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zuchini bread help!

Thanks for the tips! Actually added a little more zucchini than called for and it turned out exellent. A very versatile vegetable. I also used a little banana, little applesauce, and a bit of brown sugar and got wonderfully moist and delicious loaves. Mini loaves work as well.

question about cresent dough?

I tried making this in a mini muffin pan.The ones I filled came out awesome.the cresent rollls I molded for filling later you had to monitor and push down while baking to make cups or you would have mini cresents.Thank you guys for your help

brie in puff pastry

thanks for the brie tips!very helpful since I've never made this

Where to eat in Wilmington, NC

I guess depends on what you like.You seem to be hitting more casual sandwich shops.If you like Italian,The Taste of Italy is just down College not far from the college.They have great sandwiches on fresh baked Italian breads from Aunt Annies Bakery which is next to Dick's sporting store in the strip mall next to it.They have great dinners you can get from Eggplant parm to baked Ziti,and more.Excellent food.If you like Japenese,Hiro's on market street is excellent.I am a big fan of theoutback steak house.I have been to several of them in different states and they are consistently good. Enjoy!

butterscotch pie/merinque

Thanks guys for your info on the butterscotch pie.I like the one with scotch,will let you know how it came out

Troy, NY Pig Out Weekend!

p.s.I live in nc now I will be up in sept for a class reunion,Pam

Troy, NY Pig Out Weekend!

I am from Watervliet,ny right across the bridge,my name is Pam,any Watervlietians out there

chocolate merinque pie: need advice

I have a torch to brown meringue,never used it.Do I chill the pie first for a couple of hours and then add meringue or do I FILL PIE AND TOP AND BROWN AND CHILL,thanks guys,I'M RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT,ASAP,HELP

chocolate merinque pie: need advice

I have instant pudding,and eggs here exlarge are 2.09 a dozen.I DO NOT EAT THAT MANY EGGS OR MAKE DISHES WITH problem has always that i got yolk in them and they did not make the good meringue,so should i whip the cream first or split the difference in the amount of milk I'm using,thanks,Pam

Making dog food

my beagle likes fat free chicken broth cooked down with rice.You can also add carrots cooked down and pureed as well as beets and celery and peas.Add some boneless chicken breast or what I do is when food lion or other markets has whole roasters on sale for like 59clb,you can't go wrong.You can actually get a nice meal out of it yourself then just keep picking the rest off for the dog,plus you have a nice broth to pour over the rice with cooked down carrots and celery,don't use onions

Pickled watermellon rind-need recipe

Hi lemonfair,thanks for the tip on the watermellon rind.the peppers came out great.I made a mixture of 1cp vinegar 1cp water and 1/2 cup of sugar.I boiled to dissolving on the stove.I took my peppers and quarterd them and put them in a hot jar.I added fresh dill and a sliced clove of garlic and about a 1/2 tsp of salt.You just let them sit until the jar gets cool enough to put in the fridge.After about 20mins I opened one up and tasted.I ate the whole pint jar.Try them.this recipe actually is better with the banana peppers I used instead of just the green ones my Mom used to have a combination of the liquid being on the sweet side and a little zing from the peppers.thanks for asking,try them its easy.I'll let you know how the cukes(if I can find a farm that has let about 5gallons worth of cukes to pick that have grown to yellow) or I will do watermellon.some one told me you can also do cantalope.I 'm not sure on this because the skin to me would be to tough

chocolate easter bunnies

how weird! i THOUGHT i WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD THAT LIKED PEEPS AFTER THEY HARDENED UP.I would open a pack up and let them dry out for a couple of days,yummmm

chicken cordon bleu - help!

thanks for cordon bleu tips-another question! when I bake them should they be covered with foil and also can I make a good size batch to freeze,do they do well frozen? thanks,Pam

meatloaf-with celery

thanks so much for your help,I appreciate it,I will let you know how it turned out,but also I was just thinking,If I'm going to make a brown gravy instead of ketchup on top,should I put ketchup in the mix itself,let me know.Im' ready to build this thing,Pam

Fennel Question

I also use fennel in my meatballs,but very gingerly,it gives a great flavor like sausage but don't use to much,it will not taste like licorice,Pam


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