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Open Thread: What's Your Most Memorable College Dining Experience?

I went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Chicken tenders were rarely served in the dining halls back in the day that all the students would go to faculty events to score some. They were really good. So good that we were known to bring tupperware when they werw in the dinning hall! Also, I remember my friends and I making rice crispies (dining hall style). Secret recipe!

Where to eat in Cleveland?

I grew up in Westpark! Spent some time in Parma too! I will try any kind of food as long as it is good. I tend to stay on the westside, as my friends still live there. But, I will happily go to the east too. thank you for the festival suggestions that helps alot.

Where to Eat in Newport, RI

My husband and I go to Newport every year for our anniversary. We always go to the Corner Cafe on broadway for breakfast. It is quite small so if you go at peak times expect a wait. Also, try the Viking hotel for afternoon tea or lunch. They have a great patio outdoors and a rooftop terrance. Lastly, the White Horse Tavern. This place has been in operation since the 1600's. It is a bit pricey, but worth it. We stay away from the waterfront places becuase they are always over crowded and too touristy for us. But, I have heard great things about the Black Pearl and we may make an exception next time we visit.

FYI to Serious Eats on Latin Cooking...

OMG! @Teachertalk, La Saltena is my favorite! I can not find it where I live in Jersey. Oh, and you should not feel bad, La Saltena is so good, no one makes the dough themselves anymore. I have tried so many times and failed. Maybe, Kenjii can help?

FYI to Serious Eats on Latin Cooking...

Colombian is a great start! My family is from Argentina, but I love all Latin food. Most of our cuisine is different, but looking at how alot of latin countries make empanadas may be a good start?

Restaurants in Jersey City

La Conguita Restaurant for cuban food. It is way better then Azucar.

Going to SF for a week, need suggestions!

We are back from our vacation. Thank you all for your suggestions! We ate at Mission Chinese, which was fantastic. San Francisco was great but we were only there for one day and we ended up eating alot in and around Marin county. We tried almost all the places suggested in Marin, (Sol Food and Picco bieng some of our favorites). I do not think we would have had such a great time without all your help. Thank you again.

Kids Welcome: La Fusta

I love La Fusta! Next time try the spinach as a side dish. Also the tiramisu is really good. Also, the avacado salad is really, really good.

Around Cedar Point?

Where are you staying? The food at the Point is actually pretty good from what I remember. The fried mushrooms are great! There is a soda fountain-burger joint in Vermillion, Ohio that is really good. Vermillion is about 25 minutes from Cedar Point. In Sandusky you will find all the chains like Applebee's, etc... Depending where you are staying there are lots of good Mom and Pop places around.

Yerba mate drinkers- question!

Does it smell moldy? If it does then throw it out and get a new one. If not, then keep using it and it will get really dark green all over on the inside. Also, where did you get the gourd? Sometimes, the ones they sell in the states are rejects that no from Argentina would buy.

Yerba mate drinkers- question!

Mine has never had mold in it. The inside does get greenish-black all around. But no spots. Not sure that is okay. I would get a new one and just use it, do not cure it. Or if it really freaks you out, they sell metal containers instead of gourds. Not so tradidtional, but they serve the same purpose. Mine is metal on the outside and has a gourd-like substance on the inside. I have had mine for over 15 years. No mold spots.

Exploring Dory

I heard that some people can get a nerve disease from eating flounder. But that is rare. I am sure the dangers are rare here too. I would just poach the suckers with some nice herbs and butter and enjoy. Oh, and say a little prayer before eating, just in case.

Cleveland, OH food ideas?

Aladin's in Westlake. It is the original location, I think. The food is cheap and really good. (Middle Eastern). Also, I think Weber's is open. Custard place on Lorain road. Also see if the Honey Hut is open. Awesome ice-cream! Tommy's in Coventry is great. Thier shakes are really good.

Regional Chain Restaurants

Mr. Hero's in the Cleveland area. They sell the greasiest sandwiches, but there waffle fries were sooooo good. I would kill for a Italian hero with waffle fries right now.

When I leave NYC, my kitchen will have ...

A kitchenaid and the ability to put my freezer in a basement instead of my living roon. Yes, I have a seperate freezer in my living room. I hide it behind a screen. Good, solution so that I can buy in bulk, but sucks that I have a freezer in my living room.

Starting another Chemo Thread

I just wanted to add my best wishes to the list. Hope that all goes well.

Whatever you want, what would you eat right now?

A really good meatball sandwich. Haven't had one in years.

Syracuse suggestions

Thank you all for your suggestions. Especially the Wegmans location. I miss Wegmans so much. I told my husband if we see a Wegmans on the road, we will be stopping no matter what. Leaving tommorow. Thank you again!

Minneapolis, MN and Columbus, Ohio eats

I forgot about Marino's. They serve fried fish. My husband used ot go there all the, especially for thier "all you can eat" day. Not unique, but definately, fits the "while the cat's away" theme. My in-laws still go there every once in awhile and they say it is still good.

Minneapolis, MN and Columbus, Ohio eats

Love Book Loft! Great store. They have a great jewish style deli near German Village. Can't remember the name though.

around Condado beach Puerto Rico?

Bebos! We went there everyother day when we stayed in Condado. Also Buenos Aires Cafe for Argentiean (sp?). I tried Danny's Pizza, it was okay but a little overpriced. There is also a Venezuelan place on the same street as Bebos, (opposite direction) Really good arepas. But, Bebos will get you the puerto rican food you are looking for in Condado.

Minneapolis, MN and Columbus, Ohio eats

In Columbus there is a place in the Short North called Zen Cha. It is a tea salon, and they serve awesome brunches and great desserts. The tea is fantastic. It is a very relaxing atmosphere. The owner and the staff know everything about the teas and what goes well with them. They have everything from bubble tea (real tea) to english and african tea. My husband went to OSU and we lived in Columbus for a year. We were just visiting last year and headed straight for Zen Cha. Still the same, still great.

10 best ingredients in my kitchen

milk (for coffee and tea)
strawberry jam

I just noticed a breakfast theme here in my list. I love breakfast.

WHERE THE HELL DID _ _ _ _ _ _ _ GO?!

Pudding Pops, I used to only get them at my grandparents house. They were soooo good.


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