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How to Make Pillowy (and Pretty) Angel Biscuits

I just Googled "Kimye" and was all "WTF, all I can find are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. I want to know what Kimye is! ...oh." Here I thought it was some new kind of food combination. Durr.

The Science of Fat-Washing Cocktails

*I'll be sticking. I started to write "I don't think I'll be trying it again" and then changed my mind halfway through the sentence.

The Science of Fat-Washing Cocktails

I tried making bacon-infused whiskey, but it did not come out well. It also made my Aeropress taste like gnarliness because after I froze it, I put it through that to try to get rid of the fat particles. I'm not entirely sure what I did wrong, but I don't think I'll be sticking to fruit, nut, spice, and coffee-based infusions from now on!

What's Up in Pizza: Kit-Kat Pies, Edible Boxes, and More!

If Domino's actually made that box, even if it was a one day April Fools Day thing, I'd order it. I'd probably ask that they left the printing off though.

Poll: How Do You Eat Your Leftovers?

Pizza comes in a handy little single serving pie. Why would there be leftovers? (Confession: I once met my match with a very large deep dish)

On the chance someone is nice enough to offer me their leftovers, straight up, cold and from the fridge, before they have a chance to change their mind. That is, unless it's deep dish, in which case it goes in the toaster oven, because cold deep dish isn't very good.

Paleo Diet Craze- Love it or leave it?

I like carbs too much to go paleo. Plus, every time I've cut back on grains, my athletic performance has suffered DRAMATICALLY. It's very hard to get enough carbohydrate calories for what I want to do from solely vegetables. For everyone who wants to go paleo though, all the more power to them. As long as they don't criticize my diet, or spread misinformation about all grains being evil and fattening, that's cool. I've experimented with different macronutrient ratios enough to figure out what works best for me, my body, and my goals, so if paleo dieters are doing that same experiment, who am I to judge?

Food-related deal breakers when dating?

I couldn't date someone with a very serious peanut, nut, or gluten allergy. If you just can't eat them, that's fine. But if I can't have them in the house because you'll go into anaphylactic shock if there's a grain of flour or a stray almond...that's a deal breaker, both for my sanity and his safety.

Food snob would be tough, but I don't think it's an absolute deal breaker. I'd be annoyed though if I felt like I were being judged every time I got a guilty-pleasure pie from Domino's.

Call me superficial, but it's no worse than not dating someone because of their food preferences, but if he eats a ton of crap and doesn't work out and it shows, that's a deal breaker. Abs are made in the kitchen, even moreso than in the gym and I work hard for mine, so...

Substituting yogurt for sour cream in dips?

I went with Greek yogurt for an onion dip, and it worked pretty well! It needed a little extra salt, and there is still a yogurt flavor to it, but it's pretty tasty. Thanks everyone who replied!

Substituting yogurt for sour cream in dips?

Thanks everyone! I'm definitely going to try it now.

Supermarket Sweets: We Try the New Butterfinger Cups

You know, I never liked Butterfinger much, but I loved 5th Avenue (I don't think I've had one since they stopped using actual chocolate though). It tasted more peanut butter-y to me, while Butterfinger just tasted greasy/buttery. When someone told me they were virtually the same, I couldn't figure out if maybe I saw the name "Butterfinger," equated it to butter rather than peanut butter, and my subconscious influenced my taste preferences. Either way, this looks like it's a waste of chocolate that could have been a peanut butter cup instead...but I still feel like I'd try it if it were labelled 5th Avenue cups instead!

Has SE ever done a blind test of 5th Avenue vs Butterfinger vs Clark? I'm curious if there's actually a difference or if it's in my head. (Not that it would be hard to do a blind test myself...)

Jerky Bar?

For DURING games and practices? I'd stick with the Powerbar. You'd have to look up the research, but the 4:1 carb:protein ratio is ideal for athletics, and they probably use some carb blend that includes maltodextrin or another very quickly absorbed carb. Regardless, if you want energy NOW, from a performance standpoint, carbs (combined with a little protein) are the way to go. If he's sick of Powerbars, try another brand that uses a similar ratio (look for sports bars, not protein bars or meal replacements). Or look for a recipe to make your own...try to find one that uses whey powder as your protein source (rather than nuts), is low in fat (nothing wrong with fat...unless you're in the middle of a high-intensity workout and haven't adapted your body to using fat preferentially through specific types of training), and is high in simple, rapidly-absorbed sugars.

As a snack though, I'm all for jerky! Just out of curiosity though, why a bar instead of strips?

Poll: Which Standard Burger Toppings Do You Secretly Despise?

Mayo is pretty gross, and unlike many other toppings, it's really hard to get it off once it's on the burger. I don't care for mayo-based special sauces either. And yeah, the bun can get soaked with blood and juices, but that just makes the bun more delicious (albeit a bit messier to eat).

