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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Food Moments in Movies

How did Peewee Herman's Breakfast machine not make the list? :)

A few days in Santiago, chile

thanks so much everybody! I am going to come back 10 lbs heavier :)

What drink should be offered in a post wedding party?

A few bottles of prosecco are always a nice touch too

What sweet dish I should make for my grandmother?

If she likes chocolate cake, I recommend this recipe. I made it once for a family dinner and it was demolished in 5 mis. Now I have to make it every family birthday dinner or people are disappointed! The secret is the coffee - it's essential. You dont taste it when it's baked but it really makes a difference.
Pro Tip: I usually sub in fat free greek yogurt for the buttermilk and oil and haven't had any failures from doing so. I also use a different icing recipe but I imagine the one here would be good too!

Staff Picks: What Do You Eat When Nobody's Looking?

Oh and I love Lipton chicken noodle soup made from a packet when I have a cold (or a bad hangover). So salty! It does the trick every time.

Staff Picks: What Do You Eat When Nobody's Looking?

Fat free greek yogurt with some cocoa powder, honey and few semi sweet chocolate chips mixed in,topped with a spoonful of low fat cool whip.mmmmm.

Going to Montreal-Good Eats?

I second both Cafe Santropol and Schwartz's!
Also you might want to try Martin Picard's place Au Pied de Cochon
(call/email for reservation though)

Cheap food near University of Toronto?

Hi there, local Toronto resident here.
When will you be here? Toronto is super walkable - so you dont necessarily have to stick around the U of T campus- which campus are you staying at? If you aren't into walking, our transit system is decent or if you like to walk on the wild side you can using our bike rental system to bike to better food options
Toronto is a very multi-cultural city in terms of food so its very possible to eat well, and eat cheaply.
For good korean-vietnamese-etc fusion tacos/banh mi I recommend at Queen just west of Spadina - cheap and delicious!
You should also head to Kensington Market and look for the pancho's bakery sign on Augusta ave (north of dundas). There's a latin market inside that has varying vendors daily (mostly Brazilian, Venezuelan, and I think there's a Korean vendor sometimes too) -very cheap. They also sell delicious churros. Accross the street from that is Jumbo Empanadas where you can get - you guessed it - a huge empanada for cheap. Make sure to pick up a bucket of their salsa and bring it home if you've got a fridge in your room. It's delicious! There are also several cheap taco places in Kensington. If you are here over the summer/fall, head to Market 707 - a bunch of vendors in stalls on the south east corner of Bathurst and Dundas. Here's some info about that:
We're also FINALLY starting to get a food truck scene going here so bookmark this page and check it daily for the locations:
If you like Korean food head to Korea town (Bloor & Christie). I recommend Korea House - 2 people can eat themselves silly, including 2 korean beers for about $60 including taxes and tip.
Hope that helps!

Cook the Book: 'Ripe'

kale, watermelon and sugar snap peas!

Would you use a nutrition touch screen in a fast food restaurant

I'm with @Zinnia1 and @dashofginger. I eat a balanced diet, mainly consisting of vegetables and legumes (meat on the weekends) but on occasion I go to a fast food place because there is no other option within my area/time restraints (mainly when in a car driving somewhere out of the city where there are less good food options, with someone). I would appreciate having calorie counts and nutritional info posted because it would make me think twice about ordering something I KNOW isn't good for me. We all have those "ah screw it" moments (usually when hungover) but speaking for myself, I would still like to know what I'm getting into before i place my order. This is why I usually head to subway when making a fast food purchase - I know i can get a 6inch turkey sub on whole wheat without doing too much damage.

Great Mardi Gras Recipe?

While not a Mardi Gras recipe (or Cajun or anything), this chicken and dumplings recipe from Bon appetit's southern food issue is ah-mazing (we made it this past weekend)

And I even used........low fat Ricocotta and whole wheat flour (shhh don't tell anyone) and skimped a bit on the butter and it still looked and tasted gorgeous.

