Cook the Book: Pimento Cheese

A tall stack of pancakes smothered in maple syrup and butter.

Win Tickets to an NYC Advance Screening of 'Julie and Julia'

How do you pronounce bibimbap?

its not "bop" as you would say kidz bop.
but its not really "bap" either

so its something in between,
like bee- bim- bahp, ( you need that ahhh sound)

bee bim baaaaaap
or bee bim booop
sounds very..unkorean

'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

kimchee. and rice. yum

Eating with Dieters

shes like...stick skinny. I don't know why she would diet. shes underweight!

Eating with Dieters

I don't think she's choosing healthier foods.

She would always go with the lower calorie one, despite its nutrition content. ..

Serious Philadephia?

I'm expecting to gain a couple pounds while I'm there!!!

Thanks guys.

What to give a new freshman at the University of Chicago?

A Starbucks gift card or maybe a gift card at a clothing store.

Plane Snacks

Definitely some fresh fruit and yogurt. You would want to give your kids something healthy and refreshing on a long plane ride.

If you had a food cart/truck...

A Kimbap cart!

you can create endless filling combinations if you get board of the same old fillings.

Serious Heat: Homemade Kimchee


you have to be kidding me.

Eaters and eating disorders

It Doesn't Taste Like Mom's

Her seaweed soup
.i know it sounds gross and all

but its SO GOOD

Cook the Book: 'Kneadlessly Simple'

Cook the Book: The Essence of Chocolate

chocolate foundue:d

Cook the Book: 'Baked, New Frontiers in Baking'

Pumpkin Pie. Always

i remember i used to eat the whole pie by myself..while staying skinny as a toothpick

What's Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

charleston chews..

so good;D

Addicted to Food?


for three months strait

..Aunt Jemima served me good:]

Cook the Book: 'Giada's Kitchen'

I put ____ in my yogurt

some vanilla extract and lemon zest adds some ZING to plain greek yogurt...

Weird parental food preparation

One day i was sick due to a flu, and my mother wanted to make me chicken soup

i guess we ran out of whole chicken in my house, cuz when i looked down at my soup, a chicken foot was sticking right out.

Chatting in Chinese with Flushing Cooks

im suprised no one discovered the foodie wonders in flushing before

Ordering off the menu, take two...

i always ask for the cheese sauce they put on the potatoes to be put on the fries at wendys
idk if thats on the regular menu but some places dont offer that..

Base-ic Foods

During my recent checkup, my dentist warned me that he noticed considerable damage on my enamel, and advised me that I stay away from acidic foods.

This was bad news. REALLY bad news. Not only are my teeth in danger, but now I can't really eat any of my favorite foods!

The things I happen to like are pretty acidic- spicy foods, fruits, anything covered in tomato sauce,coffee......

So my question is, does you know any foods that, in a way, counter acts the acid damage?

Eating with Dieters

A friend of mine started dieting this year for no apparent reason. She isn't fat, nor does she have high cholesterol or diabetes.

We often used to eat out together, but now its just annoying to eat with her! She never actually points it out, but I can tell she is avoiding everything "fattening" and it pressures me to do the same...

Have you ever been stuck with this dilemma? What did you do about it?

Serious Philadephia?

Our family is going on a trip to Philadelphia during the fourth of July weekend, but have absolutely no idea where to eat, besides the cheese steaks!

If anyone knows a restaurant or cafe that is friendly and not so expensive, please tell us ( it would be nice if it was Asian, but its not that important)!

Oh, and we're going around the historic district, center city, and University City.

Icing/covering a tall cake

I'm baking a cake around twelve inches tall( and 8 inches wide in diameter), but I need help on the fondant part. I'm not sure how to cover a cake this tall with fondant, and I don't think I'm equip t enough to roll it out that big.

The reason I'm making it this tall, and the reason why I can't use buttercream, is because I'm painting a long design on the side .

Can you guys thing of anything else that would work? :/

Good Baguette Recipes

I've been looking for a good baguette recipe for a long time, but nothing really gets close to the ones I've tasted in Paris last summer.

Do you know any worth trying?

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