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Weekend Cook and Tell: The United States of Grilling

we grilled these brussel sprouts and home grown tomatoes after tossing them in a horseradish mustard marinade and served them with blue cheese crumbles. amazing!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Freezer Cuisine

stew, chili, and lots of pastas freeze great. i used these ideas before my baby was due & will again this fall -

Weekend Cook and Tell: Let the Grilling Begin, Part 2

how bout grilled cheese - that is thyme infused grilled feta blocks!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Beyond Tofurkey: Venerable Vegetarian Thanksgiving Options

as a vegetarian i just wanna say there are sooooo many options. lots on my blog
no tofurkey to be found there. lots of great sides, desserts, apps, and more!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Egg-ventures

pig in a toad - a twist on toad in a hole that involves sausage in the middle of a fried egg.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Feel Bad Food

this watermelon refresher helps pick me up better than a cup of coffee in the afternoon -

Weekend Cook and Tell: Atypical Tacos

my vegetarian tacos were filled with orange & red peppers from the farmers' market - and of course, queso fresco!

Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Hot Dog Showdown

Sorry I missed this - here are 9 ways me and my hubby tried to make our plain dogs more exciting (FYI- his are the real thing and mine are veggie)

I still claim the Mexican dog was best.


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