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Best places to buy fruit in Chinatown?

Can anyone recommend nice stands or shops to buy fruit like lychee, mangosteen, dragon-fruit, etc., in Chinatown (or elsewhere in the city)? I am not too picky about location, I am just looking for somewhere affordable and with tasty items. I've wandered around Canal and Broadway a little, but I felt the offerings there seemed a little pricey.

Buying soba in NYC for a friend: help?

Hello, One of omy best friends has a cold, and I would like to make them soup to help them mend up. I was thinking soba, as they are fond of Japanese food. Does anyone know of any good places to buy soba noodles at around Manhattan or Brooklyn? (I travel around the city a lot for work.) Any awesome vegetarian recipes for soba are also welcome! Thank you in advance for the help.

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