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  • Last bite on earth: Pizza, my mom's. Not technically the best, but it's absolutely the most soul-filling.

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Where do I get the wood for a brick oven?

@lorenzo, They have a fireplace and get a quarter cord of wood every fall, but we weren't sure on best practices for an oven and I figured I'd crowd-source. Thanks folks!

Where do I get the wood for a brick oven?

So Oak is the way to go? I was under the impression that something like fig tree wood or another fruit tree is the way to go. I wasn't sure what the restaurants are using at the moment.

Fun, not ridiculously expensive pre/post drunk meal in DC

Hmmmm @csuarez... you've piqued my interest... tell me more.

That said, my costume is just going to be a hawaiian shirt and mirror aviators, cause I'm lazy.

Best Cheesesteak in NYC?

I never liked 99 miles. I am, however, a huge proponent of Wogies in the West Village. The beer is good and not expensive. The cheesesteaks are big and kick ass, as is anything else on the menu.

Fun, not ridiculously expensive pre/post drunk meal in DC

I sort of figured as much, but I'm looking for that combination of "good enough to make me happy" and "ease of getting there" that will make you overlook such things as a slightly overpriced burger. I've spent a lot of time reading Midtownlunch.

Fun, not ridiculously expensive pre/post drunk meal in DC

Anything with "Dubliner" in its name is probably up my ally. I'm thinking, and correct me if I'm way off here, but everything within a mile of the great lawn is going to be slammed with probably mind-altered hipsters. Like 100,000 of them. I'm both excited and ready to throw 'bows for a seat at the bar.

Poll: Are You a Pizza Purist?

I've had pretty kickass bacon pizza from a place on Bleeker, but that's about as far as I'll go with that... doesn't the lettuce wilt? Though that does sound good...

Poll: Are You a Pizza Purist?

My pizza rants generally know no bounds but I'll keep this short. I'm, on the whole, a pizza purist. Its roots in the utilitarian-on-the-go-plebian-lunch are undeniable and I feel that over-topping is not just a sin to the form, but just damn impractical.

On the other hand, I find knee-jerk traditionalism confining. Margherita is great, but you can do other stuff with it.

I guess what I'm saying is: I had the artichoke slice at the new West side Artichoke last week, and I was a little grossed out.

Equipment: How to Choose a Meat Cleaver

I'm down with anything that says "dexter" on the side. My family has Dexter fillet knives for as long as I remember. They are indestructible and keep their edge forever. Now I want a cleaver. Thanks.


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