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The Cupcake Controversy Lives On!

Is this cupcake debate really about obesity? Or is it about uber-Moms with one too many subscriptions to Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living who feel like they must make every occasion an Event? Take away the cupcake and you remove the opportunity for an over-worked, stressed out Mom to prove to everyone how much she adores her child using nothing more than fondant and sprinkles.

Cupcake Crackdown: Have the Food Police Gone Too Far?

Maybe instead of "No Child Left Behind" it should be "No Child's Fat Behind."

Flat cookies?! Unacceptable.

You should also make sure your baking soda isn't ancient since it's your leavener (what makes your cookie rise/poof). And don't try substituting a stick of margarine for butter. But I agree with Mich23, I think your butter's too warm - it shouldn't be much softer than modeling clay when you begin creaming it with your sugar.

Tasty toast toppers....

Really good butter and a fried egg. Although, all this talk of pate is making me crave liver....

Sunday Night Supper

I miss my grandmom's after church Sunday dinners because it was all time-consuming stuff that no one longer makes - pierogis, stuffed cabbage, borscht, maybe a roast chicken with all the fixings. Pierogis alone probably took her all Saturday and we'd inhale them in minutes. Boy, we were spoiled.

Okra (rah rah rah) recipes?

Now, how did I know that everyone would tell me to fry 'em up? Heh. Ok, ok, I give -- you talked me into it (although okra curry sounds appealing). But what do I dip fried okra in - ketchup, spicy mayo, a remoulade...?

Dill Pickle Recipes

I just tried my first batch of Ukrainian Dill Pickles and it was pretty darn close to what I remember my grandmom sending home with us in big gallon glass jars. No vinegar either. I'd totally recommend giving them a try. Garlic and dill. Can't go wrong. ; )

Domino's Oreo Dessert Pizza

Yeah, we got it for free with some pizzas we ordered for a lunch meeting. You know if a bunch of network engineers won't eat something covered with crushed cookies, you got a problem.

Dinner Tonight: Broiled Ham Steaks

I ♥ Jacques Pepin. I repeatedly go back to his recipe for scalloped potatoes which is nothing more than some thinly-sliced potatoes simmered briefly in cream (or milk) with some garlic and black pepper. Pour in a casserole, top with a little more cream (or not) and bake. That's either in his Cuisine Economique or A French Chef Cooks at Home. Would go nicely with ham steaks. : P

Question of the Day: What's your go-to summertime drink?

Nice cold bottle of Coke (Mexican, natch) or a gin and tonic with Tanqueray, lots of lime and Whole Foods brand tonic.

Cook the Book: Roast Pork with Thyme and Parsley

So many fancy ways! I'm a sucker for Easter pork products - ham served with bright pink horseradish and hard boiled eggs or fresh (never smoked) garlicky kielbasa fried up with eggs the next morning. In our house, the Easter bunny's really a pig.


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