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Win a Copy of 'Plenty More'

SO YUMMY...mashed yams mixed with sautéed onions, garlic, tomatoes, sliced black olives, feta cheese and fresh basil stuffed into cooked large shell pasta and then baked. Also, same veggies mixed with cooked Spaghetti Squash...yum makes me hungry!

41 Recipes with Greek Yogurt We Love

Well...Greek Yogurt has prettty much kept me on my new weight diet. I use it on everything for a sauce, but dessert it has totally saved me. I bought sugarless jellies and sometimes mix with the yogurt and my very favorite is just putting splenda right in the yogurt and mixing it up. Best addition to a low carb diet I have ever tried.

Cook the Book: 'One Big Table'

Wow.....this is tough so many dishes that would fit the bill. Gosh, I think chicken many kinds!!! I love them all . coco

Cook the Book: Creamy Grits and Chard

Thankyou for a great sounding CHARD recipe. That's two in one day, I will be trying the Tacos De Acelgas, which is also a CHARD recipe. As you may have guessed, I have a chard plant. It is over 8' wide and 5' tall. And every year all the new growth chard tastes wonderful. I truly appreciate the new recipes to try. Thankyou all on serious eats. coco

Cook the Book: Asian Cabbage Rolls with Spicy Pork

I just made these last night. The flavor was delicious. The only problem I had was the chinese cabbage leaves were not as tender, as I thought they would be. I had never cooked whole chinese cabbage leaves, so when no one mentioned pre cooking for the leaves, I assumed the leaves were more tender than regular cabbage. If I make this recipe again, I would steam the large stuffing leaves first. It was yummy!! coco

We Drew Vegetables For Our Thanksgiving Meal At Work!

So many great idea's yummy. My daughter makes a corn casserole, that I swear it as good cold as hot. It is maybe a gratin or keesh. I know it has eggs. Whenever she brings it, I eat the left overs cold, so good. coco ps: I will try to get the recipe

Dinner Tonight: Roasted Cauliflower with Indian Spices

Your welcome teachertalk.....I too love it when someone answers my goofy questions. Thanks to these great computers and my favorite SE, I feel we are all so close from all over the world, and I love reading and making all the great recipes and getting the good advice. I have learned so much. Being retired and being a snow bird, does have it's perks. We fish almost everyday for large mouth and striped bass, blue gil and cat fish and my husband hunts with a spear for Talapia. I have a smoker and a freezer on board, so I take a bunch home. Life is good. coco

Dinner Tonight: Roasted Cauliflower with Indian Spices

Thankyou teachertalk..............I made the recipe the best I could and used the spices I had and it was yummy, served it with fresh large mouth bass here from the Colorado. It is always fun to have a new taste to go along with this yummy fish. Thankyou, coco

Dinner Tonight: Roasted Cauliflower with Indian Spices

I am camping on the Colorado river and I don't have all the spices for this but I have
garam masala and curry powder with me and fresh serranos and just picked out of the field cauliflower,and cilantro. Would one of those spices work to get the indian taste, it sounds so good. coco

Coworkers and food smells

just stick your finger down your throat and barf all over, let them smell that all day, and I bet things would change in the lunch room.

if you can choose a dish to represent your country

German potato salad, from my German mom and
Chile Verde, from my Mexican neighbor and
Salmon baked, from me in Washington, usa

Dinner Tonight: Calabazas Horneadas (Baked Squash, Chiles, and Corn Tacos)

sounds good but like racheleewoo..what kind of squash and what is epazote? and where could I find it ie: reg. grocery store, mex store? coco

Pookie = Pie + Cookie

I made this.............It was great...............I am making another one, using a cherry pie and a chocolate cookie..........I will send my report...... coco

HELP!! What kind of chili or chile flavor?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm very interesting. If on the barbeque side, I should probably use chili powder(like for con carne), or chili without beans in the same grocery section. On the mexican/latin side probably needs to be chile peppers of some kind, like green or red. And that sweet one I bought, that was to make Foster Freeze secret sauce for their hamburgers, they said they mixed it with realish and that was the sauce( I forgot about that I should try it.) Chili's......chile's.......Aji........capsicums...Gotta love it! coco

