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Super Bowl Party Giveaway: Baby Back Ribs and Pulled Pork

Don't know poetry
Like football ribs and some beans
Send them to me please

Ask the Food Lab Anything, the Thanksgiving Edition

I have a family that insists on cooking turkey in a bag. I have brined/roasted the turkey the last few years with excellent results, yet they still think the bag method is better. What are the pros/cons of cooking a turkey in a bag vs roasting?

Candy a Day: Airheads

Anyone else "whip" it until it all consolidated to one side of the packaging?

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Going to do Alton Brown's Turkey again!

help me enjoy asparagus!

I usually trim them, then blanch them in boiling water for a minute. Then I dry them and sautee with olive oil, crushed garlic and salt/peper. Then they get a nice coating of parmigiano reggiano.

I think I may try frying them this year. Dust in flour, dip in egg then panko.


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