How to Make Peepshi = Peeps Sushi

Here's our effort - great fun. Used homemade treats and simply fruit rollups.

How to Make Peepshi = Peeps Sushi

do you think home-made rice crispy treats would work better or worse with this? I'm thinking they'd be easy to shape.

How to Make Peepshi = Peeps Sushi

I'm giving this a go - what fun.

Green Tomato Ideas Needed

@cassandra. I actually searched seriouseats before I posted my question - nothing like that wonderful discussion came up. thanks for the link.

These are all great ideas. I don't know much about chutneys etc but today's Bittman column gives ideas for relishes etc and I am thinking that the green tomato-something that I end up with will be part of our thanksgiving.

I've never done canning, looks like its time to learn.

Food Suggestions for Election Night

Big Mac's can be really hard on your system.

Food Suggestions for Election Night

Thanks for the insight - I do appreciate that "comfort foods" are very often carbs because of the serotonin connection. That took lamb chops and garlic mashers off the menu - I could so easily go into a potato + butter + cream coma!

chili - baked - sounds interesting.
popcorn is a great idea!

roasted quail is such a lovely idea. Festive and comforting.

I also think eating out sounds good, but I don't think I could enjoy dinner, I'd be glued to my iphone...

I have settled on two things - maybe three with the popcorn idea:

Last night, I made a lovely pot roast flavored with tarragon, so we'll have that for our early dinner and
I still have some fresh tomatoes coming in from the garden, so I'll make a caprese salad for our later night light munching. I am getting ready to bake some bread right now.

two bottles of red wine, riedel glasses, and a lot of deep breaths.

Thanks everyone

Food Suggestions for Election Night

Wow - I really did not imagine this would be a political post - but I guess it can't be helped.

I was really thinking of good foods to nosh on for a long night in front of the tele. And I was thinking comfort foods...

Santa Fe Recommendations

Pasqual's had an off night - the entree was only so-so and it was one of their more well known dishes. The desserts were weak too. The wine list was good, as always, and the service was excellent. Don't know what was going on (or not going on) but it was the first weak meal I have had at Pasqual's. I had made reservations for Pasqual's two evenings and this experience caused us to cancel the second evening and go elsewhere.

El Mason was a real joy. Delicious tapas and some funky smooth jazz music. Nice wine selection.

The Shed did not disappoint. Fantastic red chili.

Blue Corn Cafe was great. Best margarita in town and really lovely green chili stew.

Casa Sena - ooh, not a good experience. A bad meal and bad service. I'll try it again, at least I think I will, but I was sorely disappointed.

An unexpected treat was the Santa Fe Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. A gorgeous array of fruits, veg, new mexico standards like roasted green chili, some craft items and overall lots of fun.

Santa Fe Recommendations

thank you for all the great suggestions. I am really looking forward to the trip.

Santa Fe Recommendations

I was absolutely referring to food and restaurants - sorry if that wasn't obvious.
Thanks for the ideas.

How do you make a good black bean burger?

wow - do the sweet potatoes cook in the few minutes it takes to cook the BBBs?

I am making a pot of beans now and today's test is the BB cakes with masa harina.

How do you make a good black bean burger?

I'll be glad to give you feedback. My current batch of BBB's will run out tomorrow so I'll be making some new ones on thursday or Friday. What I would like to do is try each of the recommendations and see how it goes. I am pretty sure I can't do 2 eggs to a can of beans - sorry bitchincamero. I bet egg lovers would think that was a great idea - Thank you for offering your help. and I do love cilantro so that will be an excellent addition.

How do you make a good black bean burger?

any substitutes for the eggs - I don't care for them and unless it is heavily spiced, the taste is too much for me.

Gifting foods - or how to send a long-distance hug

These are all such great suggestions. I had to laugh at the Elgin's sausage - Elgin is 2 hours from me, It is so easy to forget something simple and local like that good sausage.

I also overlooked doing something simple like baking cookies or perhaps sending coffee and biscotti - and I have a great biscotti recipe.

I had never heard of the Lobsta Gram - I have to admit that one really looks interesting.

I am going to look through the sites and see what makes sense.

Whatever I pick this time, I now have some really cool resources for future food gifting - and I so appreciate you all taking the time to give me suggestions.

Kitchen timers

I have a little digital thermometer that I got at Radio Shack - it has a magnet so it sticks to the fridge, it has a clip so I can clip it to my pocket or apron, and it is easy to use - not sure what it cost - maybe $10?

I can't eat ------ like I used to!

New Mexican chili :(

I grew up on it, and could eat it every day - but now when I visit Santa Fe and load up on food from The Shed or Pasqual's, my poor belly aches like it is raw on the inside.

I still eat it, every delicious spicy bite, but my body doesn't tolerate it. That is truly sad.

Raw foods- what does that mean??

There are some raw food cookbooks - my memory is that Charlie Trotter did one, or helped with one. The foods look gorgeous, but generally have quite a bit of prep.

I have a friend who brought a raw tartlet to dinner, it was absolutely delicious - I wished she had made a tart instead of tartlet - I definitely wanted more.

I just checked amazon, there are a lot of books now with simpler recipes - good luck.

How does anyone afford to travel & eat?!

I do a lot of research on which restaurants are praised and which ones people dislike - chowhound is good and serious eats is great. I generally plan my travels around the food - so I am more likely to stay someplace les expensive so I can eat more or eat at better places.

travel + good food is a joy, but can be expensive. We try to save up for trips so we have the cash to spend.

