Screw Valentine's Day: A Greasy, Meaty Menu for Your Dark, Gloomy Soul

That onion ring recipe doesn't use a stout.

How to Make the Best Italian-American Meatball Sandwich

Wait, you shared this? Are you some kind of saint?

The 3 Beers You Need For Thanksgiving

My go-to is a saison, usually Boulevard Tank 7.

The Food Lab: Use the Oven to Make the Best Darned Italian American Red Sauce You've Ever Tasted

So, how does this pair with your pepperoni garlic knots?

Cast Iron Cooking: The Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots That Will Forever Change How You Entertain

It's 90 degrees and humid in San Diego right now, but you've STILL got me thinking about firing up the oven.

Manner Matters: Birthday Bill Blues

You pay for your friend on his birthday, regardless of who did the inviting. Why? BECAUSE IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY.

Are These the Top 10 In-N-Outs in America?

The Upland one was my college In-n-Out. Rarely ate there, though. Hit the drive thru at midnight and straight back to campus.

Which is the Best Beer City?

There are plenty of great beer cities, but anybody who thinks San Diego isn't top dog are kidding themselves. It's not just the sheer number of breweries, either. It's the overwhelming quality (11 medals at last year's GABF, 4 of them gold), the bars and bottle shops (6 of Draft Magazine's 100 best beer bars), and an incredibly active and passionate homebrewing community that make it the best beer city in the world.

Ask a Cicerone: The Best Lower-Alcohol Dark Beers

I love the Bruery's Hottenroth, a 3.1% Berliner Weisse that's crisp and slightly tart. Could drink it all day. If you stretch your limit by just a bit, Mother Earth's Cali Creamin' vanilla cream ale clocks in at 5.2%. it's smooth and slightly sweet, with a good helping of vanilla.

Know Your Sweets: Cinnamon Rolls

As someone who was also born in 1985, I have to tell you that Cinnabon is still very young. It's only almost 30!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Buffalo mozzarella.

Snapshots from SWISH, a Burger Battle in San Diego

Why didn't I know about this?!

Poll: How Many Slices is Lunch?

One, when I'm exercising self control. Two otherwise.

Poll: À la Carte Burgers at Restaurants: Way or No Way?

Once the price is into the double digits, I expect a burger to be a meal, and that means a side of some sort.

Should You Boycott Russian Vodka Over Russian Gay Rights?

I think a better target is Olympic sponsors.

Poll: Fries on Burgers: Way or No Way?

It works for the California burrito, so why not? I'm not saying it's going to work for every burger, but there's nothing inherently wrong with the concept.

Ask a Cicerone: What's the Next Big Thing in Beer?

Of course the rep from Sam Adams is the one two years behind the curve.

Father's Day Giveaway: Win a KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit

I can't think of any serious mistakes my father's ever made when it comes to pizza.

Father's Day Giveaway: Win a Baking Steel!

Extra cheese. Yeah, his jokes are that bad.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

A dry, pre-formed patty. Gross.

Ask a Cicerone: What's The Weirdest Beer You've Tried?

The weirdest beer I've ever had was Victory at Cereal. Ballast Point takes a cask of their Victory at Sea and adds a whole box of Captain Crunch. There is no reason in the world it should taste good, but it's strangely enjoyable. Like cereal milk beer.

How to Decipher the Beer List at Your Local Craft Beer Bar

Most importantly: If you have questions, ask your bartender! If the bar you're in doesn't have a knowledgeable bartender, you should find a different bar.

Market Scene: Hillcrest Farmers Market, San Diego

Pretty sure last week was the end of the citrus at Sweet Tree, but the yellow nectarines I got there have been perfect.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

It's gotta be the burger at Davanti Enoteca. Instead of a slice of cheese, it has a patty of griddled cheese curds. It's amazing.

5 Great No-Frills Spots to Drink Beer in Seattle, WA

Good timing. I'm visiting at the end of the month and was wondering where I should drink.

What do you eat when you're sick?

This post brought to you by the flu that's currently kicking my ass. I've been mostly working my way through the batch of Kenji's cauliflower and potato soup that I made on the weekend, and I got some chicken noodle soup from Panera last night. But my saving grace has been Subway. I know, but hear me out on this! After a day of flu-induced fasting, I was in desperate need of food. Subway is a block away from my apartment, bland (not like I can taste anything right now anyway), and has carbs, protein, and veggies in one convenient package. So how are the rest of you surviving flu season?

