I work as an editor, but spend my nights cooking and baking... and of course, eating.

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Cook the Book: 'Put 'em Up!'

Freezing herbs and fruit... I'd love to start canning though!

Top This: Braised Fennel Pizza (à la Paulie Gee's 'Anise and Anephew' Pie)

Wow. Seriously can't believe I used to watch and love Teen Witch. What was I thinking? Oh, youthful indiscretions.

And fennel on pizza is perfect idea!

Lenten Sacrifices

Every year I give up sweets -- meaning all baked goods (except regular bread), chocolate, candy, etc. -- and every year, it's incredibly hard for me. That's why I keep doing it... haha. I'm also starting Pre-Cana for my wedding today, so this Lent especially will be dedicated to examining our relationship and pondering the sanctity of marriage. I think that's a pretty good commitment!

Good luck to everyone & your fasts!

Oddly Specific Customer-Service FAQ

@ J. Kenji - hahaha... *sings* Ryan started the fi-yah!

Poll: How many slices is 'lunch'?

I agree with jesswalker, Trilby... I'm a woman and 2 slices is the minimum lunch for me. 1 leaves me feeling unsatisfied and angry I didn't eat more.

Multicolored Mini Marshmallows in NYC?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I may make finding them my project this weekend based on these ideas.

@ VerasTastyFreeze - I have NO CLUE how my grandma managed to find them every Christmas because I don't remember seeing them often in PA either. I like to think she had a secret pantry loaded to the top with mini colored marshmallows, haha.

@cdp1223 - Thanks for the offer, haha. I may have to hit you up on that because I don't think I can go another year without this candy!

@chlamers & allot - I do shop at chain store, the Super Stop & Shop in Queens that allot mentioned, and I have never seen them there. Darn!

@ Jerzee - If I have to order marshmallows off of Ebay, I will. It might come down to that!

@ semarr - Thanks, I might have to make an after-work trip to Chinatown today. :)

Should I brine a preinjected bird?

Whew... thanks dbcurrie & FierceGeek. My pre-injected bird is brining right now, and I was really scared there for a minute, haha. Didn't read the label carefully either.

Turkey roaster vs oven?

I have a Showtime too, Gator Pam! Love the bird that comes out it!

Turkey roaster vs oven?

Get a rotisserie oven instead. Extra oven space AND crispy bird. Win, win.

Do Gals Eat Less When Guys Are Around?

I would say I'm the exact OPPOSITE. I tend to eat MORE about guys because they're usually amazed at how much I can put away, and I find that hilarious, so I just keep eating. hahaha

Zummo’s Café in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Wow, I totally didn't realize there were so many NEPA-ites on SE. Represent!

Zummo’s Café in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Thanks Brian. It's true... when I visit Wilkes-Barre, all I do is eat. There's a good reason for that.

Zummo’s Café in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Wow, the fact that SE is reporting on ANYTHING in Scranton is freaking me out. (It's where I'm originally from). I need to wrap my head around this.

Should Restaurants Charge for Filtered Water?

I don't know, before I would have said that's ridiculous... because I live in New York and consider our tap water pretty decent.

Then... I went to Vegas. Their water is DISGUSTING. I seriously never thought tap water could be so gross. I would have totally paid $1 for filtered water out there. Blech.

Mixed Review: Uncle Ben's Rice Pudding Mix

Oh man. Now I want Rice to Riches! Thanks a lot, haha.

Food Network's New Offerings

I admit it. I stopped reading as soon as I saw Alton's doing a new mini series. I had to catch my breath for a moment. Add to that the fact that it's about foods that influenced history and I'm ready to piddle with excitement. Only downside... I have to wait until late 2010?! Damn you, Brown, for being so thorough in your research and development!!

Snapshots from Italy: Artisan Gelato at Bologna's Cremeria Funivia

Where did you go in Rome that wasn't as good? Giolitti is the second best gelato I've ever eaten! (The best was a gelato World Champion winning shop in San Gimignano)

Food in Ireland

You must must MUST go to Leo Burdock for fish & chips. Classic Dublin. It's around the corner from Christ Church on Werburgh St. There's no seating there, but you can take the little butcher paper wrapped package anywhere nearby... Christ Church, Dublin Castle, etc. to grab a seat and chow down. So good! I'm jealous, take me to Dublin... I miss it!

Tahini vs. Peanut Butter?

I use 2 tablespoons of PB and a few drops of sesame oil in my hummus when I can't get tahini (because unfortunately my supermarket NEVER carries it). You really don't taste the peanut-y flavor, but if you omit the PB or tahini the hummus just isn't rich enough for me.

Alton Brown's recipe from Good Eats suggests substituting PB if need be. It's a keeper.

In Videos: Slap Chop Infomercial Featuring Vince, the Enthusiastic Host

I think Vince and Billy Mays need to have an enthusiastic-hand-gestures throwdown.

Serious Cheese: Artisanal's 'Cheese Clock'

"As you progress counterclockwise around the circle"

Wouldn't that be clockwise?

When do you Serious Eats?

I'm right there with you HappyJack. I get into the office before most and that's my SEing time. I also come back multiple times throughout the workday, but I'm rarely on when I'm home because that's when I spend my time cooking and baking!


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