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We Eat Every Banh Mi at Lynda Sandwich in Orange County, CA

What passes for your definition of a good Banh Mi place then? Please don't say Lee's Sandwiches.

Market Scene: Alemany Farmers' Market, San Francisco

That's because the darkest jujubes are the best, much sweeter than the unripe greens.

We Eat Every Banh Mi at Lynda Sandwich in Orange County, CA

Out of all the superior Vietnamese Banh Mi places in Little Saigon...this, really? I would be much more interested in what you guys thought of Banh Mi Cali, or one of the more established places.

Reality Check: New Stacked Burgers From TGI Friday's

Well, that looks nothing like the promo photos. You might get a better looking one at Burger King.

Poll: Is Okonomiyaki "Japanese Pizza"?

Seriously? You might as well call a banh xeo a Vietnamese pizza. Not everything round and flat needs a pizza label slapped onto it.

Singapore Stories: How I Learned to Like Durian

The perception of the durian's odor is due to brain wiring, I thnk. I've always loved the way durian smells, to me, it's subtle, creamy, just wonderful.

Steakcraft: BLT Steak's Strip and American Wagyu Top Cap

I'm all for a good steak but that honestly does not look anywhere near worthy of the price.

Sao Mai, Reliably Delicious Vietnamese in the East Village

The food looks pretty pitiful, actually, but I'm Vietnamese and spoiled from living in Little Saigon.

Open Thread: How Do You Say These Food Words?

@Mawich, I've never heard of "grocery" pronounced with anything other than an "s" sounding "c."

Of Course Shopsins Makes Great Onion Rings

Looks like a pile of greasy, soggy, and limp sautéed onions more than onion rings. I'll pass.

Snapshots from Korea: Smashing Pastry at Schneeballen in Seoul

A mallet? Is it that hard? Why not just give it a good whack on the counter?

Aaron Franklin Drops a Brisket Bomb at Hill Country's 'Pop-Up Joint'


I saw the same thing, I'm glad I wasn't alone.

Open Thread: What's One Food You Wish You Liked?

Another vote for raw tomatoes, except in salsas, lettuce, and raw celery above all. I cannot stand raw celery and god knows I've tried to like it.

Taste Test: Trader Joe's Dark 70 Chocolate Bars

I'd still eat the hell out of that caramel bar. That's absolutely gorgeous, gooey caramel


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