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A Chinese Mother's Fix-All Herbal Remedy

Everyone seems to have gone through an ewww-I-don't-wanna-eat-my-vegetables phase at some point during their childhood. Everyone, that is, except me. Growing up, it was my mother's fix-all magical herbal soup that elicited the chastising line, "You're not leaving the table until you finish." More

21 Vegetarian Mains for Thanksgiving

Being a vegetarian at the Thanksgiving table isn't easy. Most of the time, you're limited to salads, sautéed vegetables, and cranberry sauce. But what about the entrées? Don't we all deserve the chance to stuff ourselves and wake up filled with regret? We've put together a collection of meatless mains that are hearty enough to win over meat-eaters and vegetarians alike (just make sure everyone knows you have first dibs). More

18 Festive Thanksgiving Soups

Soups are highly underrated and not exactly a Thanksgiving standard...but they should be. They can be made ahead of time, store well, and are often a great way to use up any odds and ends you have kicking around from other Thanksgiving recipes. Click through our list of soup favorites involving seasonal favorites like butternut squash, lentils, chestnuts, and apples. More

17 Salads for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving isn't exactly the healthiest holiday of the year. But salads aren't just a way to balance those mountains of buttery mashed potatoes and slices of sugary pie; they're also a secret weapon. Amidst mains and sides that demand valuable oven or stovetop space and hours of preparation, salads are often quick, no-cook, and easy to make ahead. Here are 17 seasonal variations to get you started! More

11 Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes We Love

For many of us, stuffing is the best part of Thanksgiving. Turkey, pie, and casseroles are eaten throughout the year, but stuffing? It usually only makes an appearance during the holidays. We've got 11 different recipes that run the gamut from gluten-free to pizza-flavored to fritter-fied (along with a generous selection of classics). See them all in the slideshow! More

21 Fall and Winter Bean Recipes

With winter comes the inevitable departure of the warm-weather fruit and vegetable bounty. The cold keeps us curled up at home, considering a pantry full of dried staples. If you've ever stared down a two-pound bag of dried beans or a tub of tiny lentils, this recipe roundup, showcasing the best of the versatile legumes, is for you. More

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