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Is Pizza the focus or just one aspect? I went to college in Worcester. Where is it located?

Best Rainbow Cookies - NY Metro Area

Reviews so far - Veniero's - fresh and moist and a good cookie but surrounded by chocolate on all four sides (I prefer two) so the chocolate has a tendency to overwhlem the flavor. Stopped at Glaser's earlier today (for future reference they are closed on Mondays and are cash only) but they are not making rainbow cookies until it is "significantly colder."

Best Rainbow Cookies - NY Metro Area

Thanks for the recommendations. I will try and try all of these within the next week.

Los Angeles Eating Itinerary

Thanks for these recommendations. Will definitely how to check these out!

Daily Slice: The Corner Grille, Worcester, Massachusetts

This pains me...I went to college in Worcester (Holy Cross) and have been there 3 times in the past year and this is the first I'm hearing of this place! Wonder Bar was always advocated as the best in town but the offering were pretty weak in Worcester and Central Mass in general.


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