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What's a good "starter" fish?

Thanks all for your advice!
The tilapia was an OK place to start - I didn't hate it, but I think I probably could have done more to "jazz it up" as well. It also seemed a touch "watery" to me but I'm not sure what that means. I think I'll try cod or flounder next and see where that takes me.
Fried fish sounds delicious but not in my dietary needs right now, so I'll have to steer clear for a while. Same goes for fish sticks. Also no shellfish - I keep kosher.
This may seem like a dumb question (as if the original wasn't) but if I pick up a fillet in the supermarket how do I know if it's fresh? Sorry - but for someone with a life long aversion to fish I'm definitely not up to buying it whole and cutting it up myself!

Thanks again for all your comments, it's really appreciated.

Cook the Book: 'Super Natural Every Day'

Turkey burgers with lots of fresh veggies in a pita. Yum!

What's a good "starter" fish?

Thank you all so much for your comments! I knew this was the right place to go :)
I picked up a tilapia fillet in the supermarket today as it was available, cheap, and looked fairly non-threatening. I'm going to bake it simply with some breadcrumbs and spices and maybe some veggies. Fingers crossed!

Cook the Book: The Sunset Cookbook

Lots of squash, carrots, cabbage - yum! Soups, roasted it lunch time yet?

Cook the Book: 'The Gourmet Cookie Book'

Yes, yes, yes this has been in my amazon cart for like a month! And I would def have to say my peanut butter chocolate surprise cookies. Yum.

Pastry Chef Confessionals: 'I Bought Pre-Made Cookie Dough'

I agree it's all about the time vs. money vs. quality. I think if I did this I'd be more inclined to go with a sugar cookie dough and add my own chocolate chunks and other things before baking.

Cook the Book: 'The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker'

The food processor is a great tool.

It should really be noted that since Roger Ebert's jaw surgery several years ago, he can no longer eat anything - he receives all his nutrients intravenously. And he still wrote a cookbook!

Cook the Book: 'In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite'

How to Recover When You've Dropped Another Cake on the Floor.

Mixed Review: Manischewitz's Honey Cake

I don't really like honey cake much myself, but I made Smitten Kitchen's last year (adapted from Marcy Goldman's) and actually really enjoyed it.

Top This: Potato and Roasted-Garlic Pizza (à la Pizzeria Picco)

I was totally inspired and made a hijacked version of this tonight - a little garlic mayo dressing, smashed roasted garlic, super thinly sliced potatoes, caramelized onions and some mozzarella.


Serious Eater Twitter user names

Come check me out at @BakingMistaking, it's linked to my blog,!


Cook the Book: 'Good Eats: The Early Years'

Once my dad tried to make a turkey loaf.


Pressure Cooker Phobia?

My mom uses one all the time - makes a great chicken soup, and she cooks corn beef in it as well. I definitely have a healthy fear though - it exploded once with the chicken soup - our ceiling was yellow for a year before we repainted it. Thank god nobody was in the room at the time.

OMG, a Bunny Licking Ice Cream

I guess there is something wrong with me.....

...but I've always know that.

Baking and Mistaking

Cook the Book: 'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

Sandwiches. Salads. Cereal straight out of the box. Yeah I said it.

Dumbest Allergy Warning Ever

Oh, and I forgot, along these lines, also in Tesco, I once picked up a cake, that had a sticker stuck to the bottom that read "do not turn cake upside down."


Baking and Mistaking

Dumbest Allergy Warning Ever

Oh I've seen a bunch like this...bag of peanut may contain peanuts, Loaf of bread, may contain wheat.

May? I was kinda hoping it would!

Baking and Mistaking

Video: Hamas vs. Hummus, from 'Brüno'

Oh man that happens to me all the time. I hate mixing things up!

Baking and Mistaking