Saucy Johnny

I love to cook !!!!!!!!!!!! So many times, people just don't know how wonderful, and healthy, it is to make your sauces from scratch and freeze them in portions for those hectic work week meals.

  • Favorite foods: Anything grilled, then sauced with my homemade sauces !!!!!!!!!
  • Last bite on earth: Since I can't get them fresh here, a razor clam, lightly dusted with flour, then sauteed with butter and garlic. If you have never had the pleasure, try them and you will understand

Foods that get you "goin"...

Whipped cream :):)

What to make with mead?

Cinnamon rolls with lotsa cinnamon :):)

Vodka - Am I being cheap?

Here in NE Kansas, I use a vodka called Viaka...very smooth, costs $11.99 for a 1.75 ltr. bottle, and I believe it is imported from fer me :):)

Help Me name My Log!

Five dollar footlong :):)

Help Me name My Log!

5....5 dollar...5 dollar footlong :):)

King Crab Legs

@cookingfool...the Dungeness are much sweeter and more delicate than the king crab. If they are live, just leave them whole and drop into a large pot of water. If they are already cooked, just crack em and eat em :):)

King Crab Legs

Love em...but I'd rather have Dungeness crab :):)

I can't believe they don't like...!

It is unlawful to eat...

A & W rootbeer :):)oh...and Tabasco chipotle sauce

A good rum for hot buttered rum

Ditto on Sailor Jerry's . Did you know that Sailor Jerry was a real person ??? He trademarked that hula gal tattoo that is one the front of the bottle. When he died, his family wanted to carry on his memory, and he had this recipe for spiced rum, so they produced it and began selling it. Much better, and higher proof than Captain Morgan IMHO :):)

A bunch of ripe bananas - what can I make?

If you have a dehydrator, make banana chips to add to other items later:):)

How do you buy your wine?

@iaspire..since yer in Seattle, git to know the Yakima/Columbia Valley wines and yer Oregon wines. Top notch quality at a reasonable price :):)

What to do with a smoked turkey carcass?

Sorry, but I don't agree to all the suggestions here. Making a stock for lentils, split pea and the like I can see. But, the one, and only time I used it to make plain ol' turkey soup, it tasted like ASS !!! The smoke was too much for just turkey soup IMHO :):)

What to make with Roquefort cheese for dinner?

Wild mushroom tortellini with Roquefort cream sauce :):)

Colombian Christmas

Twist up a FATTY :):)

I ain't eatin' THAT again !!!

@kakugori...not all seafood sausage is the same. I managed a restaurant in Spokane, WA. and we had a cooked to order Sunday Brunch. One of the items was a seafood sausage. Chef would puree scallops, cream and chives. Next he would FOLD in smoked salmon. This mixture was piped onto plastic wrap, then rolled up in foil. It was then placed into a warm, not boiling, water bath. When cooked it set upon a sauce nantua (like a thicker lobster bisque). It was AWESOME :):)

Your Favorite Southern Food

Toss up with chicken fried steak w/ sausage gravy...or biscuits and sausage gavy (notice a trend in there somewhere??? :):)

Cheesy Holiday Party Apps

With cumin dusted totilla chips :):)

Cheesy Holiday Party Apps

CHILE CON QUESO !!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)

Serious In Arizona

I'll take MY SW cuisine any day :):)

Help! Serving shrimp to a group of 10-12


Grey Cup Eats

I'll be watchin' a pair of "D" cups :):)

Jumped the gun a bit.

Turkey gone bad...sounds like a sitcom :):)


Pan fried with cornmeal...then chow down :):)

Favorite Eggnog?

If you put enough bourbon in it, even the shitty store brands taste good :):)

I ain't eatin' THAT again !!!

What food did you decide to try that you had been avoiding, and once you had it...YUK :(:( For me, it was at Dim Sum...they had this egg roll lookin' thang that had this gelatinous, white outside with some kinda meat inside. When I put it in my mouth, it was like a big, snotty mass...had to spit it into my napkin !!!

Where the deer and the antelope play...

Just returned from the in laws and was sent home with antelope steaks, a roast and some summer sausage. They were given the meat from another relative, and they have no idea how to cook it, nor do I. I'm thinking a marinade before grilling the steaks. Anyone have a good wild game trick ?? :):)

I can't believe I didn't try this before !!!! we have all had the chance to try a certain food, but just could not bring ourselves to do it. What did you FINALLY decide to try that you found out you liked. For me, it was lychee nuts and, at dim sum, chicken feet (I like grisily, chewy things:):)

What's yer favorite Mexican food ???

For me, it's chicken mole. I have eaten many different versions over the years, and I have been tweaking my own recipe for 10 years. I am happy with the flavors of mine just takes sooo long to make it right :):)

Sourdough starter,yes...but GRAVY starter ???

Last night, I did a pot roast...searing the roast with a salt/pepper/garlic powder/flour crust. Then I removed it from the Dutch oven..broke up all the yum yums from the bottom with some beef stock...added the meat back with a baggie of previously made gravy. That's when I realized...I ALWAYS have a bag in the freezer of gravy from the last time I did pot roast !!! That gravy has got to be several years old !!! Sound familiar ??? :):)

It's Howdy Jerky Time !!!!

Just finished with the first batch of jerky...teriyaki with Jamaican jerk came out yummy !!! Now it's my BBQ sauce with some added apple cider vinegar and chipotles...will let ya know. I know we have been thru some recipes before here on SE, but any of you newbies got some good ideas fer jerky ??? I used top round that was on sale :):)

Straight Bourbon Whiskey or blended ??

