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What's Your Favorite Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago?

Christ, that's a lot of grammatical errors. Sorry about that.

What's Your Favorite Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago?

As a big fan of NY style pizza (NYC native) and someone who has never visited Chicago, and has enjoyed Jon Stuart's rant's on why Chicago style pizza isn't pizza (also understanding that it was all done in good humor), holy shit, this thread makes me want to eat some Chicago style pizza.

Especially you, cpd007, the passion and eloquence has been wonderful.

Hopefully someday soon!

First Impressions of RedFarm Upper West Side

I'm sure $12 for a shrimp appetizer at any french restaurant in Manhattan would garner no such outrage.

What Regional Sandwiches Do You Wish You Could Find in New York?

Roatt Pork with Rabe and extra Sharp Provalone, Philly style.

A Sandwich a Day: Cubano at Cafetería La Mejor

The cuban at Stella di Sicilia (mentioned above) is bigger, better, and cheaper ($5.50)


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