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Where to Drink Coffee in Atlanta, Georgia

I agree with Jason! I was about to mention them myself and be surprised they were not on the list. Great coffee and the baristas really care about what they're doing and who they are serving. I don't get to that side of the city as often as I like but it is a great place for coffee.

My 8 Favorite Christmas Beers

Nothing beats Great Lakes Christmas Ale. So delish but it disappears off the shelves pretty soon after its released.

Candy a Day: Sno-Caps

I adore sno-caps! I rarely see them in Atlanta so I stock up whenever I am north of the Mason Dixon.

Cook the Book: Barefoot Contessa, 'How Easy Is That?'

Steaks, potato, asparagus. Then dessert is ice cream with grilled peaches.

Menu Ideas?

@aem8770: Apology accepted. And I sure hope you don't kicked off for one comment either! That would be totally against the theme of my party! Its about recovery!

@suburbanfoodie: Maybe I'll just make some stew or chili with beef and call it possum stew since I'm anti-diseases, hehe. Good idea!

Menu Ideas?

janaatwg: Oh! And I can only say it because I have roots in it. The majority of us that will be attending live in the city but come from blue collar homes. I grew up with corn fields all around me and such. This is definitely going to be an over the top view of it.

Menu Ideas?

Loving all these ideas! Thank you so much! It should be so much fun! I will definitely show these to her so we can decide.

@aem8770 My friend was screwed over in a divorce. She wanted out of the marriage since he'd lost his mind and the only way to get it done was to take on the debt that HE had charged up. I really only want to respond to you in order to defend her. I do hope you will resist judging her further and that you never have to go through anything similar. I would not wish it on anyone.

Poll: Should Coffee Shops Ban Laptops?

A lot of times I have no place to work, so I go to coffee shops for that college university library feel. I do think that the shops with a limit on the wireless are doing it right. After a time, either buy another drink or head.

Are There Foods You Can't Keep In The House?

Cheez-its. It is the one food I will absolutely devour with no self control. I will down the box in 1 or 2 sittings easy and then I can just about feel it add the pounds on the next day.

Cook the Book: 'Mad Hungry'

Spinach dip with a pumpernickel bread bowl

Serious but funny question...

@Cary - explains why they never before told me about maybe needing to puncture it, thanks!

Funny on the chestnuts and green chilies.

Oh but very good to hear they can roll around and still not explode. I just know when it started I was seeing my stove covered in red pepper, plus I really didn't have time to go out and buy another pepper.

Serious but funny question...

I did now. But I don't remember ever being told to. And when I did put it back on after poking a hole there was no rocking back and forth. So I guess I did the right thing...

Poll: What Do You Call Cola Drinks?

I grew up in Ohio calling it Pop. But after 14 years living in and around Atlanta everything has become Coke.

Cook the Book: Make it Fast, Cook it Slow

My mini-food processor. Its so nice to not have to lug out the big one just to make some bread crumbs.

how did you learn to cook?

I learned to cook during Rachael Ray's first initial step into the lime light. I wanted to do it but wasn't sure where to start. Her recipes were easy and her taste buds just matched mine. So I started there. I travel A LOT for my job and rarely have more than a stove top so I continued to use Rachael Ray's cookbooks because they are perfect for that. Plus, I never had more than 30 minutes to make dinner when I was on the road.

Then I did a 3 day cooking class in Atlanta to really learn the basics. Since then, I've just been kind of learning as I go. But I bought the cookbook, "How to Cook Everything" and recently Cooking Light's new cookbook. Both have been great. So far I haven't burnt anything when friends were coming by somehow, and I made some decent cookies and cakes over the holiday season, but I definitely still consider myself a beginner getting ready to earn my novice badge. Oh, but lately cooking blogs have really been a great place to learn. I keep a notepad by my computer because of that.


I love them in a salad that uses dijon mustard as part of the vinaigrette. The dijon really matches the taste of the radishes.

What's the Worst Burn You've Endured While Cooking?

When I was a teenager I worked at KFC and it literally scarred me for life. I was taking a corn bath just finished out of the microwave when the top loosened and the scalding water fell on my arm. It was a 2 inch by 2 inch circle. It hurt like well... words not appropriate for a public forum. The manager on duty was only a year or two older and my friend so we decided to just ice it down, and I kept a wet rag on it all night. These days the scar is can barely be seen but I can still find it.

Cook the Book: 'Jamie's Food Revolution'

Using the ziploc steamer bags, a salmon fillet, then whatever season I feel like and whatever veggie, put them in the bag, then in the microwave for 5 minutes, and then it's ready to go!

DVD Giveaway: Food, Inc.

I keep to the farmer's market as much as possible as well as doing my best to eat organic. When on the road sometimes I can only do so much, but if I have a stove I try to at least cook my own meals more often than I go out.

Ingredient of the Year: Brussels Sprouts

I never liked Brussel Sprouts but kept reading about people who were in love with them. I tried them sauteed, boiled, etc and no luck. Then I roasted them, and now I love them. And drizzle them with a tiny bit of balsamic or honey and you have one of the best, easiest side dishes around.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

Spinach, red pepper relish, and some kind of cheese, dependent on my mood.


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