I just don't get the blended stuff !!! I absolutly love, for every day-Jim Beam or Evan Williams. For special drinkin' times- Booker Noe (the one you have to check the label for the alcohol content cuz it comes right from a single barrel-can range from 127-135 proof YAHOO :):)

Lovin' some beef jerky !!!

Got a dehydrater awhile back from the MIL and been makin' jerky with the attachment for using GOOD hamburger. I really want to make some with round or flank steak, but need some guidance. How do you marinate yours ? I do not use the oven method, just the dehydrater :):)

If food could talk....

There ya are...sitting in front of yer favorite meal...staring at it like a long lost friend. What's it sayin' back to ya ??? Mine (from the thread of your last meal) would be my razor clams sayin "suck me down and don't leave a trace" :):)

Whopper or Big Mac ???

OK...all this talk about cravings on the other thread, and all I heard about is Big Macs. What about a delicious, FLAME broiled Whopper. That's my choice...I prefer the flame...but it has to be no mayo or tomato, add mustard. (that way you know yer gonna get a fresh made one, too :):) How 'bout you ???

Memorial Day weekend's coming !!!

Well...time to fire up the grill for the weekend (with the storms we've been having, no camping fer this cowboy :) I bought some beautifyl, thick pork steaks to slather on the Saucy Johnny's BBQ sauce. Also got some brats to simmer in beer and onions and then grill em good. And, for good measure, got some sirloins to Johnnyaki up, too :):)

Whatcha got planned??

Jalfrezi curry...ever heard of it ???

I just picked up a new (to me) curry mixture today and just wondering if any of you have used/heard of it before??? The label says it has coconut milk,sweet and spicy peppers and some chiles. Doin' up some jasmine rice with homemade shrimp stock, then I'll saute up some sliced portabellas (sorry no Asian shrooms), diced red bell pepper and snow peas...toss in the shrimps and then sauce em' up. Steamed spinach on the side :):)

And the winners are....

Y'all never cease to amaze me !!! I went back thru my thread " Hey, yer not supposed to use it for that" and there are some brilliant ideas there. Here's my list of favorites ( I thank you ALL for contributing ideas:)

@CJ had 3 winners...the canning lids for eggs, the terra cotta plate for keeping yer buns warm, and the teaball for for the spices :):)

@CatBoy...Williams Sonoma spatula for replastering...good idea, but I think I would have gotten one from Goodwill :):)

@samiamb...the muffin tin upside down to hold the tacos..I'm sooo stealing that one :):)

@BitchinFixins...the earwig trap ia AWESOME !!! I was gonna give you 2 votes, but since I still don't know what that spatula is doing in yer bedside dresser, I'll have to reserve my vote until you break with goods :):)

Thank y'all very much for all the great ideas :):)

Dumpster diving in the produce section...SCORED !!!

I love my local market !! I usually check out their reduced priced area for my guinea pigs...but, today..SCORE...they had #2 bags of Key limes for $1.49. I'm jucing them with my garlic press and it looks like I'll get about 2 cups of juice per bag. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup for each pie. I have 2 bags, so I'll end up with enough juice for 8 pies....YIPPEE !!! Do you have a spot to score some good deals like this ?? :):)

How's yer eggs doin' ???

I am 56 yrs. old and, though I don't buy farm fresh eggs regularly, I have never had a bad store bought egg. I use at least 1-2 dozen a week so why the crack them in a seperate bowl thing? Have you had a multitude of bad eggs ? :):)

Any Mother's Day kitchen nightmares???

I made, for the first time, a Mexican breakfast casserole (my family members are gettin' used to being the guinea pigs with my new concoctions), and it actually turned out purty darn good. There have been times that was not the did yers turn out ???

Canadian bacon, EH?

Well...Saucy decided to get a little adventerous this past weekend and I decided to make some Canadian bacon from one of the pork loin roasts in the freezer. It actually came out pretty good, but I could use some help to tweak it.Two scenarios that I could use yer suggestions...One is, the recipe called for a 4 lb. roast, I used a two lb just in case it didn't come out good. Also, it called for 1 1/4 cups of kosher salt and 8 tsp. of pink salt, both of which I halved. It said to brine for 2 days...I brined for 3 days. Question is, since it seemed a bit salty, was it the time in the brine (hey that almost rhymes:) or was it because of the smaller size absorbing more or what??? Any help, for the next batch, would be great :):)

Taco-licious !!!

Can't get enough of those little buggers !! My question is this...are you a hard shell or soft shell lover? Also, do you have an odd/secrect ingredient you put in yer tacos that would surprise most taco lovers ?? I like to carmalize the onions and, being the anal guy I am, the cheese must go directly on the meat, before anything else goes in there :):)

Tis the Margarita season !!! tomorrow is the big day. Every year comes the big question...margs with triple sec and Roses lime juice...or are you a traditionalist and think they MUST be made with fresh lime juice :):)

Whatcha cookin' today ??

Seems like I ran out of everything at once (except BBQ sauce...made that last weekend) Today is Italian sausage, chorizo and spag sauce day. Also, having given MBE my last frozen bag of, what I call "Aunt Chilada"sauce...looks like that's now on the list also :):)

Has anyone else met with a SE'er ??

After spending time with MBE today in Topeka, and reading the initial comments, it got me wondering...have y'all gotten together with any of the peeps ?? :):) It seems that so many live fairly close to each other, why not meet ???

Shopping you stick to it ???

I try to make a list before I go grocery shopping, making notes all week long as I run out/low on something. But, once I get to the store, something catches my eye the cart it goes !! And then I think...this would go REALLY well with some of these. Do you stick to yer list ???