Like Onion Rings

Best onion rings I have ever had were in Whitstable, kent, England at the Duke of Cumberland Pub. Whitstable is the seaside town, charming, famous for its oysters,but oh those beautifulfreshly made just for me onion rings! Too bad its a fair commute from my Brooklyn home!

Egg in Toast: What Do You Call It?

we always put a slice of mozzarella over the egg, when it was done, and put it under the grill for a minute till it melted...would be good with a little tomato sauce on it too................

Egg in Toast: What Do You Call It?

we always put a slice of maozzarella over the egg, when it was done, and put it under the grill for a minute till it melted...would be good with a little tomato sauce on it too................

candied bacon recipe

Thank you for the pig candy suggestions plaurel and dhorst, I am drooling!

Serious Eats: Sex Foods

Have you seen the movie ( "Tom Jones" from the 60s?) with that marvelous eating scene? Maybe it is not what you eat, but how you eat it?

Vegetarian Brunch

Thanks for all the good ideas!
I think I might make red lentil soup and stuffed mushrooms. This is really more lunchy than brunchy.
I love the idea of the potato pancakes,though! and the bagel platter and make your own smoothie.

Where Can I Buy Really Tasty Frozen Wontons in NYC?

@engmcmuffin Thanks for the info and the suggestion. Making my own Won tons could be fun.

absentminded kitchen disasters

I am so glad to see that many others forget about their hard boiled eggs!
I have been alerted many times by the loud popping in the kitchen and each time, I can't believe That I have done it again!

But probably the weirdest kitchen mishap was when I was grading Spanish exams. I was sitting at the table with a messy pile of papers and books, when a finicky friend dropped by. I grabbed all the papers and threw them into the oven, to neaten up...then I forgot that they were there. The oven was not turned on, but by the time I remembered my papers, the heat of the pilot light had curled and browned each and every exam. I had a hard time explaining that one to my students!

I always make____for the holidays, because my Grandma did

The tradition in our family was to have a ham and home made macaroni and cheese on Christmas Eve at my grandparents' house. When I got married and moved to Mexico, I continued the tradition. One day someone asked me what the significance was of this dinner. I called my aunt back home in Connecticut. The answer? "Your grandparents used to invite everyone back to supper after the church Christmas Eve Carol Sing. It was the easiest thing to make for a crowd!" and yup, we still do ham and mac cheese!

Great Downtown Brooklyn Lunch Special

Mai, a tiny, charming Pan-Asian resto on Atlantic, between Third and nevins, on the north side of the street, currently offers a M-F lunch special for $8 that can't be beat. Tasty and abundant.
An Asian salad, greens, mint, diced fresh veg, sprouts, chick peas and peanuts, then your choice of grilled pork chop or chicken with fried dumplings, steamed greens and rice. The atmosphere is lovely, the waitstaff is attentive. A small but good wine-list.
There is a garden out back.
A great place for dinner too, but the lunch special is something to cheer you in these days of cut-backs.
This is one of my favorites.

candied bacon recipe

I attended a wine tasting at lovely Amanda's Restaurant in Hoboken the other night where among other delicious appetizers, candied bacon with walnuts were served. Soooo yummy, I haven't been able to think of anything else. I KNOW this is not healthy, BUT it is unbelievably yummy. Anyone have any ideas how to make them? I think they used either maple Syrup or brown sugar, mmmmmmm.

Chinatown for kids

I have two young visitors, from out of town, staying with me for Easter Break. One from Mexico, one from D.C., requesting Chinese food.
Any recommendations for a cheap, yummy place for dinner tonight in Manhattan's Chinatown?

Middle Eastern Minty Mayo

My favorite Middle Eastern Restaurant here in Brooklyn advertises a lamb sandwich with
a lemon-mint mayo dressing. This used to be very good, but now I suspect them of using store-bought mayo. Does anyone know of a place that does it right? Or of a recipe to try at home?