I am a serious food freak and love traveling abroad and sampling exotic eats!! :)

  • Favorite foods: Spicy Tuna Sushi
    Sweet and pungent shrimp from Panda Inn (Shout-out!!)
    Lucky Boy breakfast burritos w/ chorizo
    Mac and Cheese (Homemade)
    Sausage rolls (Heaven)
    Pretty much everything else i haven't mentioned, except blue cheese. :(
  • Last bite on earth: Foie Gras w/ duck and root vegetable mash

Best Cheese(s) For Duck Pizza?

mayb some gruyere? or blue cheese?

Quick's Darth Vader Burger

wow.... mayb if someone gave me an uncolored hamburger afterword... not to appetizing

The Perfect Coffee

Does anybody know a good brand of coffee, preferably a dark roast which would b good straight up and one which would be good in a coffee drink? Your help is appreciated!

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