Hi, I’m Chelsea. I’m a broke college student involved in scandalous a long-term love affair with food. The daughter of a pastry chef, I was born with sugar and chocolate running through my veins. Check my instagram for mouth-watering pictures: cnewms16

  • Favorite foods: Avocados, lemon bars, mexican hot chocolate, anything Ethiopian, olives, and brie cheese.
  • Last bite on earth: Crunchy garlic sourdough bread topped with avocados, diced kalamata olives, and mozzarella cheese, all drizzled with olive oil.

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ChelsEats: Microwave Mug Recipes

@Ken G love those pictures.. there are some savory dishes I would love to try (I always seem to focus on the sweets). @canihavesome that is real simple, I like it!

ChelsEats: How do you like your cheesecake?

@Mr. Nick I do agree- I love ricotta cheesecake! @jo_wang I actually have never tried Japanese-style cheesecake... any recipes you recommend or bakeries that do it well?

Seeking cookbook subtitle suggestions

Just looked at the website... I also am a reader, so I think this is a really cool idea for a book. I also do agree, though, that this probably will be sold more for coffee tables. Your subtitle should capture the sense of history and tradition that your book seems to have. Maybe something about exotic tastes with lots of history?

ChelsEats: Lemon Bar Loving

@Hilary M- those look great, I am going to try that next time I make these. @Littauer, have you tried it/is that good? It sounds good! I actually tried making lemon bars with half lime juice and they came out well, but I didn't even think of orange.

ChelsEats: Give me Avocados!

@boobird, you're very welcome! :) Thanks for the suggestion, that sounds a lot more practical. @McNormal and @klseiverd also great variations on the recipe, I need to try these... my mouth is watering already.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Breakfast For Dinner

These all sound so good! Personally, I always love french toast made with nice dense sourdough bread. The other day, I decided to try a savory twist on the classic which would work well for dinner. Instead of soaking the bread in eggs, milk, and cinnamon, I soaked it in eggs, a little olive oil, garlic, and chili pepper flakes. I fried it up in a little more olive oil (can you tell I like olive oil?), and topped it with some fresh tomatoes and avocados.