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'Time' Names the 17 Most Influential Burgers of All Time

This may be one of the dumbest lists ever published on any subject, ever. The ghost burger? It debuted 3 months ago; sure, it got a ton of press, but what "impact on the burger industry" or the world at large has it had? Same story with the ramen burger. I suppose the quadruple bypass burger at least caused some more hand-wringing about obesity, but again, what burgers has it inspired?

The 21 Club burger definitely belongs there, as the original fancy burger, but surely Daniel's DB burger deserves its own entry and not just a mention in that item. The modern cheffy burger simply wouldn't exist without that. I do agree with their choice of the McDonald's regular hamburger; the Big Mac may be the current flagship item but the basic item had far more impact on the industrialization of the beef industry.

What the hell is a Varsity Burger?

Corked, Cooked, Bretty, Bad: How to Spot 7 Common Wine Flaws

@katie potato: Yes, they can. Not from the cork itself, but TCA can also be present in other areas of a winery and can affect the wines even if they are screwcapped or sealed with a synthetic cork. In extreme cases there have been wineries that were forced to rebuild their cellars entirely as the TCA infestation could not be eradicated.

Tanoshi Sushi is the Holy Grail of New York Sushi Restaurants

Can you sign for more than one seat, or does every person who's going to go have to show up at 2?

Las Vegas, NV: Don't Bet on the $60 Rossini Burger at Burger Bar

@beerweezil Yeah. The *whole point* of wagyu beef is the fat marbling. What's the point of grinding it up, except to inflate the price of the non-premium cuts?

Soda: Inca Kola, Peru's National Soda

I always thought it tasted like Juicy Fruit.

Cook the Book: 'Mac and Cheese'

My own with bacon, cheddar, gruyere and parmigiano.

Michael Neff and Carey Jones Look Back on Tales of the Cocktail

Michael, I'm curious what cocktails you thought especially sucked--like, things at the various parties where they were mixing big batches for huge crowds lined up, or seminars, or the popup stands? I didn't attend any seminars or do much "official" Tales drinking but I agree based on what I did have that the standard was low, with a few really appalling.

The exceptions for me on the official side were the excellent punches at Pig 'n' Punch, and on the unofficial side some awesome slushies mixed up at the Haus Alpenz condo by a Cure bartender.

Taste Test: Who Has the Best Eggs at the Union Square Greenmarket?

Yes, if you're used to paying 12 cents an egg, they're a lot. I prefer to think of it as $1.50 a meal (or, if you prefer, an extra $1.15 a meal), which hardly seems extravagant for a huge upgrade.

Taste Test: Who Has the Best Eggs at the Union Square Greenmarket?

Yes, Northshire (USQ Saturday) has excellent eggs. So does Flying Pigs (USQ Friday/Saturday, Grand Army Plaza Saturday).

Was surprised not to see Knoll Krest as they seem to move more eggs than anyone else at USQ. Don't know why as I have never been impressed at all.

Slurped: The Knife-Cut Noodles at Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles

I went there Saturday and it might have well have been a different restaurant. I ordered knife-cut noodles with roast duck that had extremely flabby skin; maybe that was a bad choice of topping but you did suggest they were all recommended. The noodles themselves arrived with temperatures on the plate ranging from cool to lukewarm, and the only discernible flavor was soy sauce. A truly terrible dish. I'll stick to getting my fix of these at Sheng Wang.

Mexican Eats: Goat Enchilada and Tacos Dorados at Taqueria Cocoyoc

Went back last night for the first time in quite a while and it was great--the goat and pork enchilada had serious spice, and the lengua was perfect. Thanks for putting this back on my radar!

Downtown (convention center area) Memphis

Sorry, if it wasn't clear, the "you" in "you take a dump" was directed at sbcali52.

Downtown (convention center area) Memphis

Wow, yeah, no kidding dbrackst. In a thread about a city that from all accounts has a great, historic food culture, one guy mentions a chain in passing after a very thoughtful, detailed reply, and you take a dump on the poster and the city?

Thanks to everyone else for the extremely helpful suggestions! I'll report in after I've hit a few. And keep 'em coming if you think of anything else:)

Downtown (convention center area) Memphis

Super helpful everyone!

Gus's looks awesome but I don't think I can eat fried chicken 10 days in a row:)

Any healthy-ish options other than the sushi place? I'm all for soul food and fried chicken, but everything here seems pretty heavy.

Fried Rice Cakes with Bacon and Cabbage

This looks awesome. In my experience, though, if you use frozen rice cakes, it's not enough to thaw them; you need to boil them for a couple of minutes to soften them up enough to eat.

A Sandwich a Day: 'The Alyssa' at Alidoro

I just went in today and I think the guy you're talking about was behind the counter. This was the 2nd Saturday recently that Walter wasn't there, and both times, he was incredibly nasty both to me and to other patrons; I put up with it the last time for some reason, but just walked out today.

I've been going there since Alessandro owned it as Melampo, and I never minded his occasional crankiness, and then when Walter took over, he was so cheerful and friendly all the time so it was great. But this was so unpleasant that unless I knew in advance that Walter would actually be working I won't go back.

Passion Project: Making Ice Wine

I love eiswein but usually find the Niagara versions to be too cloying. The sweet German ones usually also have tons of acidity to balance it.

Today there's a minimum sugar content for eiswein (equivalent to beerenauslese, I believe), but that's only been the law since 1983. Between the introduction of the new German wine law in 1971 and that change, "eiswein" could be used as a modifier but had no legal definition, so you will find things like Kabinett-Eiswein, Auslese-Eiswein, BA-Eiswein, etc. Or terms like Christwein, if it was picked on Christmas Eve, or Dreikonigswein, "three kings wine" picked on Epiphany. All illegal today, so you don't see those any of those too often but they're really remarkable wines!

Tipping for Carry Out?

If I'm just calling in an order and picking it up, usually just a couple of bucks. If it's at a restaurant where takeout orders are handled at the bar, 10% rounded up, since I'm taking a revenue-producing seat.

Most irritating restaurant policy peeves...

On time limits--I generally try to eat at a restaurant's 2nd seating because of this. A good restaurant shouldn't be there with a stopwatch but there's nothing wrong with asking a table that has finished but is lingering over drinks to move to the bar.

On occasion, I've called a restaurant to ask about availability and been told that they would give me a reservation with the condition that they needed the table back by a certain time, which is also totally fair.