The 87 Greatest Food Moments in Hollywood History

How about "the ol' 96er" from The Great Outdoors?

Weekend Cook and Tell: Dinners in Under 10 Minutes

One crazy hot day last week I made improvised cold spring rolls. Rice paper + whatever veggies I had in the fridge, sliced up with some tofu. Served with a dipping sauce of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, fresh grated Ginger and garlic and a little brown sugar. Delish!

Cook the Book: 'The Just Bento Cookbook'

today mine has: cut up yellow peppers and seedless cucumber rounds, roasted garlic hummus,brown rice chips, a little bit of tuna for some protein and some fresh blueberries!

Travelers: What's Your Favorite Airport Food?

i had a fantasic meal at MSY on my way back from New Orleans. pulled pork sadwich with collard greens and mac and cheese. I cant remember the name of the restaurant but i was flying from MSY with a stopover in Philly on my way back to Toronto. Oh New Orleans I heart you! even your aiport food is amazing!

Now if we want to talk WORST airport meals I'd say ANYTHING from the international terminal at LAX - UGGGGHHHHHH!!! I feel nauseous just thinking about the nasty, dripping with cheese and butter "turkey sandwich" i had the misfortune of sampling there. i think the place was called Route 66.

Cook the Book: 'The Vegetarian Option'

my husband and i are getting lazier with the cooking as the weather gets warmer and that means lots of veggie food as its quick and easy to make after work. some favs include:
-zucchini and tomato stacks with goat cheese & home made guacamole
- tomato-lentil curry with kale, green beans and sugar snap peas
- greek salads
- chana masala
- home made pizza topped with whatever cheese/vegetables we've got in the fridge
hell, even trusty grilled cheese makes an appearance once a week.
one of our favs is one i got from a martha stewart magazine a few years ago: spicy chickpeas with fresh green chiles. it takes no time at all and is filling and yummy.

Spicy Chickpeas with Fresh Green Chiles

1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 onions (about 7 ounces each), 1 chopped, 1 thinly sliced for garnish
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
3/4 teaspoon coarse salt
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 piece (1 inch) peeled fresh ginger, chopped (about 1 tablespoon)
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1 can (15 ounces) chickpeas, drained and rinsed
2 to 4 fresh green chiles (such as Pinocchio's Nose or jalapeno), 1 seeded and finely, remaining seeded and thinly sliced lengthwise for garnish
1 ripe tomato, halved and thinly sliced, for garnish
3 large pitas or naan (Indian bread) for serving
8 ounces plain yogurt, for serving (I used Greek yogurt)
Lime wedges, for serving

1. Heat oil in a medium skillet over medium heat. Add onion and cumin. Cook, stirring occasionally, until onion is light brown, about 5 minutes. Stir in allspice, cinnamon, coriander, cayenne pepper, and salt; cook 1 minute.

2. Add garlic, ginger, and tomato paste to skillet. Cook about 4 minutes to dry out mixture. Stir in chickpeas and 1/4 cup water. Cover; cook until water evaporates and chickpeas are slightly softened, 5 to 8 minutes. Stir in chopped chile.

3. Transfer to a serving platter, garnish with slices of tomato, onion, and chile. Serve with bread, yogurt, and lime wedges.

What Are the Must-Eats in Your City?

Toronto here, speaking up:
Addis Ababa for ethiopian including the coffee at the end)
Politica (because its comfy, with nice staff, reasonably priced drinks, a good patio in the summer and DELICIOUS mango chili ribs appetizer)
Live Organic food bar - for the novelty of eating yummy raw "lasagna" and "pizza"
Delux - milk n warm-fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies for dessert

Cakespy: Velveeta Fudge

i clicked on this link just to read the comments! Paula Deen posts always get the most hilarious responses!

Winterlicious in Toronto

Liking =looking. Commenting from my iPhone fail.

Winterlicious in Toronto

I've only booked at one: Mildred's Temple Kitchen but I'm liking forward to it!

Cook the Book: 'Jamie's Food Revolution'

turkey tacos with home made salsa and guac!


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