San Francisco dining suggestions

I'm taking a long overdue trip to San Francisco at the end of February and I'm looking for some suggestions. I did Una Pizza Napoletana last trip and might do it again this time, and Abbot's Cellar is also on the list. I wanted to do State Bird and Flour + Water, but it looks like they're already booked up for when I'm in town. Anybody have some can't miss spots? Bonus points for all recommendations with a great beer list.

California Prop 37

So tomorrow is election day, and I'm almost done with my ballot, but I still haven't decided on Prop 37, California's GMO labeling law. I'm leaning toward yes, but I thought I'd ask my favorite and most knowledgeable food lovers what they think about it.

The Food Lab: For the Best Baba Ganoush, Go For a Spin

I used to hate all things eggplant. Until I had my first taste of really great baba ganoush. It was made by a good friend of mine, an Israeli line cook who'd take time out of her afternoon to hover over the eggplants slowly charring over the open flames of the kitchen's burners, waiting until they were meltingly tender, before recruiting me to carefully peel them before she'd mix them up with lemon juice, tahini, garlic, and olive oil. The resulting dip was simultaneously smoky, savory, bright, and creamy...and I was addicted. More

Seattle: Where to Eat at Pike Place Market

Whenever we're in Seattle, we make a beeline straight to Pike Place Market. The daily market has brought together farmers, fishmongers, and bakers since 1907. Even if you haven't been there, you're probably familiar with the iconic fish toss. "Hali-BUT! Hali-BUT! Heyyyyyy!" In addition to the fresh produce and seafood, we love the hot dogs, doughnuts, chowder, and other snacks from vendors all over the market. Here are eight of our must-stops. More

Eggplant and Tomato Sauce with Israeli Couscous

Turmeric and some other spices used in this recipe are notably Moroccan, and, while in Morocco it's typical to serve the couscous alongside the stew or sauce, I chose to stir it all together to keep in line with this quick and easy dinners column—and it turned out great. The couscous had a chance to absorb the extra sauce and flavor. More

The Pizza Lab: Three Doughs to Know

We've gone through a lot of pizza styles and recipes here at The Pizza Lab, but I still often get asked "what's the best pizza crust recipe you know?" When I'm in the mood to fire up the grill or heat up the broiler, I might take my time and make a Neapolitan-style lean dough. If I want to relive my childhood without stepping out my apartment door, it's a New York-style. Company coming over and I want to feed a crowd without messing up the kitchen? It's Sicilian-style square pie all the way. Here's a brief run-down on the three recipes that every home pie-maker should have in their arsenal to tackle all manner of pizza-centric circumstances. More

Red Enchiladas With Queso Añejo

I love enchiladas, but I just don't always have the best luck cooking them at home. I usually steer clear of any recipes that advise me to turn on the oven, as I'm often left with nothing but a soggy mess by the end. But from the moment I saw this recipe in Saveur, I knew all would be well. More

Vodka Cream Sauce

The main concept behind the sauce is the addition of vodka brings out flavors in the tomatoes that are alcohol soluble, leaving a spicy, acidic mixture that is tempered with heavy cream to create a rich and vibrant sauce in the end. More

Dinner Tonight: Tomato Egg Drop Soup

I have a huge soft spot for egg drop soup, specifically the Chinese-American version I first tasted as a kid. You know, the kind that's golden yellow with shards of cooked egg? I assume this fond memory is actually based on a bowl of gloopy, bland, and inauthentic egg drop soup, but that's okay. Luckily, this recipe from Andrea Nguyen's Into the Vietnamese Kitchen is the opposite. It is bright, fresh, and dynamic. More

Great Deviled Eggs

Growing up, I was never a fan of deviled eggs (or anything mayonnaise related, for that matter), but then again, deviled eggs back then consisted mainly of overcooked, slightly sulfurous hard boiled eggs mashed up with Hellman's mayo and a bit of yellow mustard, served too cold. They were the default "serve them anyway, someone will eat them after the guacamole's gone" option at the potluck. I thought I'd swear them off forever. Well, times have changed. More