The Best Macaroni and Cheese in New York City

You guys are killing me. I am still down here in Yuma on the Colorado, fishing.................what I wouldn't give for a good mac and cheese. Thank god it is 80o and a bit hot, or i would have to go find some............but it still sounds good!!.............Have Fun Eating.............coco

Dinner Tonight: Ginger and Cilantro Baked Tilapia

thankyou for this great recipe.............we are right now hunting Tilapia in a lake on the Colorado. Did you know you have to use a bow and arrow or a spear to get them? They are very flighty and spook easy. What an adventure for a hunter, not easy, but challanging. This recipe will be a nice change for this delicate, light fish, I mostly saute BBQ. Thanks, coco

Help...I need to cottle an egg.............coco

Now that seems easy especially here in my motorhome, Thanks tracyole

Help...I need to cottle an egg.............coco

Thankyou so much Larikatz and CJMcD........yes, I can see spelling it right could have helped me find the directions better. My husband read the directions and I wrote them down, so I just spelled it like he read it. Thanks You guys are great. I will try the first approach from Larikatz and if that doesn't work I will use one of my canning jars and try CJMcD Thanks so much COCO

HELP! I can't get a good flavor on smoking of fresh water bass

Dear Asado...funny that you mentioned the spread because I did that with the first batch of fish I smoked, I wasen't happy with the flavor of the fish but in a spread it was delicious. I will probably freeze most of the fish, but I was trying to do something different to preserve. Amandarama...those flavors sound good, I have a little Bradley smoker, real cute stores up in a carry case. I think I need to cut time shorter because seems too dry Lorenzo,. Whats a bassomatic? jotthedot: whats a bong? I don't roll anything up. Trust me CJMcD, once a day I get on this computer, to check in with the family and read the e-mail, the rest of the time I am on a bass boat fishing and sunbathing also weather right now is 70's going to be 80's next week. Retirement is great and so are all of you who helped me. Thanks, COCO ps: I think it is just going to be a trial and error thing with this smoking

The Facts about Sugar, Stevia, Splenda, Equal...

I use splenda because I heard that aspartene was bad. I thought splenda was made from grapefruit. I have used sweeteners for so long that sugar doesn't taste sweet enough any more. Don't know what else to use!! coco

Where are the currents?

They are in a box like raisins, by the raisins at all my grocery stores. If you can't find them, you can go on Amazon and order, they will find them no matter what. I have ordered things I can't find in the grocery field and they find them and send them. coco

stuffed cabbage variations

a couple things I have learned that are really good are: However you stuff them, whatever ingredients, the best flavored topping to put on is straight tomato paste, just spread it on with a spoon or knife,and cook, tastes so yummy. It makes me hungry!

The other recipe that is really easy and kind of cheating. Is you make your stuffing for the cabbage roll but instead of cabbage you put the meat mixture around a brussell sprout. I buy them frozen and just press the meat right around the brussell sprout, and of course put my tomato paste on top.
Have Fun trying out all the recipes, I am going to try some too. coco

Good-Bye Food Network; I'll miss you!

I think I would seriously check out satelite system. I have DTV through qwest as well as verizon cell, verizonwireless, and internet, and land line phone, all in a bundle with great discount because of the bundle. People need to cancel that Cablevision, and tell them why. coco
you shouldn't have to suffer

what's your favourite candy bar?

Two of the Three favorites, I can't find it anymore. 1. victoria cream( a small patty type candy bar, mint) and 2. sevenup bar(a candy bar with 7 different little samples all in one bar)Havent seen them on west coast for years, my third favorite is a Look Bar, still loving them. coco

Horrible, horrible, restaurants

How about a chinese restaurant that if you order seperate dishes a little spendy but delicious BUT.................if you order a combo plate, the food tastes like shit , it tastes like it was left overs from other peoples plates, the worst food ever and the best food ever!!Go figure that one out.coco


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