Ask a Cicerone: What's the Best Hoppy Beer?

I posted this in the 50 States topic too, but Stone's RuinTen (10th Anniversary Ruination) is incredible. Regular Ruination is great too, but RuinTen is even better.

Check Out Our Map of 50 States, 50 Beers We Love

Sadly, I haven't had a chance to try Pliny the Elder. But it must be freaking great that you put it ahead of Stone's RuinTen! Which is, in my opinion, far better than the already great Ruination.

Since it's being debated, I'll throw my two cents in: I like beers from both Victory and Troeg's, but if I had to choose just one Pennsylvania beer, it would probably be Victory's Hop Devil.

Help me with my picky eater!

Variety in food may be just as odious to her as boxed mac and cheese and canned green beans are to you. She's an adult, and she's allowed to eat what she wants. Don't turn her diet into a power struggle. It's HER diet, not yours. She has a right to control over that. And for all we know, she's complaining to her friends that her boyfriend is overly concerned with fancy foods, and doesn't get why you can't just be satisfied with cooking up some good ol' Kraft dinner. If it's a deal breaker, then so be it. Not everyone is compatible with everyone else. If not, work around it, make your own food while she makes hers, and be glad she's a cheap dinner date.

McDonald's Debuts 'Adventure Time' Happy Meal Toys...for Boys

I was a tomboy growing up, and when McDonalds workers asked if the Happy Meal was for a boy or girl, my dad would just say boy (my mom was better about it and would say a girl who wanted the Hot Wheels car). Embarrassing, but better than getting a stupid Barbie doll. Later, in high school, a group of friends and I went to McDonalds and they had some toy we wanted. One of my friends walked up to the register, ordered a Happy Meal, and added, "And I want a boy toy," while batting her eyes at the poor worker. If and when I have kids that want the toy that McDonalds decides is for boys, that's exactly how I'll be asking for it.

New Ways to Prepare Oatmeal

What @Gina_ said...try savory. I am not a fan of soy sauce and oatmeal, but cheesy oatmeal is great. I throw dehydrated onions in there with the cheese too, because they absorb liquid as the oatmeal cooks, but if you're feeling decadent, caramelize some onions while you cook steel cut and use them (with or without cheese). I've done cheese and marinara sauce too, for a fake pasta kind of deal, and if you play with the cheese-sauce ratio, you can almost get that "pizza-flavoring" that companies use for their not-pizza-but-pizza-flavored products. Also, try preparing it with chicken or beef stock instead of water. Or with strong coffee instead of water.

Campfire Cooking

Second the banana boat, but here's a way to make it even easier. Cut a slit down the banana peel lengthwise. Then open it, but don't take the banana out, just cut two slits in the banana itself in an inverted V-shape, then remove the triangle piece of banana. Stuff the crevasse with ripped up marshmallows and broken pieces of chocolate (yes, ripping up marshmallows is messy), close the peel back up, put the whole thing on hot coals, then PROFIT!

Pizza hobo pies, as mentioned above, are awesome, assuming you're car camping.

And while everyone knows to make s'mores, no need to try to get the hot marshmallow to melt the chocolate (which doesn't ever work well). Put the chocolate on the graham cracker and put it on one of the rocks of the fire pit, as close to the fire as you can get it.

The Food Lab: How to Roast Fall and Winter Vegetables

I've only ever thought to do the roasting beets not-literally-forever-but-feels-like-it method. Which means, due to my impatience, that I don't roast beets nearly as often as I'd like. The foil pouch method sounds pretty boss. I'll have to try it.

A Day in the Life: Carrie Vasios, Sweets Editor

These day in the life posts are excellent. Also, the idea of a cereal-house is amazing.

5 Winter Beers to Warm Your Holiday

Wow. Is it sad that I want to try Sleigh'r in part because of its name? Reign in Beer!

Sweet potato question

Is there a such thing as a sweet potato that was baked too long? Well, there probably is, but I suspect you'd have to bake it way too long, since they seem to get more delicious the longer you cook them. Just cook them until whenever the slowest one is finished.

Favorite tune burgers

I like my burgers with a quick trip Through the Fire and Flames until they're medium rare, though I sometimes go Against the Grain and eat them rare and Raining Blood. Then, once that burger is in front of me, Nothing Else Matters, because I have a cow (or tuna, in your case) Flesh Storm on my plate.

Amazingly, I have never had it...

As I understand it, Tom Monaghan (the guy behind the political controversy) is no longer associated with Domino's:

I think Coors may still be embroiled in that though, and obviously Chik-Fil-A is.

Just the scent alone...

Freshly baked bread, freshly ground coffee, onions being sauteed, and cookies in the oven. Also, the smell of Long John Silvers is intoxicating, and I don't even like their food, just the smell.

And...yeah. What Mr. Nick said. Only in states where weed is legal, OF COURSE.