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Your bestest Quinoa recipe

I have just started experimenting with quinoa, so I'm super happy to see this thread. Just another reason I love this site; I can always find a thread relevant to what I'm currently doing! I'd personally love to see if anyone has any recipies that use quinoa as a breakfast item, sort of a oatmeal substitute!

Chain Reaction: Pizza Hut's Big Pizza Sliders

@em having worked at Pizza Hut I can say that no mayo is used to grease the pans rather they use heavy pan pizza pans and copious amounts of oil. That combined with a super hot oven give you that near-deep fried crust

Canning Question

Wow... that's pretty harsh. Once a jar is sealed, the ring is not needed. The reason you see screw top lids at the supermarket, is they mass produced food uses a once piece lid for ease and speed in the production process. And on a side note, if you don't appreciate the awesomeness of the home canned gifts your friends are giving you, you are seriously missing out. I'm only too happy to accept ringless jars of goodies from my friends, as well as returning the jars after I've emptied them, in hopes of getting a refill!

What is the best food in the world?

When I was 11, and even now, I read cookbooks for fun. And I can't think of a better and more useful interest than food and cooking! So rock on! The best food in the world is anything that is eaten in the midst of a gathering of happy friends and family on a beautiful summer evening. But in the absence of that, the best food in the world is a loaf of homemade bread, hot from the oven, with lots of real butter!

Cook the Book: 'From A Polish Country House Kitchen'

Our Polish family has sauerkraut, kielbasa, hard boiled eggs, and boiled potatoes for easter breakfast every year :) Otherwise, potato and cabbage stuffed pierogi anytime! Now I'm extra excites for my trip to Hamtramck in 2 weeks!! I'll be in a Polish food coma for weeks...

Most annoying food personalities

Guy Fieri (bad bleach job and annoying catchphrases) and the Man vs. Food Guy(no good reason, just something about him). Oh and the Neely's...they're trying waaaayyyyy too hard!

Soooo how did it go? Thanksgiving dinner reports!

It was a great day! The food was amazing, if a bit over abundant. No one was assigned dessert, yet there was one pie per person when it was all said and done. One slight hiccup though, one person forgot to invite a set of relatives, so a bit of communication fail there. But no hard feelings and we have a game plan for next year already! Oh and I've been reliving Thanksgiving and having turkey sandwiches for breakfast for the past two days. Life is pretty darn good!

Food Jokes Anyone

What do ghosts like to eat?

Food-related Movie Moments

Oh so many....Animal house, either watching Bluto go through the lunch line or starting the food fight. Sixteen candles, the very end where they kiss over the birthday cake; my teenage self thought that was the epitome of romance! Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the insanely gross "feast" at the palace. Moonstruck...practially everything happens at the table!

Make ahead meat for 60

Thank you for the great ideas! She's having a rustic casual theme, and we've got the apps ( assorted hummus and dippers, peanuts in the shell) and the sides (smashed redskin potatoes, baked beans, green beans, and rolls) and the desserts (small wedding cake, and assorted desserts) set, as they were all requested by the bride. However, the vegan "chickn" she's having wont cut it for everyone else, hence the need for a meaty main dish. (I've got no problems with vegans!But it was requested to have a non vegan main)I love the idea of doing a brisket ahead of time and then warming it up the day of. As there's no kitchen facilities, we're limited to a gentle rewarming in big electric turkey roasters. But I will also be investigating the supermarkets in the area to see what those catering options are. I don't want to be a frazzled mess the day of the wedding :) As an aside, I love serious eats and knew this was the best place to get thoughtful answers!


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