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Food Artisans: Empire Mayonnaise

Got this mayo from Smorgasburg and I can attest to the deliciousness. I actually get pretty grossed out from mayo in a jar. Homemade mayos and aioli I can deal with, but when it comes to the processed stuff, it makes me want to gag. So yeah, not the biggest fan of mayo.

Empire might have just changed my entire perceptions on how wondrous mayo can really be. Seriously, the black garlic is amazing.

Beyond the Dark and Stormy: 6 Great Ginger Cocktails in San Francisco

These all look so yummy, and make me really jealous that I'm not on the other coast.

In New York, the Gin-Gin Mule at Pegu Club and the Society Island Cooler Punch at 1534 really pack a gingery wallop. The Cooler especially. Lots of nice spicy gingery burn!

Meet Our New Sites!

I read "Serious Teats" as "Serious Treats" and was seriously excited. I thought maybe the first two were an April Fool's joke and the last was actually a real launch.

Until I scrolled. And saw "teats." BOOO.

NYC: Best Wine Bar for a Beginner?

Seeing the online menu of Terrior is so intimidating... I can't imagine what it looks like in person! I love the attitude that's present on their website and on the menu. It brings wine down to the people. A lot of my friends refuse to go to a wine bar just because they're afraid of the lofty pretentiousness that might wait for them inside!

Ardesia and Tangled Vine seem like really good options as well.

Are any of these bars better for reds than whites, or are they pretty balanced?

Drink the Book: 'Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes'

One of the better ones I had at home in recent memory I made with chocolate milk and strawberry ice cream. Delicious!

Drink the Book: 'Punch' by David Wondrich

A toss-up between gin and rum, but never together!

Win Tickets To the "Asian Feastival" in Queens This Labor Day

Probably Cantonese, although Thai is absolutely delicious as well...

Win Tickets to Taste of Tribeca

Love Megu and Matsugen! I'd love to try Chanterelle.