WHERE THE HELL DID _ _ _ _ _ _ _ GO?!

Aero bars!
Pudding Pops
Nacho cheese Tostitos--must have been cheaper than Doritos, b/c that's what we always had!

@steponmyknee--the Taco Doritos are back! In the retro bag, even!

Do you midnight snack?

Not in the middle of the night, but I can't seem to go to bed without bringing a box of crackers with me to snack on while watching TV. Drives the husband CRAZY!

Back in my early 20's when I worked in bars, etc., I once had a boyfriend who would occasionally show up at my place at 3 AM with burgers from our favorite diner. I would wake up, eat my burger in bed, and go back to sleep. That'll pack on the pounds real quick, I'm tellin' ya!

A Sandwich A Day: Chorizo Torta at Xoco in Chicago

I agree--SO good! In fact, last time my husband and I took a weekend trip to Chicago, I specifically chose our hotel based on its proximity to XOCO--about 2 blocks were all we had to walk for the torta, churros, and *insanely good* Mexican hot chocolate for breakfast. I'm dying to go back!!

Cook the Book: Anjum's New Indian

We don't get the Cooking Channel (save for a free preview weekend a few months back), but the one show I remember liking was Rachel Allen's. But we LOVE Indian food, so I'm sure I would love this show, too!

chocolate wine?

My brother introduced me to Chocovine last winter, and considering he is quite the liquor snob I was very surprised. It's actually really good (IMHO), but that being said, I have had 3/4 of a bottle in my fridge since last New Year's Eve. It's one of those things where you just sip it, and I just never really got around to drinking it.

Dinner Tonight? - 1/14/2011

Real classy here--fried egg & ketchup sandwich with an icy cold beer. Oh, and the dog ate a Lego zombie head for dinner.

What are your food-related New Years resolutions?

GO Dogwood! Hubby and I did the SBD thing a few years back, and I lost 40 lbs quite easily. Need to get back on track with that...

I'm with POM--no more fast food! I'm not generally a big fast food person, but the past few months have been crazy and I've found myself in the drive-thru more often than I'd like.

My other food-related thoughts (I refuse to call them resolutions!):
-drink more wine!
-Meatless Mondays (or, since I work Monday nights and can't be home to cook for the family, maybe meatless Tuesday...)
-meal-plan more!
-stop buying new cookbooks and start using the ones I have (this one will be tough...I can't pass up a good book!)
-buy a bar set and learn how to make some basic cocktails. We're more beer/wine people around here. It's time to grow up.

Santa is the Best! What was under your tree?

Oh, I forgot! Not my gift, but I'll probably use them anyway--hubby is a big Alton Brown fan, so I got him the box set of the first 2 volumes of the Good Eats books. Other than that and the Crocs and t-shirt I got him (Meat is Murder. Tasty, Tasty Murder), his entire Christmas gift haul was beer. Many bottles of "beer snob" beer. ;)

Santa is the Best! What was under your tree?

Bad Santa brought me no kitchen-related stuff this year! So...the day after Christmas I went out and picked up The Bartender's Guide for myself at the half price bookstore. I did get a gift card to Barnes and Noble, so I will likely pick out a cookbook...considering Fiesta at Rick's, as it's the only Rick Bayless book I'm missing...or maybe Hell's Kitchen, from a Minneapolis restaurant that my brother raves about. Not sure... I'm also thinking about a new coffee grinder with another giftcard.

I did receive a new running jacket, which will come in handy to burn off all this damn holiday gluttony...

Aprons: yea or nay?

I can't believe I just bought myself a Minnie Mouse apron at, because I am not the type of person to wear character crap, and two, I've never been one to wear an apron. But this one was just too cute--the only indication that it's Disney is a tiny silhouette of Minnie on the pocket--other than that it's just red and white polka-dotted. I only wish it was full-length rather than just a skirt. But I love it and wore it continually while doing all my Christmas baking/cooking!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

Every Saturday when I was a kid, the smell of frying bacon waking me up !

Cook the Book: 'Baked Explorations'

Sadly I can't think of a really great bakery! Eastern Iowa is sadly lacking in great places like this! Though there is a lady named Amy who sells her amazing cinnamon rolls at the farmers market...but she makes them out of her home!

Bake the Book: Grasshopper Bars

I'm so glad I saw this!! My mom used to make bars just like these every Christmas when I was growing up, and I made them last year according to her recipe and they didn't work at all (I blame the recipe, as I am certainly not lacking in baking skills!) I well go with this recipe this year!

