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Pizza in Indianapolis

If your travels find you north of Indianapolis, I highly recommend Pizzology in Carmel.

Uses for Pretzel Bread?

I love a hot ham and cheese on pretzel bread!

Mother's Day Giveaway: Peanut Butter & Co. Chocolate Bonbons

My mom's stuffed peppers are the best-my favorite meal she makes by a mile :) I've tried to recreate them for my kids, but it's not the same :)

Video: How to Stop Cute Babies From Throwing Food Everywhere

As the mom of 9 month old twin girls and a 3 year old, I am totally loving this idea!

Cakespy: Funfetti Cake Mix Cookie Sandwiches

So cute! Would be great for a kids birthday party

Would Chipotle Ever Sell a Breakfast Burrito?

Agree! What a great idea, I think they could create a fab burrito...w/that being said, though I concur w/the above poster's comments though, my waistline would approve if they only did lunch...

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

Pumpkin pie brulee!!!!

Happy Turkey Day serious eats :)

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

no competition here-the pumpkin pie brulee not only combines two of my favorite desserts, but promises to taste absolutely outstanding!
will definitely be on my menu this year-thanks serious eats :)

Cook the Book: 'Second Helpings of Roast Chicken'

My go to ingredient is always a chicken breast-boring you say? maybe by themselves, but they are such a great base for other great tasting foods and flavors.
On the flip side, I always buy fresh tomatoes with really good intentions, but they seem to go bad before i can fulfill my end of the bargain...

Cook the Book: 'The Modern Baker'

my biggest disaster would have to be the first time i made pumpkin "roll" ended up a crumbly mess...have been too scared to try it since!

Cook the Book: Bobby Flay's Grill It!

Would have to be Alton Brown-great food and would learn a ton about his techniques...would also be great to hear his stories of filming Feasting on Asphalt