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The Pizza Lab: Homemade Philadelphia Tomato Pie


Yes, I also have fond memories finding 'tomato pizza' at small Italian bakeries in Montreal! I had no idea they were popular anywhere else.

A Great Chinese Buffet in Toronto Please

Please avoid Chinese buffets - you're better off going to a nicer family style or banquet style Chinese restaurant.

If you must do the buffet route, the Mandarin chain is passable, as well as Wasabi (Japanese/Chinese buffet) in Richmond Hill.

Torontonians: Good Eats at or near Fairview Mall?

Johnny's has no inside seating, so you can only eat on the benches outside. If you want cheap/good eats, that's probably your best bet!

Cook the Book: 'Planet Barbecue!'

Corn in husk, honey garlic glazed chicken wings and Montreal steak spiced steaks!

Fair Food Roundup at the Orange County Fair in California

Canadian here - very jealous of these county/state fairs! We don't have anything like that up here. My head is spinning from all the sugar-coated, deep fried delights...

Gadgets: Cuisinart's Latest Ice Cream Maker

@J. Kenji

Can you expand on that? Rock solid ice cream after sitting in the freezer is a recurring theme this summer with my new ice cream maker...