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Is Pizza the focus or just one aspect? I went to college in Worcester. Where is it located?

Best Rainbow Cookies - NY Metro Area

Reviews so far - Veniero's - fresh and moist and a good cookie but surrounded by chocolate on all four sides (I prefer two) so the chocolate has a tendency to overwhlem the flavor. Stopped at Glaser's earlier today (for future reference they are closed on Mondays and are cash only) but they are not making rainbow cookies until it is "significantly colder."

Best Rainbow Cookies - NY Metro Area

Thanks for the recommendations. I will try and try all of these within the next week.

Los Angeles Eating Itinerary

Thanks for these recommendations. Will definitely how to check these out!

Daily Slice: The Corner Grille, Worcester, Massachusetts

This pains me...I went to college in Worcester (Holy Cross) and have been there 3 times in the past year and this is the first I'm hearing of this place! Wonder Bar was always advocated as the best in town but the offering were pretty weak in Worcester and Central Mass in general.

Maffei Pizza on 6th Ave?

Does anyone know if this place shut down? I walked by it a few weeks ago and windows were papered. I assumed some renovation but walked by yesterday and it looked unchanged.

This spot always had a reputation as being great for grandma slices, but I tried it every which way - fresh pie in store, reheat, delivery - and was always disappointed.

Still, its been around since 1975 and did have some acclaim. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Best Rainbow Cookies - NY Metro Area

Ever since Kopp's Bakery in Middle Village closed, I have been on a fruitless search for the best rainbow cookies (also known as tri-colors or 7-layer cookies) in the NY area.

I have been consistently disappointed by various bakeries and pastry shops. My biggest complaint is generally the dryness and staleness of the cakes.

Preferably, looking for places in Manhattan, but willing to borrow a car and trek anywhere in the NY metro area.

Los Angeles Eating Itinerary

My girlfriend and I are heading to LA/Orange County for a wedding next month and we are just trying to finalize eating itinerary. We are coming from Manhattan and both have been in LA before and are open from the finest dining to a roadside shack. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Pizzeria Mozza
Cut - were debating this and Bayless's Red O

Walking in:
Lotteria Grill

Quick Bites:
Tomato Pie (have heard it doesn't warrant GQ Top 25 status but the grandma slice does look good)
Randy's Donuts
Diddy Riese
walking through The Grove/Farmer's Market
LA Creamery
Carmela Artisan Creamery

Any thought, comments, suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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