Im currently 14 years old am a 4.0 student and am hoping to one day become a world renown chef/ restauranteur. I have never had any formal training and I am currently trying to work on a cook book so any ideas you have to share bring them on!

  • Favorite foods: What kind of question is that? I love any food!
  • Last bite on earth: what does that mean?

Can I Cook Risotto in Advance?

THANK YOU mh330! seriuosly unless youre doing it for a restaurant size crowd it DOESNT take long just prep the ingredients.

What to do with too much pasta dough!

Just form a thick rounded disk, flatten it slightly, then wrape it in saran wrap and put it in a ziplock to freeze it. Then nextime you want to make fresh pasta leave it at room temp. until it defrosts and use it as desired. Ive done this many times and even used the left overs for my catering....people LOVE IT!

Can I Cook Risotto in Advance?

Ive made risotto many times in less than 30 minutes. If your doing it in large batches it will take a while but when I make mine and have everything preped then it only takes me about 20 minutes cooking time (serving 4-5) A risotto is suposed to be slightly aldante and not REALLY thick but thicker like a pancake batter.

What's the weirdest thing in your fridge?

A jar of cherry hot peppers stuffed with tuna and preserved in oil.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner??

I would have to say Paula Dean because she reminds me of m \y grandma and I just can never get enough of her personality; Its great! I would talk with her about her career in the culinary arts and were I could go with mine. I would have to say I would be at Marie Calenders drinking pink lemonade ;)

Best dish you've had at a restaurant

Pan Seared Duck Breast with a smooth Blood Orange Reduction Sauce and sauted seasonal veggetables at Jaqu's restaurant (pernounced jacks) in Huntington Beach, CA

How could I go about making a food product line?

Thnxs Everyone

Soggy Coating...

I Dredged it just with seasoned flour and fried it at 375.

Cooks Block?

Thanks I feel much better, and @ dbcurrie yes I know that there are minimal chefs on htis blog but I tried to put the "Cooks Block" idea into an understandable context...I myself definately isnt considered a chef.

Would you buy this.....

@heartofglass- I guess I failed to explain clearly that this is my story the recipies in this book gradually grow out of homey style food into more elegant and gourmet foods. Each recipe is incoporated with stories from my life (how it came about and my thoughts ect.) And thanks for the great Idea I just might have to incorporate some entertaining skills in it!

Would you buy this.....

@dbcurrie- The recipe and ingredients I have used are things that would be appealing to kids but at the same time things that make adults go "WOW". I have catered for several parties and recieve feedback like - " I recently went to a Hotel Restaurant and had the chefs wine pairing coaurse, let me tell you that your food was just as good and even better"- They love the colors presentaiton and flavors but I have used ingredients kids wouldnt go eewww (except maby mushrooms) to. The book isnt completelly angled towards captivating young audiences. It is just written in a style that would rather...attract them.

Would you buy this.....

The recipes inthis book are original and are on par with restaurant quality dishes.

Food Network... Let's give them a hand!

I think they should keep giada, alton, ina, bobby, some of paula (not her party), tyler, and the newest "big daddy" dude. I also think that they should have a new show that draws the attention of the youth. Mabey star and older teenager in a show who invites younger teens to cook or have some type of "throwndown".


@ Browne its for a cookbook

What would you order?

I would order the one I have never had before just to try new htings. Who knows mabey its your next favorite thing to order!

Grill It with Bobby Flay

The show has been on I tried out for it but never got any form of response. All the people that have "lived out their culinay fantasy" so far I havent seen on the web page with all the contestants. So I dont really know.

Recipe Contests?

Does anyone know of any, anyyyy recipe contest near southern California that dont require you to be over 18 or a jr./senior in high school? Ive tried several but have been denied due to the above and would really like to start competing.

Metal Peppers?

Ive roasted bell peppers multiple times on the grill and I let them sit covered in a bowl then peal it, but everytime they have tasted very strongly of metal. Bobby Flay had no Idea why; he thought I was mabey roasting it in an aluminium pan when really Ive been doing it straight on the grill.I tried to make raviolis with them and it makes everything taste like metal! Anyone know a solution to this problem????

Shun or Global?

I am currently stuck deciding between getting an 8 inch shun or global chefs knife. I have talked to many food network chefs and they all said it was personal preference but if they had to they would pick shun. I like the feel of both knives but am wondering which is better quality and holds the sharpness longer.HELP PLEASE....

Top Chef Junior....

I recently heard about thoughts for a new bravo t.v. series Top Chef Junior and was wondering if anyone knew more about it or how to audition for it......

Kitchen Aid Competition

Hello fellow "eaters"! I need your help big time! I need you to please rate my risotto recippe on for a kitchen aid competition the link is:
It means ALOT to me and only will take a minute I PROMISE!

Thank you sincerely for your time,
Alex Kemp

Grill it!

Anybody know when they are going to start accepting videos for grill it with bobby flay!?

Soggy Coating...

I was wondering if anyone has encountered the prblem of a soggy coating while fring fish. I had recently developed a recipe for a batter...It looked cryspy, the fish was cooked perfectlly but the outside was soggy.

Cooks Block?

I was wondering if its possible for a chef to get a writers block, only instead of with his writing its with recipe developement. I dont know if its a normal thing and im freaking out! Know what I mean???

Would you buy this.....

I was wondering if- out of the hundreds of books that line shelves of barnes and noble and borders- you would purchase a book made by a very gifted 15 year old with an extreme passion. The book would include over 68 recipes. It would be focused to the "culinary minded" youth out there who love to cook. Some of the recipes would include notes on why certain things are done and used (ie. ingredients) and would have a guid to culinary terms, tools, applainces, techniques, and words. It would incorporate the stories for each recipe on how the cook came about them...almost letting the user get to know the cook. The cook will hoppefully get a foreword written by authors of 'Culinary Artistry' or a known name in the profession.


Does anyone know of any good editing agents. I need one to edit my manuscript.

"wonder ingredients"

This is a poll to see what the most popular ingredients are in your guys' cooking no matter it be fruit, cheese, a certain vegtable just something that you find yourself commonly using in your recipes.

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