Taste Test: We Find the Best Bread for Stuffing

Below the Mason/Dixon's cornbread with a little white bread, but the other reader was right, that's dressing, not stuffing, and that's the way southerners prefer it! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

NYD traditions: Slow-Cooker Black Eyed Peas

Here in Arkansas, we also must have hog jowl with our blackeyed peas. I buy the smoked hog jowl that is sliced and cook it like bacon...crispy and delicious with peas, sauteed cabbage and cornbread or corn muffins.

Cooking with duck fat

I've read some comments about cooking with duck fat from way back in 2008. Anyone got any new recipes or tips for cooking in duck fat? So far, I've seen recipes mostly for potatoes or meat. Is that about all you can use duck fat for?

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