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Are You a Night Baker?

So glad to see that I'm not alone :)

I ONLY bake at night.... there's just something so soothing about whipping up a batch of cupcakes before bedtime.

This is why I'm quitting my job.

Oops, forgot to mention....

I gave out a few slices to a select few at work. I brought the rest home for dessert :)

Maybe next time I'll make a sign-up sheet, just so I know what I'm in for.

This is why I'm quitting my job.

Aw, thanks for all the sweet comments. You made me feel A LOT better!

As for a recipe, I really don't have one. I just whizzed some gingersnaps in the food processor, added some melted butter and pressed it into a tart pan, going halfway up the sides of the pan. Then I baked it at 350 F for 5 minutes, just to help solidify it.

Once it was cool, in my Kitchenaid I put 8 oz mascarpone cheese and 4 oz of cream cheese. I mixed until smooth, then added about 1/2 c powdered sugar and mixed that in. Then added in 3/4 c heavy cream and a splash of vanilla, along with the seeds of a vanilla bean. Mixed until light and fluffy (will take a few mins for the cream to mix with the cheese.)

Poured into the cooled crust, smoothed the top, then added fresh sliced peaches in a rosette pattern. Heated 2 tablespoons of peach jam in the micro just until warm, then used a pastry brush to gently brush over the peaches for a light glaze.

Et Voila! A delicious tart that only needed the oven to be on for 5 minutes. Perfect for summer.

What's for Dinner? 08/28

Something with caramelized onions. When I get a craving for them, I'll eat them on just about anything.

For the laddies- Hottest Food Network Dude?

Not to ruin the hot guy fantasy mood, but shouldn't the title of the post be "ladies" and not "laddies," since laddie refers to a young man?


Halfway through the movie I leaned over to my boyfriend and whispered, "I'm going to go home and cook the S#@T out of some beouf bourginon." I think he got a boner.

Mixed Review: Barefoot Contessa Homemade Marshmallow Mix

Frankly, marshmallows are so easy to make that I'm amazed anyone uses a box mix. Like prestocaro said, you basically did the hard part yourself by dissolving gelatin and whipping.

Blogwatch: Culinary Fool's Maple Cream Cookies

I live in California and I buy them all the time from Trader Joe's.

Mixed Review: Classic Crème Brûlée for 45¢, No Blowtorch Required

Wait, itsn't most of the expense of making creme brulee the cream and milk in the first place? If you have to buy them to add to the mix, it's defeating the purpose of buying the mix to save money in the first place.

Vintage Candy Monday: Big Cherry

I *adore* maraschino cherries. I haven been known to eat an entire jar of them with a fork in one sitting, then pour 7up in the leftover juice and drink that.

...I just realized how weird that is.


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