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What to do with a broken Cuisinart part?

Thank you all for the input. I will hold on to it and think about what to do. There might be an artist or thrifty repair person who could make use of it. It was worth asking. I sent Cusinart an email suggesting they do a "Send Back Your Used, Old and Broken Parts Program" I am sure they can use parts from broken parts to rebuild a refurbished part. Britta pitchers does a recycling program with their filters and by asking that is how I found out. (take them to whole foods wrapped in a bag and Britta recycles them somehow) I know a water filter is a lot less complicated notion but its the idea that I think companies should consider. Thanks again to all!

What to do with a broken Cuisinart part?

@boobird: that's the whole point they sell new parts but they dont have a program where they take old ones. I am trying to dispose an old part

What to do with a broken Cuisinart part?

it stainless steel and plastic and whatever materials has inside

Banning fast food near schools? Your take.

I work as a School Food Service Manager. That tells you I am in the trenches of this topic. yes you ultimately choose what you eat, and home education on the subject is very influential. But kids need guidance and education, and food is a matter that I would include in those two points. If it didn't matter as much then why are fast food companies spending millions if not more on marketing that targets kids and teenager? They don't care about adults as much because they already got them. And most likely a lot of them are so hooked up on these fast food, junk foods that they are obese or getting there with all its implications.
As a food professional in the educational system I believe this is imperative even if its a little step, it brings us closer to the awareness needed to avoid future babysitting. Young people (kids and teenagers) are seduced since they are born to be mass consumer, unfortunately fast food chains don't offer the options that they need to grow up as healthy adults if anything is the other way around.
When you not only hear but see day to day overweight, obese and diabetic children in your heart you would feel that there is something really wrong with their nutrition and it must change.

Filet O'Fish Sucks, But I Love the commercial!

by the way filet o'fish very Unappetizing no matter what.

Filet O'Fish Sucks, But I Love the commercial!

no i am not kidding and that is the freaky part ( believe me i am as shocked as you). I like that stupid song. Its a creepy funny commercial at least to me.... I know it's weird ;0(

Paula Deen is pantsless

Caution:! Too much butter may cause risk of slippery pants!

In Videos: Parry Gripp's 'Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom'

nom nom nom nom nom ! (in my head for the rest of the day..... makes me happy!)

Large-Scale Enticing Food Smells

A cookie factory in san jose , Costa Rica (where I was born and raised). The factory is at this intersection on the way out of the capital city into the next provinces. So, on occasional Sunday afternoons when my whole family would go out for a picnic or any kind of trip (or paseo in Spanish) we had to go through that intersection. And that smell of cookies being baked was always comforting. Costa Rica 30 years ago was a gem, a very special place to grow up. I love it still with all my heart in spite of the many changes that snowballed through globalization, and still when I go home on my way from the airport and pass that factory just a whiff is enough to make my memory dance in comfy thoughts.

How Well Will the Obama Administration Handle Food Issues?

Its still up to us and I think even if we had a supporting president/government we still have to hold this issue close, because the minute we let it go that's when food becomes a stranger and that is our present catastrophe, at least in a majority. We must always embrace grassroots initiatives and getting involved within our communities efforts is always a must to give food the value it deserves. So we must never feel like we are waiting for a president or a government to come to the rescue but be the rescue ourselves.

Photo of the Day: Salad Dressing Cake

I like mayo very much , far from hating it. But mayo cake?! Some things are designed to be eaten ,or rather I should say tasted , in more measured quantities. Mayo is one of them, too much mayo not only is very nutritionally unbalanced but kills the whole point of it which is , at least to me, to dress or condiment a dish with its flavor, not over power it or become the dish for that matter. But that i just my point of view. For those who claim to enjoy the slice of mayo in their lives so be it, bon apetit!

How Organic Are You Going This Thanksgiving?

I guess I'll try to make the effort the best supports my wallet and that does not jeopardize my health.But that is a tough challenge now a days As much of a fan I am of organic food, it makes me sad its sometimes so out of reach. Good food should be available to all. If you live under the poverty lines you would never even consider organic as a choice, ever, and that is simply not fair. I hope that we see a change in this trend. Everyone deserves good food, not only the financially privileged.
I am still thankful that I can afford a good turkey this year, I hope that others less fortunate are blessed as well , organic or not.

Ferran Adria: The New Foam Meets the Old Foam

I took a friend to Katz to give him just that, an experience that really feels like you are in New York. Even though I appreciate good talented fine dinning experiences they are not what makes me love food.
The "connection" is where that soul (as said by Adria) can be transmitted by the moment you come in, order, eat and then leave the spot with that happy grin that no one can take away. How blissful!
Jewish deli's are at the very heart and soul of New York, is sad to know that they have diminished in number due to lack of appreciation or simply because people are bombarded with too many global choices or who knows what else.
Regardless, I just want to say Kudos Ed! for keeping it real, we need more writers like you, who bring time and again that emotional love for food into your work and shares it with the rest of us.

In Videos: Monkeys Make Terrific Waiters

monkeys should be in trees dealing with their monkey business. Besides restaurant work sucks give 'em something fun to do, Poor moneys they should go on strike for good!

Is it Rude to Eat on Mass Transit?

I personally dont think its rude, I dont take it personal. But I do think its sad. When I see people eating on the train or in their cars, participating in the grub and go that modern life has imposed as an accepted habit, I cant but feel melancholy of days where that would've been looked upon as simply strange. Why would you eat on a train and not on a table at your house or a park even? Unless you dont have a home it might be justifiable, but because there isnt enough time? to eat? What?
To me nobody that eats within the mean time of their transportation journey seems to be at 100% ease. Maybe the Dominican guy does, who knows, I would've had to be there and see his composure to make the conclusion. Regardless, I think the question posed should be what happened that we ended up eating in our cars, trains, etc?
Let bring back the joys and pleasures of the table, even if we are so busy we think eating in the train is ok. Lets not participate in that madness. Lets be seriously happy eaters !
Buen provecho!

Photo of the Day: Turtle Attacks Strawberry

"The turtle and the strawberry" is my new wallpaper!

It's HOT in NY!

couscous and radish salad with lemony fish

Are Wine Clubs Worth it?

Thank you everybody. Very useful info. Now I need to do some wine meditating and draw conclusions. Salud!!

Welcome to Serious Eats New York

I was wondering if you guys had t-shirts or totebags with your " I (serioues eats smile) NY" . What can I say , I'm a fan!

How to Make Grilled Pizza: Some Quick Tips

If you happen to be in Hawaii , Oahu to be exact, try to stop by at the KCC farmers market every Saturday morning. Then go ahead and look for the North Shore Farms stand and have a taste of their grilled pesto pizza. Farm fresh vine -riped (different varieties ) tomato, homemade amazing pesto and hand made fresh mozzarella. Off the hook!
great posting by the way...!