So, how likely are you to make those Sloppy Joe's?

I always get that wrong, it is Montreal seasoning, not Monterey. Probably 2 t not one T.

So, how likely are you to make those Sloppy Joe's?

OK - the SJ's were delightful! I used the above recipe but changed ingredients to:

4 T mustard
4 T sweet relish
4 T Pace
pinch of red pepper flakes
1 T Monterrey seasoning

I forgot to buy buns at the store so we just ate the mix out of a bowl - it was great.

BTW - I think a soy protein version would be good. I'll probably make a venison version in the next few weeks.

So, how likely are you to make those Sloppy Joe's?

I agree that longer simmer helps a lot - it also develops the flavor. My memory was that my recipe had ketchup but it doesn't.

Here is my basic recipe though as I recall I adjusted the amounts of mustard, chili sauce, etc. quite a bit to suite my preference for tangy and spicy foods.

brown together:
1 lb ground chuck
1 onion chopped

Then add:
2T chili sauce (I use pace but I imagine any bottled hot sauce would be good)
1T prepared mustard
2T sweet pickle relish
1 8oz can tomato sauce
salt & pepper

cook slowly until flavors are blended and meat is tender. Serve on a hot, buttered bun.

My SO doesn't care for the soggy bun, so I am interested in alternatives.

Some cheddar would be a delicious addition.

So, how likely are you to make those Sloppy Joe's?

I agree about the bun - you could toast it or, just eat the mix sans bun... Or maybe just keep on saying "yuck!"

My recipe includes a couple of tablespoons of "chili sauce" which I have always interpreted as Pace hot sauce - and adds a nice little spice.

I like the BBQ sauce idea.

Overheard: strange things you've heard people say about food.

chiffOnade, I think you might have saved a life!

Overheard: strange things you've heard people say about food.

about 10 years ago, I was asked to bring mashed potatoes to a holiday dinner. I must've made a horrible face because my host asked me what was wrong. I replied, "I've never made mashed potatoes, my mother always told me they were really hard to make so I've never tried."

The rest of the story is my dear mum is not a good cook and mashed potatoes might have been challenging for her. I have since learned how to make GREAT mashed potatoes and think of this conversation every single time.

Cook the Book: Nigella Express

Many recipes call for 1/2 onion chopped - chop the entire onion and freeze the part you don't need to add to future recipes.

Green Tomato Ideas Needed

Our first freeze is here. I have about 15 pounds of small to medium green tomatoes and no idea what to do with them. Everyone says, "fried green tomatoes" but I am looking for something more interesting.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions,

Pumpkin Pie Ideas Needed

I have a bunch of small sugar pumpkins - straight out of my garden - and I'd love to make a good pumpkin pie. Anyone have a really good recipe? I'd love to hear about it.

Food Suggestions for Election Night

I have been on the edge of my seat for weeks - reading op ed columns, watching cable news and wondering who will win the presidential race. The big night is finally upon us and we will (hopefully) have a president elect before the night is through.

So here is my question: What are you going to cook for dinner or make for snacking on election night? What are the criteria for perfect election night foods?

How do you make a good black bean burger?

Last week, I ventured into trying to make a tasty black bean burger. I found a couple of recipes on the internet and both were okay, but really nothing special.

Anyone make black bean burgers - or burgers with any variety of beans? If so, what can I do to punch up the basic: beans, onions, garlic, breadcrumbs, cheese optional, jalapeno, optional.

It all tastes fine, but I want something really delicious.

Gifting foods - or how to send a long-distance hug

My sister and brother-in-law have had a rough couple of weeks. She had a melanoma removed and skin grafts (all is well but she is sore) and he just had a close encounter with a car while riding his motorcycle - he is okay too, but really, really sore.

If they were close by, I'd be making meals, taking over beer and wine, etc. But I am in Texas and they are in Florida.

Does anyone have ideas on good food gifts to send long distance? I am game to make something or to order something online. I am just not sure what would be good. He is going to be fairly inactive for a while until he heals enough to start therapy, and she's working full time (at Williams Sonoma) so I think a little food contribution would be appreciated.

So, how likely are you to make those Sloppy Joe's?

I just opened the Serious Eats site, and saw the recipe for Sloppy Joe's. That recipe sounds good, but I immediately dug out MY recipe for sloppy joe's to compare the two, and decide how I'll make SJ's this week.

Now, I haven't made SJ's in years, maybe 10 or more, so clearly this article made an impact.

So my questions are:

How many of you decided to make that recipe soon, like this week?

Who will make sloppy joe's today? Who will make sloppy joe's, but using their own recipe or creativity?

Sushi - in Manhattan

I'm coming to Manhattan this week and have reservations at Nobu, however I've seen very mixed reviews of Nobu.

So, I am looking for alternative restaurants for Sushi

How do you decide what to order at an unfamiliar restaurant?

When you are visiting an upscale restaurant for the first time, what do you order, and/or, how do you decide what to order?

Do you order the specials?

Do you ask the wait staff for their recommendations?

I am about to try three great restaurants 3-star or better, and don't want to feel overwhelmed by the menu choices. I am going to look at the menus online but am conscious that the menus change.

Any suggestions?

NYC - Manhattan Recommendations

I am going to NYC with family. I get to choose two "nice" dinners out - price really isn't an issue. I've been reading the lists of top NYC restaurants and, of course, they all sound fabulous. I am thinking of La Bernaden and Babbo - but I am not married to either of them.


What about small cafes for breakfast and lunch in Manhattan?

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