TV snacking

Well...if the hubby isn't watching TV with me, then I'm usually watching in bed and eating Triscuits. I know, I drives him nuts! But that's what he gets for staying up late playing video games in the basement... ;)

Poll: Where Are You Eating Thanksgiving?

I just found out that my brother and his family can't make the trip down to our place, so if my dad decides not to come down here, I think we'll just go out. Since we're leaving on vacation just a few days after Thanksgiving, we've decided not to travel for the holiday, and I really don't feel like cooking for just the 4 of us when the kids won't eat half of what I make anyway!

Roasting over a burner

I agree. Simple, no mess.

Cook the Book: 'Around My French Table'

I always find the best food in Chicago...but if I ever get to India, I'm sure it would blow all previous food experiences out of the water!

Beer floats?

Guinness, a little chocolate syrup, and vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm

What Do You Grab for a Midnight Snack?

Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits. Yes, I eat them in bed. But I'm pretty good about not getting crumbs in the bed... :)

I Eat This Food with Gratefulness - 9/11

I remember very clearly, sitting on my bed with my then 3-month old daughter, being an overwhelmed new mom, and seeing the live news reports. While I was on the phone with my husband at work, I watched the second plane hit. I was unable to tear myself away from news coverage for the next 3 days straight...until my husband finally forced me to turn it off. That weekend we attended a baby shower held by my family, and it just felt strange to be celebrating when so many were grieving.

Weekend Cook and Tell: A Fond Farewell to Summer (Produce)

I just acquired 18 lbs of peaches, on top of the 13 lbs of apples we picked last weekend...looks like I'll be very busy this weekend!

People that have actual real -life food/spice names, Know Any?

A friend recently named their new baby Ginger. I will never be able to think of her without thinking of "Gilligan's Island".

Simple question... Do you eat while driving? If so, what?

Guilty as charged. With 2 kids and a dog keeping me busy in the morning, I usually end up eating my breakfast on the way to the gym (it's either that, or get up at 5:30 so I have time to eat...and I'm just not up for that). Usually it's just a Clif bar, but I will admit that once in awhile it's yogurt. I really should stop the yogurt...

Pretzel M&M's--Anyone tried them? What do you think of them?

Yuck. Love chocolate covered pretzels, but these were not good. I think it's the candy coating that throws it off.

Anyone tailgating this weekend?

I wish!! GO HAWKS!

Other uses for pepper jelly?

I bought some amazing pepper jelly at the farmer's market last week (and hooray, it's not artificially green!)...but I need to figure out what to do with it. One can only eat so many crackers with cream cheese and pepper jelly! Our other standard way of using it is as a dip for cream cheese jalapeno poppers. But beyond that, ?? Anyone have any good ideas to help me use it up?

How to store ghee/clarified butter?

Recently my husband and I made an Indian meal, including what ended up being about a half a jar full of ghee. I've been storing it in my spice cupboard, since the cookbook said it doesn't need to be refrigerated. But now that the weather is warming up, it's gone back to a liquidy state...should I be refrigerating it? Will it go bad if it's allowed to stay liquid at room temp??

Ice cream maker issues

We have a Cuisinart machine, one of the usual ones where you freeze the core. It's only maybe 2 years old (3 at the most). Suddenly the darn thing won't freeze solid! It's been in the freezer for 3 whole days now, and it's still slushy. I used it over the weekend, and it had been in for 3 days before that and never totally froze, either. It's not a freezer issue, as everything else in there is frozen solid. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Do these things just wear out after awhile?

Need Chicago restaurant recommendations

My husband and I will be heading to Chicago soon for a much-needed weekend away. Other than the obligatory stop at Rick Bayless' new quick-serve place, Xoco, (and possibly dinner @ Frontera or Topolobampo), we're in need of restaurant recommendations. We love all types of ethnic food, especially Thai & Indian. Any favorites in Chinatown? Can't-miss breakfast spots? My husband makes fun of me because I am planning the trip completely around food, but I can't help's who I am...
Thanks in advance!

What are your food pet peeves?

A holiday "gift" of cookies, etc. got me thinking about this one. My neighbor likes to bake, but consistently uses sub-par ingredients, like margarine in cookies, or generic chocolate chips. Seriously, most of her stuff is pretty inedible. Maybe that makes me a food snob, but it's just not worth eating if it tastes like mud! (Really, she made some cupcakes with "chocolate pudding" in the middle that had absolutely no taste whatsoever).
So, I was just curious what some of your pet peeves are?