with a dense hot cross bun dough laced with cinnamon, clove, allspice and nutmeg to perk that challah up!"

Open Thread: What's the Best Frozen Pizza?

Stoufer's Deluxe French Bread Pizza. It's what I want when I want frozen pizza.

Manner Matters: Bread and Butter Basics

@Remander. Absolutely- the no cutting salad rule is coupled with the no serving salad that needs to be cut rule!

But folding is usually possible.

Manner Matters: Bread and Butter Basics

Now if only you can get people to stop cutting their salad greens, everything will be ok.

Paleo Diet Craze- Love it or leave it?

I'm in camp leave it. I like the emphasis on eating natural foods, vegetables, and healthy protein, but my diet tends to work best when I focus on eating a variety of foods, in a not excessive quantify, instead of trying for a total reinvention.

Blob in unpasteurized hard cider

It's bottled hard cider, and the bottler is Basque so I'm not sure my language skills are up to asking.

It sounds like it's probably safe, but I'm going to give it a pass anyway, just not worth it.

Manner Matters: Playing the Dating Game

Reservations are a must for me. But most important- get there 5 minutes early!

What's Your Biggest Gripe About New York Restaurants?

No reservations. I'd love to try your restaurant, but I'm not trekking across the city to find out its a 2.5 hour wait.

And if I am waiting, and you have no room for me to do that inside your restaurant , then take my cell number and call me!

What food would you miss most as a vegan?

Suggestions for a large party 20 plus persons in NYC?

Does it need to be dinner? What about drinks and snacks from 4-7 someplace like Clinton Hall? Plenty of drink options, decent food, lots of room and I'm pretty sure they let you reserve a table or two in advance.

Serious Cheese: How to Make a Fancy-Looking Cheese Plate on a Budget

This list works for me for "how to put together an interesting cheese plate on a budget" but for a pretty, cheap cheese plate where the point is something to snack on while socializing I usually do a supermarket Brie at room temp, a Cabot cheddar, and depending on the crowd a fresh or aged goat cheese, plus thin baguette and grapes. Grapes are pretty and the volume dresses up the plate nicely.

Would You Eat This Volcano Pie?

I would absolutely eat this and would insist on a side of ranch dressing for dipping.

Poll: Do You Send Your Burger Back if It's Not Cooked to Your Requested Doneness?

I order medium rare. I'll send it back if it's raw or completely burned, but a little bit off I won't bother.

Behind the Scenes in Momofuku Milk Bar's Kitchen: Making Strawberry-Lemon Layer Cake

$95 to learn how to assemble cake layers?!?

Spur of the Moment in the City

After a rough and busy summer, I'm meeting a girlfriend for dinner Wednesday. Problem is I've forgotten my whole mental list of fun new places I want to try! Any ideas on something a bit new, a bit exciting, with great drinks, in the sub $100 total check range? Bonus points if it's on the west side below 34th.

Reservations Rant

If you have a tab on your restaurant website titled "reservations" that's where you should put info like : we only seat parties larger than 6 before 5:30 or after 8:45. So then I don't waste my time considering you as an option for my party of 7 all of whom want to eat at 7:30. I understand the policy, but not the secrecy.


Any tips for making hurricane with tinned passionfruit in syrup instead of commercial syrup? I'm not sure how to account for the different texture and sweetness while keeping the more assertive flavor.

Too much onion

Any tips for rebalancing an overly-onioned meal? My mushroom bourgignon was nice enough, but way too much onion to eat three more meals of. Bonus points for ideas that won't dramatically increase the volume of the final product.

Foolproof Pie Dough

Nice to see the NYTimes issuing a correction on their Kimball article:

Foolproof pie dough "was developed by a test-kitchen team led by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, not by Kimball"

Buying a whole tuna

Does anyone have experience with buying an entire tuna? While pondering pig roasts I wondered if this is a thing you see at the type of uber-fancy parties I do not attend. I just have this image in my head of a Lehman Bros party circa 07 with a couple chefs and a massive fish carving tuna to order, but no idea whether this is a thing that happens in reality. You know, in case I win the lottery and need to host the best party ever, stat.

Traveling with Beer

Tips on traveling by plane with beer? Would love to bring some back from London, but fear the temperature differences in the cargo hold and change in pressure will be too much for the bottles to handle.

Manhattan Cocktail Classic?

Any other SEers going? Looks like our Michael Neff's Sunday event still has room, but I'm anticipating still being hung over from the Friday gala. I'll be the one in navy sequins scouting for gin.

$500 million- hire a chef?

If you win the lotto, will you be hiring a personal chef?

I think I'd like them in month long rotations, starting with Eric Ripert, and then a month of Rick Bayless, and then maybe Barbara Lynch.


Pondering ways to lighten up eggnog- has anyone tried adding seltzer? Does it make an eggcream-like beverage? Working with store bought here, I'm a Chipwich loyalist.

New Knives! Celebratory recipe?

I've never had a proper set of sharp knives before. Ideas for a chopping/slicing/dicing heavy recipe to celebrate? Am thinking stir-fry of some sort, but am distracted by the pretty pretty knives and can't focus enough to get creative.

Help Fleshing Out a Ribs Recipe?

I can only vaguely remember the family ribs recipe, and the box of recipe cards has vanished.

I know it involves pork ribs, marinated in a mixture that includes applesauce, ketchup, and brown sugar, and then baked in the oven.

I'm missing what else might be included in the marinade/sauce, and time and temperature for baking. I know they usually come out of the oven falling off the bone. Any thoughts on the missing pieces?

Let Them Eat: Chocolate Ginger Peach Icebox Cake

I recently worked on a video shoot making multiple Sacher tortes. Ingredients and snacks on set included apricot preserves, gingersnap cookies, and more bittersweet chocolate bars than Veruca Salt's father bought in search of the Wonka golden ticket. As I prepped, I assembled little gingersnap cookie sandwiches stuffed with chocolate and sticky with preserves. I knew I'd have to meld these ingredients in a cake. More