I work in film/video production in the Greatland, Alaska. Self taught cook that loves sharing the lastest creations on my blogs. I am an avid hunter and fishermen and so many of my creations are VERY fresh.

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  • Location: Anchorage, Alaska
  • Favorite foods: Pig in all its forms, moose, caribou (you know, rudolph the reindeer), salmon of all species, halibut, rockfish, shrimp, crab, etc, etc.... Basically I am after the very freshest ingredients and learning the best ways to cook them.
  • Last bite on earth: Just a lovebite on a beautiful woman's full bottom lip. Other than that many things come to mind. Maybe a grilled bacon wrapped date stuffed with gorgonzola and an almond.

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Momofuku ramen broth: Some discrepancies on line

The book is worth buying. Not trolling here. I searched for the steam bun recipe for quite some time and settled on a version posted online by Martha Stewart. She did a hack job and left out several steps/ingredients. Bought the book and voila! Perfect steam buns.

Recipe ideas for a smoked duck?

Definitely smoked duck and andouille gumbo is a great suggestion.
How about a smoked duck taco with a sweet slaw and sriracha?

Mai Tai

I was recently introduced to this drink while sipping them around my sister's pool in Las Vegas. It was really hot and these are the perfect poolside drink. I learned a little different recipe that I stand by.
1 part each
Light Rum (I like 10 Cane)
Dark Rum (Meyers works)
Fresh squeezed lime juice
1/2 part Orange Curacao
1/4 part each
Orgeat (almond syrup)
Simple syrup

You can pre-make a pitcher of them with these ratios. Then shake and serve over crushed ice. So damn good.

key limes - more than key lime pie?

They make the very best citrus finish to a quality gin and tonic. J/S

Fresh Water Or Salt, What Is Your Favorite Fresh Caught Fish?

I am fairly spoiled up here in Alaska. Earlier this summer, we netted 100 sockeye in under 3 hours participating in the Kenai River subsistence fishery. Anyone wanna trade salmon for ribeyes?

My two favorite fish meals of all time though are as follows: Black Cod (sablefish) marinated in miso, sake, green onion, etc, broiled until cooked through is just about as good as fish can taste. Second to that was a beautiful white king salmon that I barely grilled to rare. Both of those fish are rare treats even up here.

My Pie Monday: Proscuitto, Peaches, Figs, and More!

@Jimmyg I meant several things when I said at 4 days it starts behaving well. Mostly it is about the dough stretching right into shape. I get it on the board and with just a few quick stretches, I have the perfect size and shape to start topping. I am also referring to the oven spring on the cornichone. It gets the right sized bubbles at this stage. The flavor of the crust is also better at this point compared to less time aging.

Food photography tips?!

White balance your camera. Or shoot the appropriate setting for the type of lighting used, tungsten/incandescent or daylight. Big soft sources are best. Think of a large window with layers of sheer fabric filtering the sunlight coming in. Use a white card or piece of paper to bounce light on the shadow side. It will help lessen the contrast between the light and shadow side of a subject.

For post processing in photoshop, I am definitely no expert. Personally I adjust the levels, bump up the color saturation by maybe 5-8%, and sometimes I will add a bit of the unsharp mask filter. Just play around until you find what you like. Remember, subtle is better.

carbonara techniques

In addition to the above good advice, don't forget LOTS of fresh ground black pepper. It is how the dish got it's name.

Want to impress, top everyone's dish with a really fresh egg yolk and let them break and mix into their own bowl.

Napoletana Pizza dough recipe

@Adam @Wozniak was right on the money. The pies are right around 13 inches.

Napoletana Pizza dough recipe

I am doing 5 pies batches.

850g Caputo 00 flour
550g water
100g sourdough
30g kosher salt
1 tsp ADY

It all gets mixed up good in the KA
Leave in the bowl for about an hour
I then hand kneed for a bit before weighing out 300-315g boules
Those are cold fermented in the fridge for about 2-3 days

I am cooking on a stone right under and electric broiler that is heating my stone up to between 850-900F. Pies are done in about 2-2:25.

slow cooked beets

Never done them in a slow cooker. I have always just rubbed them in olive oil or butter, seasoned with s&p, then wrapped in foil and roasted in the oven.

Pork Belly: Where do I start?!

The best preparation I have had was also the simplest. It is from the Momofuku cookbook. Let it sit in salt and sugar overnight and then roast off in the oven. I also highly recommend doing up the whole steamed bun recipe too.

Sous vide problems

Alright, I am going to go out on a limb here. Have you tried stepping the temp up slowly to see at what temp the meat starts to turn? As I understand it, you really want to undercook it sous vide so that you can then still sear without overcooking.

I am also of the opinion that steaks should be cooked over fire.

Flank steak - without a grill

Season heavily with fresh ground dried red and chipotle chiles, salt, pepper, and cumin. Then squeeze a bunch of lime juice and let sit for about an hour in the fridge.

Sear on high heat with just a little oil in your cast iron skillet. As mentioned in a steak thread, these cuts are best cooked cold straight out of the fridge. Otherwise it is very difficult to get a good sear without overcooking.

Then slice across the grain and serve with sweet onion, cilantro, salsa or hot sauce, and soft corn tortillas.

Braised beef conundrum - advice needed


Did you shred it and leave it in the braising liquid. If that is the case then just pull out the meat. Crisp up in some lard or bacon fat.

Steak - room temperature or chilled before grilling?

Exactly what ESNY said. Skirt, flank, flatiron, etc. have all been really cheap up here lately. If you allow those cuts to come up to room temp, it is tough to get them seared and still rare to medium rare in the middle. Especially if you allow them to rest.

For other cuts though, like ribeye, I always let them sit out on the counter for about an hour before grilling.

Got anything to rant about?

My first one is the stupid dang pop up ads on SE. WTF people?

Second, adding 'base' to stock is just plain laziness and bad technique.

Carry on.

How to make pie crust

I prefer to weigh out the ingredients, using by weight 2 parts flour, 1 part fat (preferably a mix of lard or high fat butter), salt, and just enough cold water to bring it together.

Homeade Smoked Duck with Port Wine Sausage

You could do something like a hotdog. Grill it and put it in a toasted bun with some kind of wine, herb, and blueberry reduction as a condiment along with some caramelized onions.