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Who Would You Ask A Culinary Question To?

Do most of us a favor. Either find someone to correct your egregious grammar mistakes before you publish your pieces, or take a class on how to construct a grammatically correct sentence.

Ask Mario Batali Anything

Could you please, please please ask the chef at Lupa to dial back on the salt? Thank you.

Maple Sugar

Haven't tried this due to the high cost of maple sugar, but would love to know if you do.

Bake the Book: 'The Cookiepedia'

Lemon squares. The same exact recipe I've been making since I was ten years old.

Bake the Book: 'Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home'

Lemon frozen custard from the late, great, dearly departed Custard Beach on 8th Street in Manhattan. I still miss that place.

Mixed Review: Stonewall Kitchen's Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

When did you eat them? I wonder if you stuck the finished sandwich in the freezer for a day or two {like that's possible} the cookie would soften up a bit.

Cook the Book: 'Canal House Cooking Volume No. 6'

I think that would be buying fish for a Passover Seder in Munich. We bought some exquisite ruby red Norwegian salmon for 75 marks {a little over 50 dollars}. When my German hostess {she is married to an American friend} saw me grind it up in a food processor and then cook it until it smelled like canned salmon, she hit me with a wooden spoon.

Thin & Crispy Flatbread

If you can get hold of Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc cookbook, he has exactly what you are looking for, judging from this photograph.

where did [username] go?

@teachertalk, betteirene can now be found at Food52.

Absence makes the heart grow fungus

Oh, there are so many... I stopped eating meat about four years ago, so no more chicken matzo ball soup, chopped liver, brisket, pastrami, gribenes, or my grandmother's special knishes. Can I really go back to Germany and skip the weisswurst, speck, sauerbraten, krustenbraten, zweibelfleisch, and late night doner kebabs? I stopped eating sushi, too, and I don't eat lox on my bagels anymore because it's all farmed salmon.

I had to stop baking, because I realized that I had a choice: I could bake, or I could zip my jeans. So no sour cherry pie this summer, no birthday banana cake with cream cheese frosting, no fall tarte tatin, no holiday cookies or cheesecake.

I'm really depressing myself here.

Bake the Book: 'Plum Gorgeous'

Apricot tart in the spring, tarte tatin in the fall!

Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 179: My Calorically Affordable Summer Treats: What are Yours?

Edy's frozen fruit pops or Skinny Cow Fudge pops. All less than a hundred calories apiece.

A bowl of frozen raspberries, sprinkled with sugar and a little vanilla, eaten one by one with the fingers...

Penzey's Dutch process cocoa powder, water, ice, about half a cup of 2% milk, sugar, and water buzzed in the blender for a skinny but exceedingly satisfying chocolate shake.

Serious Eats Amateur Wine Taste-Along: Vinho Verde

Vinho verde is meant to be DRUNK when young, not "DRANK."

Yeeps. Get some copy editors over there!

Sweet Hacks: 10-Minute No-Bake Lime Cracker Pie

What if you used savoiardi instead of crackers? I'm envisioning a fusion version of tiramisu with the Key Lime mix instead of mascarpone.

What to do with a gallon of Maple Syrup?

Boil to reduce, add a big slug of bourbon, and use it to glaze sweet potatoes.

But it seems so easy...

I can't make a drinkable cup of coffee, even though I buy really good beans and have an expensive French Press and a decent stovetop espresso maker.

Erin, if you live in NYC, you can come over here and I'll show you the magic.

Served: Regulars: Young, Old, Wonderful, And Terrible

I used to show up late on Sunday evenings at a French restaurant in my neighborhood in Brooklyn after working a long, busy day at a clinic and wanting to give myself a little treat. The maitre d', after the third Sunday I appeared at the same time, started slipping me glasses of wine and the odd creme brulee and seating me close to the window. It was heaven!

Mixed Review: Dr. Oetker's Organic Oatmeal Muffins

If you want crunchy, gently brush the tops the milk and sprinkle them with sugar before baking.

Quiet restaurant but also group friendly?

You may want to check out Cafe Loup on 13th and 6th. It's not terribly noisy. The food isn't superb, but the atmosphere is lovely and it's not terribly expensive.

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite 4 PM Snacks

a packet of roasted, seasoned seaweed from the Korean grocery store, a handful of walnuts or pecans, a handful of dried apricots.

Introducing: Nick Malgieri Week

I am not sure I'd be thrilled to be called a "master baker" in print, but that's just me.

We Try Every Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory

When are you going to invite the locals again?!