love to cook and bake garden and snowshoe and kayaking of course. Love to driver my mini cooper and hop on the Harley with my sweetie and love my kids to death. Zoe and Cat Fish your included.

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Thanks again for the comments and ideas. Failed again this morning. My friend likes them so they aren't going to waste but I enjoy filling mine with ready whip till my hearts content. They are too blah and dense for me if they dont pop.
My eggs are farm fresh and I use pop over pans. (Makes 6) Whole milk this time and not skim. They dont rise at all to even fall so that's not my problem. I tried a 400 oven this time. then lowered the heat for the remaining baking time. And we never open the door. We got them to pop twice like a year ago and have no clue what recipe we used or what worked but sure cant get one to pop anymore. Betty Crocker recipe failed us too. I will try others you have mentioned. Were not ready to give up just yet.

Date logs

Thanks to all. They were pitched in the garbage, just hated to throw away those wonderful dates. Was disappointed due to the childhood memory at Christmas I wanted to share with my sister. Theres got to be something missing they sure werent what my memory remembered....darn. These date bars should be good. Will try those next time.

Jell-o salads.

bobcatsteph3 thanks for the tip I bought it!! looks like a fun great book to add to my collection. The shower is the middle of August so no problem not getting it in time. Thanks again. I wanted something fun and up to date. Not just the same old same old lime jello with the pineapple...even tho I do like that one....ha

hot pepper jam

I am thrilled on the response. this site is a wonderful "go to" when ever I have a question or need to find something. CJ MCD I think this recipe is the one I am going to try. Sounds wonderful. When the peppers are ready I will be sure to post how it comes out, The girls at Weight Watchers will be happy.

hot pepper jam

thanks I will try that

Lobster for New Years Eve

This is a great site to save for just about everything, Thank you. I found a few other things as well. Wonderful resource,
My lobster turned out great. Took longer than I had expected so we ate in courses but that was fine. I baked it in tin foil. I cut it down the middle packed it with butter then sealed it up to steam it. Wonderful.

French Onion Soup?

I have to say when I was camping with my sister and brother inlaw in a pinch we had onion soup in tin foil and it was awesome. We took large vidalia onions cut out a core on the top, added a beef boulion cube and parmesan cheese and topped the hole with butter. covered them each with tin foil and baked them for 1 1/2 hours at 350 or until done and they were darn tasty... I was impressed.

Cooking sherry vs red cooking wine

actually would there be any sherry preferable to any other? I have never cooked with sherry

Cooking sherry vs red cooking wine

OOOhhh wonderful thank you so much for your quick response. I didnt think it was the same but just wanted to be sure. Do you have a nice recipe for pumpkin soup? I got one from our walkspree website at work that seemed to be easy and tastie.

charcoal grill

I appreciate all of your comments but honestly I dont take the time to write back to say how wonderful things went in a meal or what not. I will be sure to do that because I know I appreciate it. It makes you feel good that you made someones meal that much more special...You positive people are very does not go unnoticed...

everyones favorite punch with a punch

ha I got a giggle out of that last one Carmason. I would never think to add tequila marg mix and beer it doesnt even sound good. but the ole fashion traditional punch is what I am going with. And I want to thank you all.

And pepper corns.. who would have thought..

everyones favorite punch with a punch

but do you have a favorite juice blend

Easter cocktail?

I do like the melted peep w/irish coffee idea.

Banana bread

Dancing cat cant wait to try your secret recipe. thanks everyone for sharing. I cant honestly remember the last time I used lard. My gramma always did and her pie crusts and sweet rolls donuts were amazing. she baked for a resteraunt her the Upper Peninsula. And the Hilltop sweet rolls are world famous. She gone now and the rolls just arent what they used to be. Good ole lard...I may have to try it. thank you

Banana bread

kitchenwiz I have never had the oportunity to go to the kitchen test site. I am pretty excited about this new adventure. thank you

Banana bread

Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you all I will try all the suggestions and come up with the best banana bread ever....

Easy Marinade for Chicken on George Forman Grill?

I'm with greenbean, italian dressing works great. I love Lawry's Caribbean jerk and also Sesame Ginger marinades. I always have one or the other on hand.

favorite Layered Trifle dessert

You people are just wonderful, thank you for the ideas. And to Missbrown eyes I was thinking chocolate chocolate chocolate but the additional ideas that people have shared are great. I can always count on this blog for results. To Teachertalk, just type in Trifles?? I will look around. To Ag3208 love the salad idea. Thanks, keep em comin....

Eating in Portland, Maine

You have to try the Wild Boar appetizer at FIGA on Congress. Unbelivable.

8 Cities and the Dishes They're NOT Known For (But Should Be)

If your ever in the U.P. upper peninsula of Michigan the Rice Paddy on Presque Isl has the best Thai food to be found. Aoy is from a small town south of Bangkok and she calls everyone girlfriend or boyfriend that comes in. Wonderful small resteraunt you have to try.

best Lobster roll in Mass.

Thanks for the comments. I dont know that there was any claw or nuckle meat but it was amazing flavor. I do have to say it was anything but disappointing so perhaps it did include that. I will keep in mind the pizzerias for my next adventure as well as the Lobster Hut. I have to say the B and G had 13 different types of oysters at the their oyster bar. It was great, from Cape Breton island to Duxbury to Mayflower point and other selections from Dabob Bay in WA and the list goes on.

Calling out to all of you tart lovers

Daugh...I see that the Martha Stewart recipe IS a pie crust...I will have to try it. thanks

Calling out to all of you tart lovers

Thanks to both of you. I was thinking a typical pie crust would that work? I really enjoyed the filling more when the crust is less sweet..They melt in your mouth.. but these give me a few options. I thought I would make a day of it make a a couple batches to have them over the holidays I would think they freeze well.

a reliable sweet dough for tarts

I was at a Finnish ma and pa resteraunt in Hancock MI (the U.P) yesterday and I had a prune filled tart that was made by placing each corner of the crust over each other like a pin wheel. They were wonderful, the crust was not your sweet pastry crust. I am looking for that not so sweet crust.