Saucy Johnny

I love to cook !!!!!!!!!!!! So many times, people just don't know how wonderful, and healthy, it is to make your sauces from scratch and freeze them in portions for those hectic work week meals.

  • Favorite foods: Anything grilled, then sauced with my homemade sauces !!!!!!!!!
  • Last bite on earth: Since I can't get them fresh here, a razor clam, lightly dusted with flour, then sauteed with butter and garlic. If you have never had the pleasure, try them and you will understand

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What to make with mead?

Cinnamon rolls with lotsa cinnamon :):)

Vodka - Am I being cheap?

Here in NE Kansas, I use a vodka called Viaka...very smooth, costs $11.99 for a 1.75 ltr. bottle, and I believe it is imported from fer me :):)

Help Me name My Log!

5....5 dollar...5 dollar footlong :):)

King Crab Legs

@cookingfool...the Dungeness are much sweeter and more delicate than the king crab. If they are live, just leave them whole and drop into a large pot of water. If they are already cooked, just crack em and eat em :):)

King Crab Legs

Love em...but I'd rather have Dungeness crab :):)

It is unlawful to eat...

A & W rootbeer :):)oh...and Tabasco chipotle sauce

A good rum for hot buttered rum

Ditto on Sailor Jerry's . Did you know that Sailor Jerry was a real person ??? He trademarked that hula gal tattoo that is one the front of the bottle. When he died, his family wanted to carry on his memory, and he had this recipe for spiced rum, so they produced it and began selling it. Much better, and higher proof than Captain Morgan IMHO :):)

A bunch of ripe bananas - what can I make?

If you have a dehydrator, make banana chips to add to other items later:):)

How do you buy your wine?

@iaspire..since yer in Seattle, git to know the Yakima/Columbia Valley wines and yer Oregon wines. Top notch quality at a reasonable price :):)

What to do with a smoked turkey carcass?

Sorry, but I don't agree to all the suggestions here. Making a stock for lentils, split pea and the like I can see. But, the one, and only time I used it to make plain ol' turkey soup, it tasted like ASS !!! The smoke was too much for just turkey soup IMHO :):)

What to make with Roquefort cheese for dinner?

Wild mushroom tortellini with Roquefort cream sauce :):)

I ain't eatin' THAT again !!!

@kakugori...not all seafood sausage is the same. I managed a restaurant in Spokane, WA. and we had a cooked to order Sunday Brunch. One of the items was a seafood sausage. Chef would puree scallops, cream and chives. Next he would FOLD in smoked salmon. This mixture was piped onto plastic wrap, then rolled up in foil. It was then placed into a warm, not boiling, water bath. When cooked it set upon a sauce nantua (like a thicker lobster bisque). It was AWESOME :):)

Your Favorite Southern Food

Toss up with chicken fried steak w/ sausage gravy...or biscuits and sausage gavy (notice a trend in there somewhere??? :):)

Cheesy Holiday Party Apps

With cumin dusted totilla chips :):)

Serious In Arizona

I'll take MY SW cuisine any day :):)

Grey Cup Eats

I'll be watchin' a pair of "D" cups :):)

Jumped the gun a bit.

Turkey gone bad...sounds like a sitcom :):)


Pan fried with cornmeal...then chow down :):)

Favorite Eggnog?

If you put enough bourbon in it, even the shitty store brands taste good :):)