Hi, I’m Chelsea. I’m a broke college student involved in scandalous a long-term love affair with food. The daughter of a pastry chef, I was born with sugar and chocolate running through my veins. Check my instagram for mouth-watering pictures: cnewms16

  • Favorite foods: Avocados, lemon bars, mexican hot chocolate, anything Ethiopian, olives, and brie cheese.
  • Last bite on earth: Crunchy garlic sourdough bread topped with avocados, diced kalamata olives, and mozzarella cheese, all drizzled with olive oil.

ChelsEats: Microwave Mug Recipes

@Ken G love those pictures.. there are some savory dishes I would love to try (I always seem to focus on the sweets). @canihavesome that is real simple, I like it!

ChelsEats: How do you like your cheesecake?

@Mr. Nick I do agree- I love ricotta cheesecake! @jo_wang I actually have never tried Japanese-style cheesecake... any recipes you recommend or bakeries that do it well?

Seeking cookbook subtitle suggestions

Just looked at the website... I also am a reader, so I think this is a really cool idea for a book. I also do agree, though, that this probably will be sold more for coffee tables. Your subtitle should capture the sense of history and tradition that your book seems to have. Maybe something about exotic tastes with lots of history?

ChelsEats: Lemon Bar Loving

@Hilary M- those look great, I am going to try that next time I make these. @Littauer, have you tried it/is that good? It sounds good! I actually tried making lemon bars with half lime juice and they came out well, but I didn't even think of orange.

ChelsEats: Give me Avocados!

@boobird, you're very welcome! :) Thanks for the suggestion, that sounds a lot more practical. @McNormal and @klseiverd also great variations on the recipe, I need to try these... my mouth is watering already.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Breakfast For Dinner

These all sound so good! Personally, I always love french toast made with nice dense sourdough bread. The other day, I decided to try a savory twist on the classic which would work well for dinner. Instead of soaking the bread in eggs, milk, and cinnamon, I soaked it in eggs, a little olive oil, garlic, and chili pepper flakes. I fried it up in a little more olive oil (can you tell I like olive oil?), and topped it with some fresh tomatoes and avocados.

ChelsEats: Microwave Mug Recipes

Sometimes, we all have a craving for little something chocolate, something gooey, something fresh-out-the-oven. Don't be so quick to crack out the full blown recipes, though--there are tons of recipes for single serve mug cakes or cookies or whatever your heart desires.

I did a little experimenting the other day and made a pretty good mini chocolate tart. I started with a basic cookie crust- 1T flour, 1T butter, and ¼ T confectioners sugar. I mixed together, pressed it down into a small container, then popped it in the microwave and cooked it till the top was light brown, about 45 seconds. Then I let it cool while making a simple ganache in the microwave- 2T semi sweet chocolate chips (I like Guittard) and 2T heavy cream, microwaved for 30 seconds. I poured it into the container with the cookie, let it cool, and voila! It came out well...the cookie was a little undercooked in the middle, but I didn't mind at all. It was the perfect serving size too.

Craving something else? A chocolate chip cookie, maybe? Here's a great recipe I found online:

Have a fruity craving? Here is an A+ recipe for a quick cobbler:

Any other good mug recipes? My sweet tooth is itching.

ChelsEats: How do you like your cheesecake?

My mother was trained and worked as a pastry chef in New York City before I was born. This means I was a very, very lucky child. I always was fed well and had the best-looking and best-tasting birthday cakes a child could imagine. This July, I got to return the favor for my mother's birthday by making her a delicious cheesecake, which the family promptly devoured within 2 days (keep in mind that this was a dense, 9 inch round family has quite the appetite).

My mom's cheesecake recipe is wonderfully smooth, with a simple butter cookie crust rather than the heavily flavored graham cracker crust that most other cheesecakes have. When she first started baking, this was the magic recipe that got her noticed by the pros. I always looked at her cheesecake with a sort of reverence. It's the kind of dessert that is served simply, either plain or with some glazed berries on top to cut the creaminess. I see all of these fancy flavored cheesecakes now with chocolate infusions, raspberry swirls, and myriads of toppings (see: Cheesecake Factory). And sure, some of these are good, but I will always think that cheesecake is best served plain. How else can we fully appreciate the creamy, cheesy, goodness?

What do you guys think? Any flavored cheesecake recipes out there that will change my mind? Also, any creative crust ideas?

(Note: I apologize for not including the magical recipe. My mom would have disowned me if I shared her secret.)

ChelsEats: Lemon Bar Loving

Since my 6-month anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up, I decided to bake him some lemon bars (since I have no money to actually buy a gift). Lemon bars are such an amazing, summery treat, and it was the first thing my boyfriend and I had cooked together.

So I delved into the recipe as usual, but something didn't feel quite right. You know that feeling? When you just know something is missing? Anyway, after the bars had been cooking for a good 10 minutes, I realized that I had forgotten to put the sugar in the lemon filling. I took the bars out in a panic and dumped a cup of sugar on top, hoping it would caramelize and make a crunchy top. It did not. After cooking for another 15 minutes, lo and behold! The sugar had made a huge, syrupy bubble that covered almost the entire pan. I took the pregnant lemon mess out, popped the bubble, and stuck it in the fridge, still optimistic. It ended up turning into a weird gooey syrup, crunchy in some places- kind of yummy, but definitely un-gift-able.

The moral of this story is, read your lemon bar recipe carefully. I use a wonderful recipe from bars are just zesty and tangy enough and have a beautiful buttery crust. Here it is:

Anyone share my love for lemon bars? Any good suggestions for recipes or tangy twists on this classic?

ChelsEats: Give me Avocados!

Today, I saw a recipe for egg stuffed avocados on Serious Eats and I decided to try it, since avocados are basically the best thing in the world. The recipe told me to scoop out a halved avocado, crack an egg into each half, and bake it. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. If you attempt this recipe, be ready for raw egg everywhere. Apparently, I didn't scoop out enough of the avocado, so when I broke an egg into it, the yolk stayed intact but the entirety of the egg white made a quick escape from its avocado prison. It took several tries to scoop out enough avocado so that a whole egg could fit inside the hole. Next time, I'm planning on lightly beating one egg and pouring half into each side of the avocado.

Anyway, after my entire forearms and countertop were slathered with raw egg, I finally managed to put the avocados in the oven. I baked for about 12 minutes, then garnished with fresh tomatoes and cilantro. I also fried a tortilla in olive oil to make crispy chips for scooping out avocado-egg goodness. They came out delicious, but let me warn you--this dish is definitely for two. It is so rich that I only managed to finish 1.5 avocados before descending into a deep food coma.

Like I said before, avocados are basically the best things in the world. They are creamy enough that you can spread them on bread and firm enough to be tossed into a salad. Their taste--mild, but distinctively earthy--make them ideal for pairing with a variety of foods.

Give me avocados! Let me hear your thoughts, recipes, and uses for this great fruit/vegetable/superfood.