Un-desperate housewife; I dabble in Real Estate. I love quilting, reading, sewing, gardening, and of course cooking. I've become a serious foodie since I lost 25 lbs - it's got to be really worth eating to spend the calories on in my book.

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  • Location: Caesarea, Israel
  • Favorite foods: Bittersweet chocolate, dim sum, red curry with brown rice, filet mignon Oscar, sushi, crab macaroni & cheese, hummus made in Israel, chicken piccata, I could go on...
  • Last bite on earth: flourless chocolate cake with raspberry Grand Marnier sauce, washed down with Dom

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Anthropomorphizing my new Mixer: am I alone?

My mother's GPS is Samantha and mine is Valerie. We switched my sister's to the British male voice and his name is now Jeeves.

I've never had an appliance react badly to a name, but our parrot is Kerberos, after a computer security protocol. Unfortunately it's also the 3 headed dog that guards the entrance to the underworld, and she has TOTALLY taken that personality and run with it...

Fish & Red Wine????

We don't drink very much white wine (more than a glass gives me a headache and hubby prefers red), so we have a sliding scale of reds that we move within instead of red/white. I had a light, fruity Pinot Noir that paired perfectly with a shrimp and scallop dish over the weekend; at home in Seattle, I always served Portteus (disclaimer: family bias) Cabernet Franc with fish.

Quick bread tweak?

We actually made it with regular ol' lemon yogurt, undrained, and no lemon zest - I'm in Israel, though and couldn't find lemon yogurt; but the Greek stuff abounds! I'll try the soda trick, I got more ingredients to try it again this weekend.

The bloggerette is actually on here, so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone :-)

Parve Choc. Cupcakes w/o margarine?

@producestories - I'm not sure if she would, but I'm actually in Israel - not sure if that's available here?

Thanks all for the ideas! I will send her andshewas and hiimlauren's recipes and let her pick :-)

Parve Choc. Cupcakes w/o margarine?

@GOM, not if you're having a big 'ol meat BBQ. If we were having just salads and cheese and hummus and pita it would be fine :-)

Instant Potatoes & Other Embarrassing Food Stuff

@mollytee - I get the ramen craving too! I like mine with Costco canned chicken and snap peas (used to have them in my garden almost all summer - sniff!)

what is the first thing you grab?

unfortunately, chicken nuggets (the oven kind, not McD's, at least..)

Instant Potatoes & Other Embarrassing Food Stuff

I like to add a handful of potato flakes to my "real" mashed potatoes, it seems to improve the texture. They're also good comfort food - I will peel and mash if I'm cooking for two or more; but for just me I'd rather use the flakes and make a simple gravy to go over top with the extra time :-)

Microwaving Artichokes

My sister does the above, except she puts them in for 15 for four artichokes. It really varies, though - we tried doing it at my other sister's and we could have steamed them faster. It took 1/2 hour in her microwave - must be lower wattage...

Grown Up Treats

Cambozola and fig jam; I usually give in to that or whatever urge, because if I don't I will go home and eat a bunch of worthless junk instead...

Easter 2009: What are Your Plans?

Not sure this year - I found out a couple of weeks ago that I'm going to be in the country, so my mom and aunts are throwing something together. I'll probably ask what I can bring and then pick it up from Whole Foods; the kitchens in those "extended stay" hotels don't exactly lend themselves to goumet cooking :-(

Usually, we'd start with breakfast of hard-boiled eggs and hot cross buns; then have a late lunch/dinner with the whole famdamnily of ham, green bean casserole, yams, etc, etc, etc... Last year it was right before the movers were coming to pack up the house, so I got the whole meal from the Honeybaked store - the ham rocked but the rest was so disappointing!

Pizza Delivery Hack: How to Get Drivers to Ring the Right Buzzer

Now can you invent something that will keep them from pulling up the driveway when the delivery instructions say "DO NOT PULL UP DRIVEWAY "?

I'm tired of having drivers get pissed at me because they didn't bother to read and scraped their bumper/oil pan/ground effects on my insanely steep driveway...

Bronx Pizzeria Busted for Dealing Cocaine

I don't see the problem, my local joint throws in free Coke if you get a large or extra large - oh, you're not talking about the beverage... :-)

April Fool's!

I must have gotten there too late, just their regular site...

Martha had some cute ideas on her site:

You live where?

Originally from So Cal; our permanent residence is 30 miles east of Seattle (just east of a large computer company); but we are currently in the middle of a 2-3 year assignment in Israel. We're renting a house in Caesarea (closest major city is Haifa.)

*waves @ dove3579*

dbcurrie - tell me about it, sounds like the first time I got stuck behind a tractor on my way home from work, or the traffic jam on the highway the first day they put the lambs out to pasture in the spring. My favorite is the farmers that drive their tractors to the store for more beer because they're too drunk to drive a car!

What is your "give up" meal?

pasta with jarred sauce, frozen meatballs if I have them

DH won't let me make my mom's "give up" meal, which I consider the best of all time: hard boiled egg, popcorn, and chocolate ice cream. I ate this at least once a month growing up and I think I turned out OK!!!

Do you love to cook or to eat?

Cooking! I'm another one that will have just cereal when alone - or if I'm feeling gourmet, cambozola with fig jam on whole wheat bread and a glass of red wine.

Crawfish Boil Side Dishes

I immediately thought of cheese biscuits, but I'm from the wrong part of the country, so what do I know? I second the coleslaw, too!

Gotta ask - what is comeback dressing?

Has anyone ever lost their kitchen mojo?

I've lost my seasoning mojo - my husband was told to watch the salt by his doctor, and now I am undersalting everything. I used to have a heavy hand with it, but I can't seem to find a middle ground..

Spousal Cooking: Am I a bad person?

@Karencooks - that's exactly the words my husband used when we made the decision for me to stop working 4 years ago! And he took me to pick out a really nice set of pans :-)

He works really, really hard (10-12 hours a day at the office and about 4 more from home) but loves his job. He can cook; in fact he makes better scrambled eggs than I do, and an amazing sauteed chicken thing. I've made it my mission in those 4 years to become as good at cooking as he is at software engineering - I'll probably never make it; but it's what I'm best at so it's my way of thanking him for what he does to support us.

What's your favorite kitchen gadget?

I have to agree with Knitter, except mine's a KitchenAid. I use it for garlic, nuts, anchovies, hard cheese, breadcrumbs - I could go on :-)

Suggested Improvement

@HB - I agree wholeheartedly! I am 9000 miles away from my family and friends; SE is where I come to feel "at home". And the only professional chef I know is my nephew, who is also a video game designer and winemaker, so even he isn't "on topic" and serious all the time :-)

@dhorst - I know I am going to be laughing stuffing my zuchinnis tomorrow and now I'm going to have to try and explain this to my husband...

dinner tomorrow: stuffed globe zuchinnis

figured starting with the chicken raw was best?

they are absolutely the cutest vegetables I have ever seen!


Say That You Had a Year...

Isreal - and we're doing it! Actually 2-3 years, but I'm loving learning Mediterranean cooking. Next on the list would be France, where helpfully, my husband's company also has an office - not sure what my family would say to "losing" me on another foreign assignment, though...

Hoping to find help to make my life and weigh loss somewhat easi

I lost 25 pounds by going off artificial sweeteners (except gum) and doing the "Leave Some" diet. No matter how good it is, some must remain on the plate when you're finished (or in my case some must end up inside the dogs...) Plus the above mentioned water - I'm not a plain water person, so I make really, really weak green or white tea and drink it by the bucketload.

Now that I'm where I want to be, I evaluate after the first bite of something whether it tastes good enough to be worth the calories.


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