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Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

Any bread item, especially croissants is what I first think of.

Love his ice cream book. I've had it for years and still use it as my first reference point when I'm thinking of trying a new recipe.

Lunch in the Loop: Pat's Pizza in the South Loop

Hmm, though I also seem to remember you don't include chains. So maybe that's why Gino's is out? I don't think Exchequer is a chain though.

Lunch in the Loop: Pat's Pizza in the South Loop

For me, Exchequer and Gino's East come to mind when I think of good pizza for lunch in the loop. Gino's has a pizza/salad special. I love Exchequer's pizza, and they have personal sizes. You were right next door when you went to Kramer's!

Open Thread: Do You Lick Your Beaters?

Uh, licking the beaters is half the reason I bake. :)

A Beginner's Guide to Italian Wine

Love it! Can't wait for the next country!

The Serious Eats Guide to Conquering Eataly Chicago

The pesto lasagna at La Pasta was probably one of the best lasagnas I've ever had. I was unsure how the green beans would work, but I loved it. And the pesto wasn't overwhelming, like it can be in other pesto dishes I've had. It managed to be incredibly light, even with the bechamel. I'd highly recommend it on your next trip.

Vegan: Crispy Smoked Mushroom "Bacon"

Did you try making this with smoked paprika? I'm not crazy about super smoky foods, so I wonder if that would add a more subtle smoke flavor. Either way, I'm pumped about this recipe. And kudos on the knife skills to get those mushrooms so thinly sliced.

P.S. Have fun storming the castle!

Vegan: Stovetop-Style Macaroni and Cheese

Have you tried reheating the leftovers (if there were any)? I'd be curious without the dairy to break apart, if it does better.

Snack Attack: What's Your Favorite Snack Cake?

I'm such a sucker for a Hostess Cupcake. Those siren swirls get to me every time I'm on a road trip for work and we stop for gas. A close second is the chocolate Zingers.

Show Us Your Best Cookie Cutters!

A Beginner's Guide to French Wine

This is really great. I think it would help me a lot (others too?) if you guys gave some examples of labels in the next one. Where do we usually look for the region vs. the grape vs. just the name of the wine?

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 3

Baking/butter is the biggest thing holding me back. I love a good cookie, and especially lately, fresh bread from the oven. Butter and eggs are two really key ingredients (in cookies at least). I'd love to see some more of those options.

So excited you're doing this for year 3! I'm especially curious how your house guest experience will be. I consider myself pescetarian, and when I'm a guest in someone's home, I don't want to be an inconvenience, so I don't tell my host about it and just eat whatever is served to me. My mom instilling that in me still trumps my desire to avoid meat (for better or worse).

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I actually thought the bread was some crazy Game of Thrones dragon bread. That would be the best Valentine's Day bread ever!

How to Stock Your Wine Fridge

Hmm, that gives me something to think about. What's the longest I could/should go storing wines at the serving temp I like?

Where to Get the Best Nachos in NYC

Oh man, PLEASE do this for Chicago! :) I still have your mac and cheese roundup bookmarked, and would add a nacho round up to that list for sure.

How to Stock Your Wine Fridge

What are your thoughts on storing whites/roses at a slightly cooler temp long term? I've got this fridge that I was happy to get on a super Black Friday sale a few years back, and keep the white side at 42 and the red side around 58. Should I adjust my temps?

What's the Weirdest Ice Cream Flavor You've Ever Tried?

Garlic was the weirdest one I've tried and it was terrible. I imagined they would have roasted the garlic or made it subtle. No, it was like they took some mashed up raw garlic and mixed it with vanilla ice cream. It was just as gross as you're imagining. They also had codfish, which I did not try. The beans and rice flavor was decent. These were all at this "famous" ice cream place in Lares, Puerto Rico.

@MegO, where did you have your great garlic ice cream?

Snack Time: Handi-Snacks, Revisited

The "breadstick" ones were infinitely better. Always a much higher cheese:cracker ratio. At least that's what I remember thinking in my 13 year old brain. :)

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Verdelho: The Last Wine I Ever Loved

I too am very sad to see this end. This has been one of my favorite series on SE's site.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Cacao Drinking Chocolate Basket

I really wanted to win the last one too. Cinnamon and cayenne!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Cacao Drinking Chocolate Basket

Cayenne and cinnamon!

The Food Lab: Hasselback Potato Gratin (These Might be the Best Potatoes Ever)

Ha, I immediately thought of this Eddie Izzard bit when you talked about waking up your wife with your idea. This is quite the maneuver you've come up with. :)

Portland, OR: Food Carts and Wineries

I've seen some other postings about restaurants (feel free to add your suggestions of those too), but I didn't see much about favorite food carts and wineries in the Portland area. I'm going in March for the first time and am super excited. Any suggestions you could provide would be most appreciated!

Favorite BBQ/Picnic Appetizers/Snacks?

I'm having some friends over for a pool party and am trying to think of foods we can munch on before I fire up the grill. Looking for stuff that is easy to make, and can handle sitting outside for a while. I've got the usual chips and salsa and dip, but am looking for something a little more creative.


Favorite (non-Thai) BYO place in Chicago?

I'm wondering where people love to go that are unexpectedly BYO. I say no to Thai because there are so many, and I already have a few I love. I think it would be easier to name Thai places that are not BYOB.

Off the top of my head I can think of Caro Mio, Mythos Greek Taverna, and Indie Burger. Any other hidden BYOB gems I should know about?

Indian Recipes for an Indian Newbie?

I consider myself a pretty decent cook, but haven't really been a fan of Indian food until recently. A friend of mine wants to cook Indian food this weekend, and I have no idea what a good "newbie" dish would be. Any ideas/tips would be much appreciated!

BBQ in Louisville, KY?

I'm going to be there in a couple of weeks on a work trip and am wondering if there are any must visit places for BBQ. Delicious sides are just as important to me as the BBQ meat/sauce itself. Thanks!

Wine on tap in Chicago

I'm becoming a big fan of wine on tap and want to support places that are carrying it. I think it's a cool concept and wine is cheaper by the glass generally. I found one at Volo and then last night at Lula. It was a rose and a sauv blanc respectively. Anyone else had any around town that they've found and liked?

Drink Recipes Using White Whiskey?

I'm not a huge whiskey drinker, but I went to Koval Distillery in Chicago, and they had this really interesting and tasty white whiskey made from oats. I really liked it, so I bought a bottle. I can definitely drink it on the rocks, but was hoping someone out there had some ideas of cocktails I could make that might highlight its flavors. Similar to how Hendrick's gin is great with some soda and a slice of cucumber. Thanks!

Books about Viticulture/Enology?

I recently got back from a fantastic trip to California, and of course did a bunch of wineries and all that, but until this trip I always thought of wine making as more of an art. I realized there's a lot of science behind it too, and being an engineer by trade, got pretty geeked out about that. Does anyone know of any beginner books that talk about viticulture and/or enology? I'm not planning on starting a vineyard or anything, but think it would be cool to learn more about the science behind growing grapes and making wine.

Bread Heel

A friend and I were having a debate about whether or not it is ok to use the heel of the bread for sandwiches. I say it's ok, and he is firmly against it. I also think that the heel of more artisanal type breads is quite tasty as well on its own, and he disagrees there as well. We were curious what the majority thinks.

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