Taste Test: The Best Bottled Barbecue Sauce

Rufus Teague is awesome! My childhood heart goes out to open pit original. Do any of you remember when Lea & perrins had a BBQ sauce? I swore by it!!!

Win a Copy of 'Huckleberry'

Maple Apple Cranberry Pie!

Top This: Arugula Salad Foldover (à la Simmzy's)

Hi, Simmzy's is not in the Naples area of Long Beach, it's Belmont Shore. Great article! While we have not been here yet, I have heard good things about this place.

Pasta alla Carbonara

@CalCruzer, don't think of the cheese to be a creamy sauce, you simply finish with the cheese and give it a good toss. I think my new italian food lover friend, @giosef, will concur? Correct me if I am mistaken, anyone!

Pasta alla Carbonara

@giosef....I am in SoCal, I should be able to find pancetta affumicata.
And I loves me some cacio e pepe as well....

Pasta alla Carbonara

@giosef great idea! I have never warmed it up before, just cold out of the bowl.
I personally do not use parsley or cream. But, I do use a punch of crushed red pepper when I am feeling frisky LOL
Now I have to make some... this is by far my fav pasta dish!!!

Pasta alla Carbonara

OH... I will have to try with guanciale next time! I usually use pancetta or diced prosciutto ends.

I always make extra... I love love love leftovers in the am when it is cold. Forget cold pizza....

Taste Test: Potato Chips

Jay's Potato Chips are the bomb! Give them a try.....Original is the way to go!

Marinated Artichoke Hearts

Can you properly go through the canning process to "put up"?

Roasted Marrow

Thanks Mr. Nick! I am serving it as a spread. I will roast to order, I don't want to risk overlooking. Filet Mignon with marrow-Parmesan crostini and red wine-balsamic vinegar jus. Main course for Christmas Eve dinner :)

Crisp-Skinned Butterflied Roast Turkey With Gravy

I wholeheartedly concur with @anaya! It was a hit!

The Best Italian Beef Sandwiches in Chicago

@chicagojohhny - congrats on the launch! I am going to check it out....

Crisp-Skinned Butterflied Roast Turkey With Gravy

@Kenji - SOLD! What size sheet pan are you using? Hopefully a half sheet pan :) The interior rack dimensions of my KA 30" Range are roughly 23" x 15".

Overnight Buns

Hi Donna,
How does scaling DOWN this recipe work? We are a party of two at home and would never go through 2 doz rolls before they got stale.

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@Tupper - LOL LOL LOL you always say hilarious things.... LOL

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Hi SEers!

I don't think you fully understood my comment. Please re-read it.
I just think the ads should be relevant.... not about some society girl's behind. I know that ads are important and keep the machine running... I get that, I promise.
@ESNY - at least the ad is about food! LOL
@scargosun - I am not talking about email here.

Deep Fried Pizza

let us know how it turns out, @bobcogs

The Six Best Dishes at Portillo's in Chicago

@sarahmas - we are go to Buena Park at least once a month for our fix. shame they don't do Old Style on tap here... LOL. Not.

MY personal tops:

1. jumbo dog with everything
2. cheeseburger
3. LOVE the fries
4. chopped salad

Rib Tips and Hot Links

The Best Italian Beef Sandwiches in Chicago

@southsidepolishguy - "Tillo's (as I like to call it) is no longer local. We have two out here in Southern Cali. I actually got to meet Dick and get a picture taken. It was great. I am so glad they are out there so we can "get our beef on"!

transplanted polish girl!

Knead the Book: 'The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking'

Knead the Book: 'The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking'

The kind of bread that they use for italian beef sandwiches in chicago.

We Tried Ben and Jerry's New Schweddy Balls Flavor

@foodbully - if memory serves, it was Florence Dusty: Dusty Muffins.


Bread Baking: Fast Buttery Buns

I have made these in the past and they rock! I need buns for this week, so I am going to try buttermilk. Do you need to heat the buttermilk like you do the regular milk?

@rosewood - LOL LOL LOL

French in a Flash: Campanelle with Eggplant Caviar

My CSA just delivered two gorgeous eggplants..... Now I am torn between making this or Papoutsaki: meat sauce stuffed eggplant topped with bechamel and grated kefalotori cheese :)

Chopped Grill Masters ? (no spoiler)

Hi SEers,
I am intrigued by a dish prepared in Episode 5. The chef took a standing rib roast, butchered off the bone and "reversed smoked at 100 degrees"; then seared to finish. I did a bit of searching and thought I would reach out to the team here for advice on how to prepare this. Kenji, would love your input as well.

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Hi, I live and breathe SE. Love everything about it.... but....

Why do you now have those little "paid advertisements" at the bottom of postings under "You Might Like"? No.... don't like to read about a Kardashian (sp?) or any other waste of time. Yeah, some of you will say just don't click on it. Trust me, I don't, but why does it have to be there in the first place?

I get that you have to do ads, but make at least make them relevant, please.

Visiting SF Monday through Thursday

....where to eat and what to do? No national chains, no typical touristy, please. We will be on foot and staying in Lower Nob Hill, near the Powell Street BART. Tuesday evening is a milestone birthday (big 5-0!). Exceptional dining is practically a must :)

Thanks in advance SErs!

Most Beautiful Thing In Your Kitchen

Dinner is done, dishes are washed... time to clean and season the cast iron pan used that night.

After it was dry, I naturally gave her a little oil massage. It gleamed so beautifully.... this just struck me as awesome!

Indigenous Pittsburgh Cuisine

Hi - you can probably guess why I am asking. I have searched SE for any ideas and all I seem to have come up are debates about restaurants. Not really going to consider a Primanti-style sandwich (though they sound divine!!) because I am looking for something that will hold rather well for the better part of the game.

TIA SEers!

p.s. I hope the Steelers PULVERIZE the Packers. I am a die-hard Bears fan.... :)

Super Bowl Menu

I always throw a pretty big SB Party every year. The menu is derived from dishes indigenous to the two teams. EX: New England Clam Chowder; Philly Cheese Steak; New Orleans Jambalaya. I think you get the drift. I have also done rather tongue-in-cheek type dishes such as Rothlisberger-Bites or Bellichicken and Sausage Gumbo.... good times!

I would love to get your input, SEers!

"I have way too many _________ in my ktichen!"

Dear Gentle SEers,

As I am putting away dishes and then begin to organize a bit, I realize I have WAY too many graters. Way too many. There are 7 of them!!! And that does not include the 2 that are for chocolate only and the nutmeg grater.

Oh... and wine openers. But can one really have TOO many wine openers?

Menu Idea to Impress Boss and Co-workers

My boss is taking our department on a 3-day meeting/getaway to Monterey, CA. And I have been charged with making dinner one night. We are staying in a rented house with a decent kitchen and there is a gas grill available on the patio. The gang is all men with the exception of myself and the boss. The boys are big meat eaters. Lamb and spinach is already being served for another meal. I can do lots of prep ahead of time and will travel 5-6 hours by car to arrive at the site. I will need apps, main course and dessert. TIA, fellow SEers!!