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Don't Leave Washington, DC Without Trying its Signature Half-Smokes

I loved this article! It seems like SE has gotten away from writing about iconic American food and focused more on cooking techniques. I much prefer the former.

Anna Maria Island, FL - suggestions needed for dining!

Star Fish Co in Cortez is excellent and was named one of Travel and Leisure's 15 best seafood places in the US!

South Side Eats: Alambres at Tacos Mario's

Just noticed "The King" now "chowin' " on Serious Eats. A welcome addition.

Open Thread: What Do You Want to Know this Thanksgiving?

I roast turkey adapting Marcella Hazan's famous Roast Chicken with Lemons. Simply "stuff" the cavity with softened, pierced lemons. Cooking time should be adjusted to about 12 minutes per pounds for the much larger turkey. As always use a meat thermometer. Like the chicken, the turkey is perfectly moist and subtly flavored.

Goetta: The Cincinnati German-American Breakfast Staple

I had my first goetta at Price Hill Chili. I also had a memorable goetta sided with "wispy thin" blueberry pancakes at Sugar 'N Spice on Reading Road just north of Xavier.

Ethiopian forest grown coffee

I answered my own question. Liz Clayton did an article on 19 June 2013 "Where to Buy Coffee on the Internet." 1000 Faces through GoCoffeeGo had what I was looking for. Thanks.

What Does 'Single Origin' Coffee Really Mean?

Good discussion. Unfortunately coffee descriptors are not as precise as some of us would like. Coffee terminology is pretty much what the seller wants it to mean. Last year I challenged Fresh Market on a Maragogipe Single Origin. Since maragogipe is a mutant Arabica grown throughout the Americas the designation (and Fresh Market's insistence that the coffee met the single origin criteria) didn't make any sense.

Roast descriptors are even worse. I am currently buying from an excellent small independent in Tampa, Buddy Brew. They use the "City" scale which is sill not quite standard. Kenneth Davids in Coffee Review has an excellent discussion of this and all other coffee topics.

This morning I am drinking a current crop, dry processed Ethiopian Sidamo Guji roasted to City Plus on 24 September, fresh ground this morning and brewed in a Hario V60 using the 1:17 coffee/water ratio and pourover technique I learned watching the barista at the Millenium Park Intelligensia in Chicago.

That's about as geeky as current coffee terminology standards allow me to be.

Coffee in Japan: Seeking Perfection at Cafe Use in Tokyo

About a year ago I spent a week of informal tutelage under an Intelligentsia barista. He insisted on the use of a gram scale for precise measurement and consistency. At that time they were using the Hario V60/3 and a coffee to water ratio of 48 to 800 or about 1:17. I use their same ratio with 27g coffee to 451g water to make two Fiesta mugs every morning. Google up "coffee to water ratio 1:17" and see how many other roasters and organizations use something very similar.

Coffee in Japan: Seeking Perfection at Cafe Use in Tokyo

What funnel and filter system do they use? I have been using Hario for two years since I started manual pour.

7 Myths About Cooking Steak That Need to Go Away

Excellent post! On Point 1, I have been using Mark Bitten's technique for "Cold Grilled" Steaks. He followed Lynne Rosetto's (The Splendid Table) advice to leave steak in the fridge until the last minute. That way you get a nice char on the outside while allowing the inside to cook more slowly. I usually marinate with Dale's, also in the fridge. Resting the cooked steak for 5 - 10 minutes is also important.

Pannini Press

I use my George Foreman for grilled sandwiches. I lightly but completely butter the outside slices of the bread. Excellent grilled cheese and Panini like sandwiches such as the faux Cuban featured this week on SE.

Faux Cubano Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

In Tampa I add a couple of thin slices of Genoa salami to the ham and Swiss. I butter the outside slices of bread prior to grilling on my George Foreman.

The Food Lab Turbo: How To Make The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I normally grill with iron skillets, but have had excellent grilled cheese on my George Foreman. I use Kraft Deli Deluxe American and pre butter white bread with room temperature salted butter. After reading the original post I am going to try using better bread and more butter for better heat distribution.
Thanks for the post and all the comments on this excellent thread.

Best coffee shop in the Loop?

I spent every morning of a week long summer vacation drinking my morning coffee at the Intelligentsia at 53 E Randolph. Before 8 am I had the counter in front of the pour over bar pretty much to myself. The barista was very generous with his tips and demos and the experience dramatically improved my at home Hario V60 expertise.

Will Gordon's $20 Bourbon Battle: Wild Turkey 81 vs. Four Roses

Excellent article. Four Roses and Wild Turkey distilleries are located only 8 1/2 miles apart on either side of US 127 south of Lawrenceburg. They are also the only two Kentucky bourbons made with non genetically engineered corn. I prefer Four Roses for the complexity of its mixture of up to 10 recipes.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

Hario V60 manual pour black with half teaspoon of organic sugar

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

Hario V60 manual pour black with half teaspooon organic sugar

26 Cheap Eats We Love in The Loop

I am a huge Serious Eats guy. I recently spent a 43rd Wedding Anniversary week in Chicago eating at SE type places from Chinatown though the Mag Mile. My comment would be that numbers over about 10 don't seem very discriminating. These 26 all seem good, but what do you really recommend. This is true across the Serious Eats spectrum.

Cook the Book: 'Texas Eats'

If I could only eat one place in the world tonight it would be at the Alamo Cafe on 281 N in San Antonio. I would get the smallest dinner with cheese enchiladas so the house made tortillas could keep coming. I make Robb Walsh's "Larry's Cheese Enchiladas with Chili Gravy" but not often enough.

Our Favorite Burgers of 2010

Love the new format for the slideshows. Nice to see even the older post have been newly formatted.


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