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Freezing cooked portabellos?

I don't know....they have so much water in them I think they'd turn to mush while defrosting.

how do i make buttermilk

I know that white vinegar and milk is the traditional substitution - but I made a tried and true coconut cake once with the vinegar/milk mix and I'm sorry to say I noticed a difference. I just make pancakes when I have buttermilk left over (yum).

Better Vanilla Frosting?

Thanks MMinNYC for the recipe. I have a similar one that my grandmother gave me which I love, but it doesnt hold up well when piping rosettes and shells. I hate shortening frosting, which is why I use butter (unsalted only - I agree with sadiepix no salt intensifying the metallic taste).

Plus, I am weary of using raw egg in my frosting, as this cake is going to be eaten by young children and elderly relatives (a no-no when serving raw egg). Plus, my mother's house is un-godly hot, which is why I need something substantial.

Pasteurized Eggs - Help Me!!

Bad news JerzeeTomato, the Safeway in Bear, DE just told me they dont carry pasteurized eggs anymore. It's a conspiracy!

Pasteurized Eggs - Help Me!!

I did see some of those web suggestions also (thank you all for looking) so I think I'll either try the colander suggestion or perhaps drive on down to Bear. (but I will definitely call first as the other Safeways I called in DE didnt have them)

Nigella's Ham in Coke-what ham?

I make this ham every Easter and everyone loves it. The information I received (orginally) was that she was using a fresh, uncured ham, that my butcher said would taste more like pork loin then the ham I'm used to having. I use a bone in, partially cooked (cured) ham (usually Cook' s) and it works just fine. I utilize the temperature and cooking time on the package, but use her temperature (500) for the end stage. Also, I cook mine in the oven using a large black roasting pan with lid and I add more regular Coke if the ham is exceptionally large. (I made my first one on the stove top and the condensation dripped all over the place) I saw that someone mentioned Cherry Coke, but my recipe from the 'Trashy' section of her first American cookbook calls for Coke, an onion, cloves, molasses, mustard powder and demerera sugar. (I recommend Colman's mustard powder of you can find it)

Kitchen Duty: My most dreaded and detested task is _____.

bareneed -

First problem was, my new floor wasnt sealed...didnt know that... so everytime I washed the floor (with floor cleaner (that I didnt know I wasnt supposed to use..Mr Clean and the like)) the grout got worse. I talked to one tile flooring store who told me to use ammonia and water...which I did, using a hard toothbrush. (fun day). It came out pretty good, then I sealed the grout, but the appearance didnt last. As all companies I talked to said to stay away from floor cleaner, to never use bleach (as it evntually breaks up the grout), and since I didnt want to go the ammonia route again (which the same company later claimed that they DIDNT recommend using ammonia-URG) I broke down and called Stanley Steemer. They did a reallly good job and also re-sealed the grout. They left (for free) a bottle of the cleaner they used, and that's what I have now....

Kitchen Duty: My most dreaded and detested task is _____.

-cleaning the stove top surface, grates and burner covers
-cleaning the top of the fridge
-cleaning under the stove and fridge (yuck)
-cleaning the grout in my tile flooring (DONT GET TILE FLOORS)
-cleaning the broiler pan
-chopping onions (a million times I've done this and they still burn my eyes like crazy, sharp knife or not)


Lost Recipe for Almond (or Butter) Crescent cookies

Thanks to all for the quick answers!

bemily, your recipe looks the most familiar so I will definately try it this Christmas. My lost cookies were rolled in a mix of granulated sugar and cinnamon once baked, so I will try that with your recipe.

Out of all the recipes you collect over the years, why is it the ones you love that you lose? (and why when you find them in a national magazine do they then disappear off the face of the earth?) I had this one for approx 14 years. I have to blame my recipe organizational skills. I have a book of ones I've clipped out, printed out, etc, but I also keep some stuffed in other recipe books!


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