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Trawling NYC for UK-Style Fish and Chips

Have you guys tried the fish & chips at The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market? I saw them on the sandwich menu but haven't tried them yet. I'd assume that their fish would be super-fresh and tasty.

Suggestions needed for leftover pastry cream

Along the lines of what other SE'ers said, I'd go with making trifle, a quick cream tart/pie, as a filling between 2 cake layers or slathering on top of baked puff pastry with some fruit.

Farewell, Serious Eaters!

Whoa! SE office will not be same. Best of luck to you!

From The Pastry Dungeon: Peanut Butter Banana Cake

Anna, your post makes me smile. My ex-pastry chef hated his most popular dessert as well. It was the least adventurous on the dessert menu, and he had come up with it off the cuff only to satisfy the owners' requests for a sundae.

Blizzard--What are you planning on cooking?

Dumplings for Chinese New Year and oyster po'boys for an early Mardi Gras. Plus some sort of experiment with sweets - maybe sunny citrus bars?

We Try Häagen-Dazs's New Gelato Line

@atg117, HG gelato seemed to be a little lighter on the tongue than their ice creams. Melts away cleanly with about 1/3rd less fat.

@bobthebunny25, sorry I've never had Parkerhouse ice cream. I'm not sure I've seen it in the stores either. Where do you usually find Parkerhouse?

@peekpoke, one of the things I love about HG is their relatively simple ingredient list. In their gelatos, they use pectin and corn syrup to make up for the lesser amount of fat. Also, skim milk is first on the ingredient list instead of cream. No "natural flavors".

We Try the Limited Edition Holiday Peeps

@Laura, I'm glad I'm not the only one who found the Gingerbread Peeps tasty. Makes me feel less guilty in enjoying them.

@Maise & Kelly, we wished to try the Sugar Cookie Peeps, but Target was out. I guess we didn't miss much.

What to make for NYE dinner??

how about something traditional like dumplings or black-eyed peas and rice?

10 Christmas-Themed Hot Dogs

The title alone for this post scares me. It just doesn't sound right.

Sugar Rush: Pistachio-Almond Croissant at Mille-Feuille Bakery

Hot damn, that looks so good! Nice filling-to-pastry ratio and so nicely caramelized. Do you know how long they're making pistachio ones?

Must-Visit in New Orleans: Cochon

I took two born-and-raised New Orleanians here, and they loved it - even though they are firmly from the camp of traditional Creole cuisine. I think it was the ribs that did it.

Crazy Bagel Flavors at The Bagel Store in Williamsburg

Thanks, Becky! Those bagels were a cool novelty to try. The sweet potato bagel is still on my mind.

Sugar Rush: Stollen at Hot Bread Kitchen

Correction: Saw it at Whole Foods Tribeca today for $11.99. Still wondering why it's different at the market though.

Sugar Rush: Chai Brioche Doughnut at Arlequin Cafe, San Francisco

Such a great picture! It's oozing cream. The crumb looks nice and fluffy.

Sugar Rush: Stollen at Hot Bread Kitchen

FYI: Just stopped by HBK's market stand on 97th St today. I was told that the stollen is available by pre-order only for pick-up at a market or HBK Almacen between Dec. 19th and 23rd. For $18. And I have yet to see it at a Whole Foods.

The 2012 Guide to Thanksgiving at the Union Square Greenmarket

@Ben: This stuff looks great! Any thoughts on sweets from the Union Square Market?

Sugar Rush: Eccles Cakes at The John Dory Oyster Bar

Saltie in Williamsburg has eccles too. Or at least they used to.

Pumpkin Marshmallows - I would hate to waste them

I'm guessing you're looking for something besides s'mores? Marshmallows sound like a good mix-in for cookies or melted into a sweet pressed sandwich (like a fluffer nutter sandwich: bread, marshmallow cream and peanut butter). Or if you have enough of the pumpkin marshmallows, you try something I've been meaning to try - making a thin circle of rice crispy treats to put in a layer cake.

We Made a Thanksgiving Cherpumple, It Was Crazy

Dang...Did the pie crust stay crisp, or did it get soggy?

Making panettone by hand?

@Traveller & idaloveyou, thanks for the encouragement! Your dough rose nice and high? I've read that enriched doughs (high in butter/eggs) do not rise as well unless the gluten is well-developed and/or the butter is added gradually after the first rise.

"Only In NYC" Gift Bag for Wedding

Maple candy or cotton candy from the Union Square Farmers' Market
Jam from Anarchy in a Jar
Bialys from Kossar's or Hot Bread Kitchen

How Hurricane Sandy is Affecting Restaurants in NYC

This article really made me think about how grateful I am to be relatively unscathed by the hurricane. Have you heard anything about how the farms in this area are faring?


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