Making Panela at a Colombian Sugar Mill is Still a Low-Tech Affair

Damn Kenji, you are making me miss Colombia. I can't get enough of the crunchy, chewy, panela-covered coconut they sell on the streets.

Ideas in Food vs. The Turkey Club Sandwich

This is a cool idea. I think I'll try it, but instead of the skewer, glue the turkey and belly with Activa RM, press it into a solid cube overnight, and cook sous vide.

Charleston SC Ideas?

Thank you all!

@K Macky good thing I turn 21 the day I get there.

Sous Vide Probs

It was fresh, seasoned a day in advance, and cooked for 1.5 hours.

Dinner in Boston's Back Bay

Can't go wrong with Clio or Uni. Both are in the Eliot Hotel.

Charleston SC Ideas?

Just booked a trip to Charleston in May and need some recommendations. I already plan on dining at Husk and FIG, and McCrady's if it fits the budget... I'm looking for some cheaper eats and good lunch spots, as well as things to see/do in general. Activities can be on or off the beaten path, as long as they are truly worth seeing or doing. Help!!!

Sous Vide Probs

I recently got the Sansaire circulator and I am more than pleased, but I ran into an issue today. I cooked a hanger steak to 128, then gave it a quick sear in cast iron. Cut into it a minute or two later and.... murder scene... blood and juices everywhere. The steak had an unpleasant chew. What's the deal? I thought proteins didn't need significant rest after SV?

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