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Making good turkey burgers?

grill them. the charred flavor will probably kick in some olfactory memories.

The Spotted Pig's Chargrilled Burger at Home

the University of Nebraska, Lincoln has an amazing website with TONS of beef information

after further review i found this
"Item No. 130A Beef Chuck, Short Ribs, Boneless

This item is prepared from Item No. 130 and shall consist of the serratus ventralis muscle from the arm portion of the chuck. The ribs and intercostal muscles shall be removed. This item shall have at least four rib marks extending to the dorsal and ventral edge of the serratus ventralis muscle. This item shall be trimmed practically free of fat and shall be no less than 1/2 inch (13 mm) thick at any point."

here is a link

The Spotted Pig's Chargrilled Burger at Home

often, chuck flap meat, is called 'boneless short ribs.' so, the whole foods butcher isn't entirely incorrect. though, the brisket comment is entirely incorrect. that being said, maybe the recipe should call for "10 ounces well marbled short rib meat"

Recipe for limoncello?

just thought of something. anyone ever try 151 rum? you may need even less sugar then. hmmm...

Recipe for limoncello?

from what i have read here and know from experience a key is to use Everclear or other high-proof neutral spirit. The problem is it may not be available in all states.

The Joys of Unnaturally Flavored Sodas

i just googled ski and the web-site say natural. hmm. i can't check because they don't have it where i live. but i'm sure my dad has a case of re-fillable bottles and he can check.

The Joys of Unnaturally Flavored Sodas

in and around st. louis they have vess soda. many flavors. i'm not sure if they are all still around (i don't live there any more) but i liked peach, pineapple, cream, grape, and orange called whistle and most of all strawberry.
also, a soda that i think is artificial and natural is ski. the best.

Argentine cooking / recipes from Argentina

i just a long time in Argentina. at asados the vegatable dished are very simple. simple salad of leaves or sliced tomatoes. maybe pickled eggplant or zuccini. lots of bread and often mayo as a condiment. something interesting is proveleta: grilled or griddled wheel of provolone cheese with diced tomatoes, oregano and maybe some cumin.
herb and spice use is minimal and most food is rather simple. oregano, some cumin, parsley (fresh) paprika and a bit of red chili. lemon juice and garlic.
check out this article in the boston globe:

Moving to Boston: What's in Store?

i'm not sure about mexican food in boston being great but Taqueria Mexicana in Somerville is good. Also check out eastern standard (close to fenway), Grill 23 and Bar for great (and expensive) steak, Flour Bakery for pastries and sandwhiches, and Bukowskis for cheap burgers (happy hour) and extensive beer selection!

What do you miss? (to: expats and others!)

i left boston to spend an extended time in argentina. i miss island creek oysters, fried clams, heinz ketchup, and tobassco.

Cooking an American meal in Italy

i am living in argentina right now and last month i made my friends (i'm surfing their couch) a complete thanksgiving dinner. it took about 4 phone calls to track down the turkey but everything else was at the central market.

For the Road Warrior: Dining Out Near U.S. Airports

la bodega winery inside the dallas airport is pretty cool. there is local wine (i heard a rumor that they actually make some within the airport) and they have some nice cheese plates and whatnot.

Queso de Freir, Anyone?

i love that stuff. it is great with all sorts of latin/caribbean flavors. i like it with a grilled skirt steak and some chimichuri sauce.

Serious Efforts: Oily Mac n' Cheese

i would cut back on all the cheese on top. try using equal parts of cheese and panko pulsed together in the food processor.

What to Do With: Farmer's Cheese?

i have made mac n cheese w/ just about all cheeses. if you are going for the custardy type baked mac stir the farmers in with your egg mix. if you are going the creamy/saucy way- make the white sauce base, add your harder cheeses then finish with the farmers.

Help with Biscuits and Thickening a 'Gravy'

before, i thought i could just offer some good advice. but now this is getting coincidental. my dad is the only one who ever made me biscuits and gravy. and until now i thought he and i were the only ones eating saltines with butter. i won't be seeing him for quite some time (i'm moving overseas) and i really miss him already

Help with Biscuits and Thickening a 'Gravy'

collect the fat off the top of the chilled stock and use it to make a roux (equal parts fat and flour-by wieght) to thicken the gravy. that way you add another layer to the chicken flavor.

Onion Dip Missing a Certain Zing

well, if you like commercial dips and the taste of the lipton mix i think i know what you are missing. MSG! add a dash or two of ACCENT.

Loose Tea Question: Help!

~boil water in kettle or pot.
~pour water into container.
~add tea.
~brew to desired strength (be careful it is easy to over-steep.)
~strain through a colander,sieve,etc.
if you add to ice while it is still hot brew it stronger..

Safety and Ethiopian Beef Kitfo

if it a sketchy resto. i'd be a bit worried. if it seems like a decent place your fine. i find most people are way too worried about food-born illness. i have a feeling we all get it more often then we think. a couple trips to the loo in one day isn't so bad.

Anchovy Fillets or Paste? Substitutions OK?

I'm down w/ the paste. I rarely can use a whole can of anchovys and they are a pain to store.


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