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Marrow and Rice

OMG! This dish is absolutely insane! I have to make it!!

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

My favorite restaurant burger has to be Shake Shack.

My favorite burger to make at home would be a bacon, cheddar cheese burger with a fried egg on top. Medium rare. Light mayo and ketchup. With an ice cold root beer.

daisy |

Looking for frozen rhubarb in NYC

Hi there! Do you have a Whole Foods nearby? They carry frozen rhubarb year round here in Southern California. I just bought some this past weekend.


Clementine Sorbet

OMG! This sorbet makes me want to feign sickness and leave work this instant so I can have this. I've been eating these little cuties all week.

Cook the Book: 'Susan Feniger's Street Food'

I have a couple. One if the Short Rib Grilled Cheese sandwich from Rancho A Go Go food truck from Orange County, CA. The other is the Ham and Cheese Crepes from a crepe stand by Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Favorite/exotic popsicle recipes?

I have boozy ice pops on my blog - Midori Sours and Peach Bellinis. Nice and refreshing.


Share Your Sweets: Latin American Desserts

Thanks for including my tres leeches cake!